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United Kingdom Active Holidays

The UK is full of fantastic thrilling experiences and spectacular sights to see. You would have to spend a lifetime discovering the best of Britain with its vivid mountain sceneries, magnificent coastlines and a range of thriving cities. Concerning extreme sports and outdoor activities in the UK, here are some must-do activities you cannot miss out on:

Bungee Jumping adventure in London

Want to take thrilling 160ft bungee jump with the London skyline behind you? The venue of the jump features breathtaking views of Central London, the Thames and Canary Wharf.  Standing at the top of the giant crane and being attached by your ankles, you will find yourself observing the stunning landscape views, now it is your turn to pluck up your courage and make a leap!

Try bungee jumping to experience the feeling of going into the freefall as you plummet towards the ground, followed by the cord pulling you back as you reach the maximum stretching point. A spring effect!

Go Ape adventure in the UK

Ever wanted to become Tarzan and swing from one tree to another? Now you have a chance to, as this outdoor activity is a total leader in popularity in the UK. There are 20 venues in Britain offering Rope Ladders, Tarzan Swings and a great range of various crossing and obstacles set in the UK’s forests. You will be fitted with special equipment that will ensure your safety and given safety guidance from one of Go Ape’s instructors before they allow you start your roaming the forest ape journey on your own – you’ll have more fun that way.

Canopy flying holiday

Enjoy the view of the Isle of Wight from the air. Canopy flying is a thrilling adventure that will make your blood rush while also allowing you to enjoy the magnificent views of landscape and sea. Sea winds ensure the perfect flying conditions and there are many courses training you to get up in the air.

A mountain biking trip in Penrith

Hit the pedal and explore Cumbrian routes on a cycling holiday in Penrith. As soon as you see the Cumbrian countryside in flesh, you will understand it a paradise for a biker. Wooded single-track pathways, rolling hills and even dangerous steep descents, if you are keen on such things, stretch out in all directions. There are guided mountain biking trips featuring selected trails that will give you the pleasure of contemplating the scenery without scaring you.