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Plan Your Ideal Ukraine Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Ukraine

Chernobyl Tours: Discover the Land Where Time Froze in April 1986

Visiting Chernobyl may be not everyone’s cup of tea, but after all, this region is a part of the world’s history just as many most popular sites that are surrounded with a variety of services and souvenir shops. More and more tourists are looking to venture off the beaten path and the standard concept of a sightseeing group tour. You may ask, what is so unique about Chernobyl Zone and so remarkable in a place that is deserted and gloomy? Most historical sites or their ruins are certainly also graveyards of great civilizations and aspirations, yet they do not convey that feeling or message even if you have a good imagination and are well-versed in the details of historical events associated with these places. In the 'exclusion zone' around Chernobyl, everything speaks for itself. Back in April 1986, time seems to have stopped in its tracks, just as human lives in the midst of their daily routines when they were interrupted by the order to evacuate. You can see household items, books, toys, and other things that still remain where they were left, as if this has happened only recently. Just as other catastrophic events tend to cut off a slice of the living history and bury it to be excavated by the archaeologists, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in 1986 has done the same. However, nothing has to be excavated and then placed together bit by bit into what could possibly look like a scene from the everyday life of the time period – you can see the entire picture; but not only that – you can actually step inside and walk around, and feel the atmosphere of the place. This used to be a dream of everyone who has ever wished to create a time machine or to be entitled to use one. Documentaries, photos and history books may be quite informative, but time travelling to the past is an entirely different and amazing experience. It is hard to think of any other place on Earth that can offer you such a unique opportunity.

With lots of post-apocalyptic scenarios in the movies, books and computer games nowadays, this region perfectly looks like the site for their filming. During one-day and two-day trips starting from Kiev you can visit the Chernobyl nuclear power plant site and the abandoned nearby towns and villages, including Pripyat and the Red Forest, and the ghost ferris wheel of the amusement park which has never welcomed its first guest as it was due to open on May, 1st (four days after the explosion). Trees and vines grow through buildings; you can see boars, deer, wolves and other animals and birds. Most of the region currently has radiation only slightly above normal, so it is safe to travel to Chernobyl and explore the radio-ecological disaster site.