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Dog sledging
Dog sledging

Norway Active Holidays

The majority of Norwegians have a great liking for the outdoor activities, and if you are in Norway, there is no reason for you to lock yourself in a hotel. Whether you are a mountains lover or enjoy taking a slow stroll along the coastline, there are plenty of thrilling and fun things to experience.

Skiing adventure in Norway

Skiing is probably the most popular outdoor activity in Norway with Trysil, which is two and a half hours from Oslo, being the revered destination for this sport. This is where the Norway’s biggest ski resort located. The resort provides a great variety of challenges catering for your taste. Here you will find everything from terrain landscape and steep slopes to off-piste and dog sledding.

If you would love to try cross-country skiing adventure, you will get to explore around 100 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails around the mountain.

Cycling holidays in Norway

Let me be honest on this one, unless your physical shape is on a high level, you will hardly be able to enjoy your cycling holiday in Norway. The mountains are high and extremely challenging with some of the downhills being quite steep and the terrain being rough. Yes, here you have to be as fit as a fiddle.

However, if you are a thrill and challenge seeker, the country is right for you! There are also biking tours offering specially selected easy-level routes that will give ensure you have had a good ride without breaking your neck.

Walking under a waterfall tour in Norway

The Geiranger Fjo is located in the west of Norway and is considered to be the area with the ‘wildest nature.’ The tourist office will provide you with a free map of routes and trails, some of which are easy while the other ones are more demanding. One of the routes will even take you behind the Storseterfossen waterfall! Take a walking tour in the Geiranger Fjo and immerse yourself in the magnificent scenery of wild nature.

Kayaking tour in Norway

Cruising on a ship might be fun, but if you are seeking to get personal with the deep Norwegian coastline, canoes and kayaks are the best choice. The Helgeland coast situated in north-west of the country has acquired the status of the Norway’s best venue for water activities. Indeed, the area boasts fantastic mountains, narrow fjords and a range of varied islands creating unique settings. Here you can also stay overnight in a rorbu — traditional fishermen's seasonal house and try the local cuisine as part of your kayaking tour.