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Philippines adventure holidays

When we imagine paradise, the Philippines is one of those remote places on planet Earth reminding of one. However, you are craving for some crazy adventures and waiting to get a dose of thrill, the Philippines will not disappoint you!

Canyoning adventure in Philippines

This activity is a hybrid of several thrilling sports. Depending on where you go canyoning, you might find yourself climbing up a wall, rappelling, traversing various natural obstacles, but the outcome is always the same — dropping down in a canyon at a fast speed. Having a canyoning adventure in a picturesque place will make your vacation even more pleasant!

Paragliding holiday

Paragliding tour is one of those rare activities which will grant you a massive dosage of thrill while not requiring from you any special skills or good shape. You will find yourself flying above the Philippines contemplating the shiny coastlines and magnificent landscapes. To begin flying, you have a lightweight parachute type gear put on you and that it is high time you plucked up all of your courage and jumped off a cliff! If you are too scared to do it on your own, grab a partner and perform tandem paragliding! Once soaring up in the sky like a bird, you will experience the soft wind running through your hair giving you the feeling of complete freedom..that is what I call holidays!

Caving adventure

If you are keen on exploring, you will find a caving adventure to be the best time spending for you! The Philippines is blessed with deep underground cave systems with some of them being easy to reach, while the others are quite challenging to get to. Many of the caves still remain unexplored, so you might even become a path-breaker, so to say! Boracay, Aklan, is one of the most popular destinations to experience a caving adventure in the Philippines.

Rock climbing adventure in Manila

This activity is for the bravest ones! Do you get the kick out of your blood rushing like mad as you are hanging quite a few meters above the ground? Then you cannot miss out on visiting Manila and the nearby areas of the city. Due to the sport being quite new to the Philippines, except Manila, there are not so many other places to try out rock climbing adventure, which means that there is a huge potential for exploration!