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Plan Your Ideal Thailand Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Thailand

Thailand adventure tours

The time to break away from daily routine and enjoy some seclusion and privacy with nature has finally come? Only recently Thailand has become the major attraction for travelers but if you are looking to get some thrill and unforgettable impressions, Thailand has a plethora of challenging activities for you to get yourself preoccupied with!

Climbing adventure in Thailand

You are full of energy and have no idea how to utilize it? Then rock climbing will is a must-do this activity for you. Saying that rock climbing is physically demanding would be to say nothing. This activity requires plenty of stamina as well muscle endurance. Are you good at coping with stress? Yes, hanging many meters above the ground without panicking requires mental stability. The best site to try out rock climbing is Railay Bay. The spot features breath-taking limestone cliffs rising thousand of meters above the ground.

Canoeing tour in Thailand

If you never get tired of water activities, it is your duty to go on a canoeing tour in Thailand. The country boasts crystal turquoise-coloured waters making any water activity feel like paradise. Why not make several breaks during your tour and have a good swim in shallow warm coastal waters? Then crawl out on the surface and have your skinned soaked with the energy of the sun…what else could one wish?

Elephant trekking in Thailand

If you love discovering, trekking is a must activity for you. You will get a chance to explore the local wild life without disturbing it. Do you not fancy the idea of walking long distances? Then why not let a friendly creature help you? In Thailand, elephants are in abundance, and feeling of riding on the back of these mighty creatures is indescribable! The elephant has always been a deeply revered animal in Thailand and it formed a close relationship between the animal and the human. So you might as well say that elephant trekking is the process of not only the exploration of Thailand’s environment but also getting acquainted with the Thai culture and mentality. Amongst other popular places to try out this activity is Mae Hong Son.

Diving holidays in Thailand

Seeking a strong shot of adrenaline in your bloodstream? Those needing a dose of thrill cannot miss out on diving holidays in Thailand. The Thai waters are blessed with vivacious marine life and are just irresistible to dive! Phuket is known as the center of diving activity of Thailand.