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Plan Your Ideal Nepal Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Nepal


Mountain biking adventure

If this is your favourite type of activity you, for sure, are an adventurous type seeking not only to explore but, first o f all, to get your dose of adrenaline. Good news for you is that Nepal has plenty of physically demanding routes. The country’s terrain can be described as rugged, so be prepared to work out lots of sweat before you reach the desired destination. If you are particularly interested in the cultural aspect of Nepal, you should opt for Himalayan Hub’s tours which only include routes to places of historic value, such as Kathmandu.

Rock climbing adventure 

Those who do not know where to put their energy will definitely consider this activity to be the best way to use it. To say that rock climbing is challenging would be to say nothing. This sport requires not only particular knowledge in this field but also a whole load of stamina as well as patience to practice it. Are you mentally strong? Yes, this also requires the ability to endure stress, you will have lots of when hanging many meters above the ground! Nepal has a few picturesque places for climbing like the Kathmandu valley, the revered place pf professional climbers. For those new to this activity, there are artificial rock walls to perform climbing as well as the instructors to teach you the very basics of climbing. So pluck up all of your courage and off you go conquering Nepal!

Paragliding holidays in Nepal

Ever wondered what the feeling of soaring up in the sky like? Once in Nepal, you will get a chance to experience that feeling! When it comes to spots to try out paragliding, there is a plethora of them. If you want to enjoy contemplating the mountain scenery, the most suitable for that would be, of course, the Himalayas! Another revered place to try out this activity is Sarangkot. This spot has been attracting tourists for many years as expect the view of mighty mountains it also offers views of local temples, forests and tiny local villages with their untouched by civilization lives. This is one of those few activities that do not require any experience or special skills. Even if it is your first time, the qualified pilots will give you a full tutorial on how to perform paragliding. Basically, the only thing you will have to do is sit back, relax and observe the beauty beneath you. However, the level of thrill might prevent you from being relaxed. You are guaranteed to get a massive dose of adrenaline!