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Whanganui River Canoe

New Zealand

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New Zealand Active Holidays

If you have a never-dying hunger for adventure and thrill, there is no better place in the world than New Zealand to satisfy your needs! The country boasts some of the craziest ways to make your blood rush like mad.

Abseiling adventure in New Zealand

Abseiling in New Zealand is a must-do activity for all adrenaline junkies visiting the country. When it comes to abseiling, the opportunities are limitless; there is a plethora of places providing facilities for this activity. We are basically talking about a free-fall which involving a vertical descending done at a very fast speed.  Waitomo is the most revered place amongst abseiling frequenters. You will find yourself sliding down into the magnificent canyons of the Haggis Honking Holes, jumping down waterfalls followed by floating through thundering cascades. Sounds thrilling? I bet it does!

Rafting tour in New Zealand

If you are a water lover, you will find New Zealand to be your personal paradise.  The country’s mountains provide a plethora of various rivers for your choice. Depending on how much sweat you want to break out on your forehead, the rivers are rated from 1 to 5 in difficulty. If you want to enjoy a relatively relaxed rafting tour, grade 1 rivers are your choice. However, if you want your heart to race like mad, you might want to challenge yourself and opt for a 5-grade river. Amongst the most popular places specializing offering rafting tours are the resort town of Queenstown in the South Island and Hawke's Bay in the North Island. If you want a more extreme experience, you might also try black water rafting through underground caves. Yes, New Zealand does have everything.

Bungee Jumping

New Zealanders are fond of this activity with everyone from teenagers to oldsters strapping ropes to their ankles and taking a leap of faith from the highest bridges. The county also boasts one of the most cutting-edge bungee jumping equipment. If going into a free fall in not thrilling enough for you and you are willing to add even more thrill, there are bungee jump locations offering a jump with immersion under water. The bravest ones might head straight for the Nevis Valley, New Zealand's highest bungee spot of 134 meters!

Paragliding adventure in New Zealand

If you want to feel like a bird soaring up in the sky but yet are too scared to go parachuting, paragliding would be the middle ground which, nevertheless, does not yield in the level of excitement. During the flight, you will enjoy contemplating the magnificent New Zealand landscapes, which makes paragliding a combination of thrill and discovery! NZ’s prime paragliding spot is the alpine resort of Queenstown.