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South Korea

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South Korea active trips

Many associate South Korea with Japan, thinking that the Korean is a nation only capable of residing in full peace and harmony with nature, tranquil and serene people. Well, you cannot be more wrong here. If you are looking for unforgettable impressions, crazy experiences and lots o thrill, you will find all of it upon arrival to South Korea!

Kayaking adventures in South Korea

Do you want to explore the South Korean’s landscapes? Are you keen on water sports? Then kayaking adventure is the perfect way for you to combine both! Kayaking adventure is physically challenging as it demands quite lots of stamina as well as patience, but if making your heart beat like mad is your purpose, this activity is definitely for you. The best thing about kayaking in South Korea is that no matter how bad on budget you are, you will find a trip suitable for you. Gangwon-do Province is one of the most revered places for kayaking adventure amongst tourists.

Skiing holidays in South Korea

Is exploring the culture not enough for you? Are you seeking to get super active? Then how about putting on skies and go taming snow hills? Korea is a country blessed with mountainous landscapes making it a perfect destination for skiing. Whether you are new to this activity or an advanced skier looking to challenge himself, Alpensia Ski Resort has routes for everyone. The majority of ski resorts in South Korea provide accommodations with all amenities to make you feel like you are really having holidays.

Bungee jumping holidays in South Korea

Do you want to experience the feeling of your adrenaline soaring up in the sky? You will find yourself standing on the top of a peak, you will be attached to the rope by your ankles, now it is your turn to pluck up all of your courage and make a leap of faith! When you drop down to the maximum length, the rope will pull you back and you will end up going up and down — the spring effect! The bravest ones should head for the Cheongpyeong River Land providing a thrilling 50m bungee jump spot.

Surfing holidays in South Korea

You have a plethora of choices to try out surfing once in South Korea, but Jeju has been attracting travelers for many years and still remains the most popular surfing spot. If you have never tried this activity before, there are various surfing courses catering for all ability levels.  Take your swimming suit and try taming the South Korean waters!