Rating in Namibia
$ 2828


Botswana Elephant Trail


15 days

Trekking + walking
Rating in Namibia
$ 6750
Namibia Walking Safari


6 days

Trekking + walking

Namibia Holidays: What The Country Has to Offer

The Namib Desert, the Namibia’s most famous attraction, is 55+ million years old and it’s regarded as the oldest desert on the Earth. But Namibia is not only about desert plains and sand dunes. It’s a mysterious African country, which boasts rich wildlife, incredible nature parks, and marvelous views. The world’s second largest canyon is also in Namibia. Namibia safari tours will take you to a fascinating and enchanting world of wild nature, promising unforgettable feelings, magnificent sights and rugged beauty.


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Namibia tours and pictures

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Things to do and see in Namibia:

The Namib Desert

If you spend your holidays in Namibia, the Namib Desert is the primary venue for you to see. It’s the world oldest desert, which is greatly admired by photographs. There are a number of dunes, with the highest one rising to 383 meters. Walking up the dunes to admire the sunrise will bring you lots of thrill and highlight.

Etosha National Park

This vast game reserve will be appealing to people who are fond of wildlife and would like to witness lots of animals in the wild and beautiful scenery. Choose what you like best: camp in a tent or stay in a luxurious hotel.

Fish River Canyon

Come and see the world’s second biggest canyon, which is also the oldest one. They say it is around 500 million years old. Beautiful scenery is guaranteed.

Kaokoveld region

Damaraland and Kaokoland make the Kaokoveld. Damaraland is a scenic spot that has become a popular tourist venue. The following wild animals can be seen in the area: black rhino, desert-adapted elephant, giraffe, as well as ostrich and springbok. The Brandberg is the highest mountain in the area.

Skeleton Coast

Admire the unique place where the desert meets a coast.  You may count on stunning beauties. By the way, it also forms a national park, divided by rivers. So, diverse wildlife can be spotted here. But keep in mind that it’s also the shore of a thousand shipwrecks, so the place causes mixed feelings.

So, what Namibia safari holidays are most appealing to you?