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Rating in Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe Active Expedition


9 days

Rating in Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe's Matobos, Hwange, Zambezi & Falls


11 days


<title>Plan Your Breathtaking Zimbabwe Holidays Here</title>

<meta name="description" content=" Fancy spending your vacation in a unique way? Spend exotic holidays in Zimbabwe! Get closer to nature, admire the wildlife and discover what Zimbabwe has to offer. ">

<h1>The Most Intriguing Zimbabwe Safaris and Tours</h1>

Your holidays are close and you don’t know where to go, right? Do you want something exotic? Why not go to Zimbabwe. There are different holiday resorts in Zimbabwe, so you will surely find something for your taste. Today, you may choose among 100+ different Zimbabwe tour packages. Come and explore the beautiful Hwange national park with all its inhabitants, including hyenas, elephants and buffalo, giraffes, and cheetah. Come face-to-face with those wild animals, get closer to nature and its inhabitants. Plus, you will surely adore the Victoria Falls tours.

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Zimbabwe tours and pictures
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Zimbabwe tours and pictures

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Things to do and see in Zimbabwe:

Hwange national park safaris

Visit one of the best Africa’s parks - Hwange national park, which is famous for its great variety of large species of mammals and birds. You are likely to come across hyenas, elephants and buffalo, giraffes, and cheetah. The park is really huge, so it would be great if you could stay here for a week. If you are a seasoned safari-goer, you should stay around three or four nights in each of four different safari camps spread along the length of the park. By the way, practically all Zimbabwe safari tours include this amazing park in their route.


Chizarira National Park

Being one of the most remote wilderness areas in the country, this amazing national park attracts tourists like a magnet because offers a pristine wilderness experience. Get ready to meet leopards, elephants, antelopes, and buffalos. The best way to explore the area is, of course, by safari tours.



Victoria Falls tours

It’s high time you experienced the roar of Victoria Falls. This enormous curtain of water will not leave you indifferent. Can you imagine the fact that sometimes you can spot the spray from the Victoria Falls kilometers away?