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Papua New Guinea

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Mount Wilhelm Ascent

Papua New Guinea

Climbing & Mountaineering
Climbing & Mountaineering
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Papua New Guinea – The Kokoda Trail

Papua New Guinea

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Trekking + walking

Plan Your Ideal Papua New Guinea Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a dream for active tourist with the hunger for adventures. The country is all about mysteries, traditional rituals of the local tribes and non-typical tourist routes (many are yet to be discovered). To put it simply, if you are here, you are in the land of thrill and discovery — paradise for truly dauntless travelers.

Helicopter tour in PNG

For those who are not really keen on walking, Papua New Guinea offers helicopter tours. Depending on what it is exactly you desire, the helicopter might take you to various destinations, almost any province in the country. Due to PNG boasting a wide spectrum of cultural events happening in various areas of the country, there are customized helicopter tours which will take you to the specific place of interest. Amongst the most popular tours are the volcanic tour around the Simpson Harbour in Rabaul and the Kokoda trail featuring the world-known Isurava memorial. However, wherever you fly, you are guaranteed to have astounding views and landscapes accompanying you on your way.

Hiking tour in PNG

If you want to explore the PNG’s wild life from without disturbing it, be prepared to walk your feet off! Those not afraid of challenging routes should head for a 96 kilometer Kokoda Trail connecting the PNG’s northern and southern coasts. The route lies across rugged mountainous areas, dense jungles and rushing streams, and requires 12 days to complete the tour. Yes, the walk is pretty strenuous and you will have to deal with never-ending challenges, but if you want to discover every aspect of the PNG’s varied landscape, see local villages from up-close and learn about  the PNG’s WWII history, there is no better way to that.

Snorkeling and diving holidays in Papua

PNW is the place relatively new to those keen on water activities, but recently it has been rapidly increasing in popularity due to providing great challenges that keep the active tourists preoccupied for days!

For those dying to try surfing in PNG there are limitless opportunities. The barrier reef on the south of the country stretches for many kilometers and you will be positively surprised by how challenging the breaks of this area are.  The waters are warm and the locals are friendly..what else can you desire?

Those fond of diving also will not be disappointed. Mia Passage and Sharon's Island are the PNG’s must-dive spots featuring rich underwater life: colourful reefs, subtle corals, various kinds of fish, sea stars and other ingenious creatures.