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Plan Your Ideal Seychelles Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Seychelles

Have you ever thought what the real paradise looks like? In fact, if there’s a paradise on the Earth, that is on Seychelles. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this group of islands offers you white beaches with crystal clear water, plenty of flora and fauna, romantic views, and sleepy lifestyle. That’s why there is a pretty solid set of Seychelles honeymoon packages  on offer.  

But Seychelles is not only about beaches and love. When it comes to active holidays in Seychelles, apart from diving and water activities, you may choose from a wide set of options, including tennis, golf as well as biking, hiking. As you travel you will especially enjoy watching the funny giant tortoises.

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Things to do and see in Seychelles:  

Enjoy dreamy beaches

No matter which Seychelles tour packages you choose, they will include the best beaches, such as the Intendance Beach and the Anse Lazio.  Come and relax on the untouched white beaches and feel like you are in a real paradise. You will surely fall in love with the water, which is clear and bathtub-warm.

Explore the islands

Everyone planning a Seychelles vacation should know that there are two groups of islands there. Plus, it’s an oasis of rare flora and fauna. So, as you might have already guessed, you have what to explore. Explore the stunning islands, spot different species of birds and animals, admire beautiful plants. Moreover, admire dramatic peaks and enjoy crystal-clear waters. Taste colorful Creole food as you explore the region.

Go diving

Diving is a popular pastime here. By the way, the best underwater views can be enjoyed in Aldabra Atoll, a beautiful raised coral atoll. Plus, you should not miss the massive tidal lagoon that is located at the western end. There, you may observe tiger sharks and manta rays. They say there are plenty of seabird species there. By the way, it’s also the primary habitat of the famous giant land tortoises.

Other recreational activities

Seychelles holiday deals may include a set of activities, ranging from golf, squash, badminton, tennis, to hiking. By the way, renting a bike won’t cost you a fortune. Riding a bike around the island and admiring the local beauties will bring you lots of trill and excitement.