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What Swaziland Holiday Packages Have to Offer

Swaziland is not a very popular tourist country; still, it has what to offer in terms of wildlife and exotic. The first reason to visit this country is, without a shadow of a doubt, to spot the outstanding wildlife. Get ready to meet elephants and rhinos while wandering through any of wildlife reserves, for instance, the Hlane Royal National Park. Go hiking to the Durban or the Drakensberg mountains and admire the stunning views. Experience the beauty of Swaziland, its wildlife; get acquainted with its kind people and learn more about their traditions, ways of life and food.

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Swaziland tours and pictures
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Swaziland tours and pictures

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Things to do and see in Swaziland:
Hlane Royal National Park safaris
Observe the wildlife with a walking safari through Hlane Royal National Park. During your travel, you might encounter vultures, rhinos, elephants, and giraffes. Be aware, you may come across a pride of lions… but don’t be afraid, that’ll be from a safe distance.
Big Bend Mhlosinga Game Reserve
Situated on a big bend in the Usuthu River, Big Bend is a tiny town facing the Lubombo Mountains. It’s picturesque and really refreshing. Come and enjoy the amazing views from surrounding mountains across the beautiful river and a wild and beautiful gorge through the mountains.

 Experience the Village Life
Attend one of the Swazi cultural villages and get to know more about these people, their traditions, and way of living. You can spot domed grass houses, sing Swazi songs and even try out some dance moves.
Try the Unique Street Food
Swaziland’s street food is really unique, but it’s definitely well worth trying. Try out their traditional meals: stewed or grilled meat, stamped food as well as cob-roasted corn.