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Climbing & Mountaineering
Climbing & Mountaineering

Switzerland adventure holidays

Magnificent scenery combined with a well-developed transport infrastructure c Switzerland one of Europe’s top destinations for hikingclimbing and skiing. What concerns the activities taking your adrenaline up to a new level, there is no limit to what’s on offer in the country! Just to name a few:

Paragliding adventure in Brienzer Rothorn

Brienzer Rothorn is the most suitable place o experience paragliding; you only have to go there on a sunny day and find paraglider-Tandem-pilots waiting for passengers on the top of the mountain waiting to fly with them down again.

If you are travelling with a partner, it would make more sense to book a paragliding flight beforehand but if you are alone, you can just go to the top and search for a pilot there - if you are lucky and maybe also not in the high season you can make up your mind on top of the mountain, if you venture to fly down with one of the pilots.

Climbing holidays in Interlaken

The Interlaken region is a perfect place for those seeking to go on climbing holidays in Switzerland, for experienced mountaineers and beginners alike. There is a great choice of options to choose from, starting with climbing gardens to organised ice climbing expeditions with experienced guides. In case of poor weather conditions, the indoor climbing facility in Interlaken is always an alternative.

Diving holidays in Switzerland

Going scuba diving in Switzerland might not be the first picture to pop up in your head, but it definitely should be! Alpine lakes are awaiting divers with a brave spirit from all over the world.

Lake Geneva has a great number of dives to explore. Beneath the surface, bizarre freshwater scenery can be found. The lake even features a wreck dive, for those advanced in diving ready to take the plunge.

Another destination is Lake Zurich, featuring numerous scuba spots right from the shore. The lake is tranquil and serenely set, with mighty mountains cascading upward from the lakeshore.