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Nicaragua Adventure Travel

Only recently Nicaragua has become a place of touristic interest. The Nicaragua’s charm lies in the combination of the natural beauty and the old-fashioned atmosphere of the country. Being a slow-moving country, Nicaragua is a perfect place to escape the hectic environment and crazy rhythm of day-to-day life. However, of you are looking for some adventures to experience, Nicaragua will not disappoint you.

Horse riding tour in Nicaragua

There is probably no better way to discover the Niagara’s volcano bases that on the back of a trustable horse. Riding will allow you to get immersed in the surrounding and create a special connection between you and the wild life. Horseback Riding is the best way to become one with nature.

The revered destination amongst tourists is Pochomil Beach. The place is tranquil and secure, and provides an opportunity to ride along a stretch of white sand. One more bonus is the absence of overcrowding, which makes the rode even more pleasant.

Hiking and ziplining tours at a volcano

Nicaragua offers numerous ‘two-in-one’ tours at the Mombacho volcano in which hiking and ziplining adventures are combined. At first, you will buckle down to exploring Nicaragua’s wildlife boasting over 30 species of monkeys, reptiles and birds. You will be guided to the top of volcano now densely covered with green where you will enjoy a 2.5-km trail hike. After that, be prepared for you level of adrenaline to soar to a new height— a ziplining adventure awaits you. Slide through the treetops of a rainforest while contemplating the magnificent views around you.

Snorkelling adventure in Nicaragua

If you are keen on water sports, there is no better place in Nicaragua for you to head for rather than the Corn Islands. If you are tired of outside worries invading you life, this is a dream place for seclusion.  The purity of water is just astonishing, not to mention the jovial marine life and the beauty of the white-sand shore.