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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

The time to go on a long-awaited vacation has finally come? Seeking seclusion and union with nature? Shri Lanka is not only a remote place on Earth to shelter you from the mad pace of big city lives but also is a great destination if you crave more fresh experiences and lots of adventures! Have a look at some of the activities the island offers.

Rafting tour

Do you dream yourself the tamer of furious waters? Want to challenge yourself with a thrilling adventure to make your heart race like mad? There is nothing more thrilling than going along the flow of the mighty river!  Kelaniya Ganga is the rafting spot popular even with those advanced in this activity. Tours here usually last up to 90 minutes. At the beginning of the tour, you will face several quite challenging rapids but after that the waters become gentler and you might just sit back contemplating the views around you. If you are a professional seeking extremity, you will have a chance to do a special tour with the toughest rapids.

Horse-riding tour

Want to go discovering but are reluctant to walk your feet off? Then why not to explore on the back of a reliable horse? The friendly creature will save you the troubles of getting exhausted while helping you enjoy the beauty of sandy beaches, mighty jungles and fresh rainforests surrounding you! The sites for horse-riding tours are available in all parts of the island with the most famous being Kandy and Yala.

Hot air balloon holidays in Sri Lanka

Imagine soaring up in the sky above the clouds with the soft wind caressing your face, running through your hair and the sun clothing the landscapes beneath you with light …that does sound like good holidays! Shri Lanka has various temples the views of which are the bet from the bird’s-eye view. But do not even think for a second you will be contemplating the landscapes in a relaxed manner because you will receive a massive dose of thrill while up in the air!

Diving adventure

If you are interested in exploring and happened to be in Shri Lanka, there is no way you can miss out on a diving adventure! Sri Lanka’s limitless seas are blessed with a great variety of rich underwater life. If you are new to diving, there are local schools giving diving lessons for all ability levels. Grab your swimming suit, adventures are awaiting you!