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Plan Your Ideal Vietnam Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Vietnam


When you think about Vietnam, ‘exotic’ is probably the first word that pops up in your mind, but if you think Vietnam has no thrilling activities to offer, I suggest you rethink.

Kitesurfing adventure in Vietnam

Do you want to experience your adrenaline being taken to a new level? Seeking to get your heart pump out of your chest? There is not better activity than kitesurfing to make you lose your head! If you are a daredevil good at swimming, you will enjoy performing various stunts when sliding on the surface of water pulled by a huge kite to which you will be harnessed. The most popular site offering this activity is Mui Ne. The spot has constant winds required for this activity and offers courses for those new to this activity as well as provides opportunities for advanced riders.

Diving holidays

When you imagine paradise, that first images that come to our minds are turquoise waters, palms, white-sand coastlines and exotic flowers around you...if that is how you imagine paradise, some of the Vietnam’s shores might be your personal paradise in earth! Vietnam has gained a worldwide popularity due to its diving opportunities. If you are not scared of going to the very bottom of the waters, your bravery will be rewarded with vivacious underwater life Vietnam boats. Phu Quoc in one of the sites with magnificent views satisfying the most sophisticated of travelers.

Cycling adventure in Vietnam

Want to go exploring but just discovering the area on your feet seems too boring? Then I bet you are ready to hit the pedal and work out some sweat on your adventure! Experience the wonderful feeling of riding through lush rice paddies, visiting the outskirts and the most remote villages of Vietnam where the life is serene and unspoiled by civilization. You will get a chance to communicate with friendly locals, and if they like you, you might even be treated with traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Trekking tours in Vietnam

You might not like the idea of walking your feet off and would rather opt for a motorbike, but there are some areas in Vietnam that can be only reached on your two! Those are mighty jungles and dense rainforests inhabited by exotic birds and reptiles. It is time to get a little but wild!