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Uzbekistan’s is indeed rich, but you must be also wondering if there are some fun activities you can engage yourself in. Here is a list of the things you should not miss out once in Uzbekistan.

Hiking tours in Uzbekistan

The major terrain of Uzbekistan can be described as rugged, especially when it comes to the southern part of the country where mighty mountains dominate. Due to Uzbekistan having some of the highest mountains in the world, those looking to challenge themselves will have a perfect chance to get their dose of thrill. Meanwhile, those who do not fancy the idea of walking their feet off might opt for less strenuous hiking tours done in the foothills.

If your prime goal is fascinating landscapes rather that getting thrill, Beldersay is the best spot to enjoy contemplating breath-taking views. The spot can be described as a combination of various rock formations, waterfalls and lush meadows. Passing by rushing waterfalls will probably be the most exciting part of your journey!

Horse riding tours in Uzbekistan

Do you want to go exploring without the necessity to walk your feet off? Exploring rugged areas on your two is strenuous, so why not to allow a friendly creature help you traverse such areas? If you are keen on horses, you probably know what the feeling of a riding on the back of a gently swaying creature like. Uzbekistan is a perfect pace to try out horse riding. There are tours for advanced riders and those new to this activity.  The tours usually include visiting the most picturesque sites with the most attractive one being the so-called "Celestial Mountains".

Cycling tours in Uzbekistan

Add some speed to your discovery tours! Uzbekistan offers spots catering for all ability levels! If you are not willing to make it an easy way without giving all of your stamina away, you should head for the Ferghana Valley. The area boasts beautiful lakes and fascinating views and is not painstaking to reach. The advanced cyclists seeking to get their heart racing like mad often opt for the Silk Road.

Skiing holidays in Uzbekistan

It is not surprising that skiing in Uzbekistan, the country with perfect opportunities for this activity, is the most popular sport attracting tourists from all over the world. Chimgan-Beldersay is a must-visit spot for all fond of skiing.