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Sweden walking holiday, self guided


Self-guided trekking+walking
Self-guided trekking+walking

Sweden Active Travel

If you are keen on outdoor activities, Sweden is a suitable place for you with numerous hiking, fishing and, of course, winter sports opportunities. The best thing about it – you will not find the countryside packed with people, there is plenty of room to escape noise crowd, especially in the north. The Swedish lakes and beaches are always clean and refreshingly relaxed.

Skiing and winter adventures in Sweden

Skiing is nearly the most popular sport in Sweden, with people in the north of Sweden people even skiing to work. The most revered ski resorts are Åre, Idre, Sälen and Riksgränsen; these usually swarm with tourists during the snow season. If you do intend to come to ski, it is essential to book accommodation well in advance or take a package holiday. Riksgränsen is also the perfect are to try snowboarding. Kiruna is more suitable for other winter pursuits, such as dog sledding, snowmobile riding, or ice fishing.

Hiking vacation in Sweden

Sweden is also the country possessing the Right of Public Access, also known as Allemansrätten, meaning you are enabled to walk feely right across the entire country. The most famous track for a hiking trip is the Kungsleden, the King’s Route, which might be rather packed in July, but is still enjoyable. The route stretches for 460km between Abisko and Hemavan, featuring magnificent landscape views in the wild remote northwest of the country; the path leads to Kebnekaise, the Sweden’s highest mountain.

Canoeing and rafting tours in Sweden

Sweden is the country boasting around 1000 lakes and thousands of kilometers of rivers and canals. It goes without saying that canoeing is one of the popular pastimes; Stockholm archipelago is one of the probably the best spots to go on a canoeing tour. An alternative to canoeing would be to curb a raft and glide down the Klarälven River in Värmland. There are companies providing these tours which even let you build your own raft before departure.

Mountain climbing adventure in nearby Stockholm

The neighborhood of Lake Ågelsjön is a picturesque area in Kolmården about 15 km north of Norrköping featuring mighty mountains and deep forests. The north side has a number of rocks of different heights, the majority of which are located only a few meters away from the lake. During two days, the participants will be taught the basics of rock climbing and hedging techniques. After the two days the participants receives a certificate, a green card, verifying they have mastered the basics of top-rope climbing, and hedging risks. Venture to go a mountain climbing adventure and conquer the peaks!