Rating in Oman
$ 2620
Oman Adventure Trekking


10 days

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
Rating in Oman
$ 4979
Wild Oman Jeep Safari




We all know that desire when you just need to break up with everyday chores and have a blast! If you are here, it probably means that the time for your long-awaited vacation has finally come! Heading for Oman? Then remember, that even when relaxing, having some fun once in Oman is a must!

Camping holidays

How about opting for something that is very remote from the mad pace of big city lives? Do you feel like having some seclusion tet-a-tet with wild nature? Oman boasts various landscapes and if are ready to work out some sweat reaching the top of one of the mountain peaks, I promise you will realize that your struggles were not in vain! Those made of steel might opt for camping in the dessert, which is quite challenging, but if receiving adrenaline is your goal, you are guaranteed to have it!

If you are not yet ready to take a full plunge into wildness, there is a possibility to camp at one of the beaches nearby Muscat where all amenities are provided.

Horseback riding tour in Oman

If you want to go exploring without the necessity to walk your feet off? Then how about letting a friendly creature help you? If you are keen on riding, you cannot miss out on the feeling of a pure-bred Arabian horse carrying you through the desert! Muscat is one of the best ways to try out this activity. This spot offers riding courses catering for all ages and ability levels. Due to Oman being a very hot country, there are many horseback riding tours done late in the evening or even at the night time.

Wind surfing holidays

If you are a water-love seeking some refreshment, you cannot miss out on the wind surfing activity. Just imagine the sun caressing your skin while the warm wind is blowing in your face and running through your hair…the feeling of ultimate freedom! If you want to have fun without pushing yourself to your very limits, Mesirah, the spot featuring cooler climate, is you destination. The experience surfers looking to challenge themselves should head for Hagal, the spot with ferocious winds! And hard-to-tame waves!

Rock climbing in Oman

All of you daredevils out there! Looking to make your adrenaline soar up in the sky? Welcome to Oman, the paradise on earth for avid climbers. In Muscat you will find various opportunities: deep canyons, rugged mountains, deep canyons. Grab a helmet and good luck conquering the peaks!