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Plan Your Ideal Portugal Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Portugal

Portugal Active Holidays

Those visiting Portugal will have a chance to enjoy all kind of activities one can imagine. From such calm activities like horse riding, during which you will be also inhaling the aroma of the wild flowers on a delightful day to mountaineering, where apart from breathtaking views you will climb the highest peaks. There are also boat trips to meet whales and dolphins, images that you will never forget. There are no limits to your imagination, the fine climate and a wealth of diversity will be following you every step of your way. In Portugal, one might say that the best companion for adventures is Nature!

Cycling and walking trip in the Algarve

The Algarve is an area that boasts the pleasant sunny climate almost all year round. The period from September to June is the best time cycling and walking adventures, while the landscape is an additional pleasant bonus. The scenery is diverse: winding pathways through hills and valleys inland; a totally unspoiled western coast; and to routes alongside the tranquil setting of the seashore.

Rock climbing adventure in central Portugal

Central Portugal features numerous picturesque locations to go rock climbing. The hills of Montejunto, Reguengo do Fetal, and Redinha offer a few extremely suitable limestone crags. These short-bolted cliffs possess numerous routes across all grades with the altitude of these areas making them a perfect shelter to hide from the hot sun, as they are considerably cooler than the coast.

Hot air balloon tour in Portugal

Hot air balloon tour is an exciting way to explore the silence of the sky and take a look at the stunning Portuguese landscapes that don’t rewire any special skills when accompanied by a professional flight pilot.

In Portugal, balloon flights can be organized all over the country but there are 2 distinctive places proving this possibility. The first one is central Portugal which is 1h from Lisbon. The air balloon trip there can be arranged exclusively or in groups. The second place is Serra Estrela, Fundao. Take a flight above the mountains and snowy peaks of the Serra Estrela and enjoy the breathtaking views of motionless giants. A hot air balloon tour will give you unforgettable impressions!

Surfing holidays in Portugal

The Portuguese coast is a gigantic surfing beach stretching for more than 850km. No other place in the world can provide so many spots in such a short distance, so in Portugal you can always count on the waves. The ever sunny coast and mighty waves give an opportunity for you to try various sports: windsurfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, to name just some of the adventures that will take your adrenaline to the highest level.