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Rating in Finland
$ 835
Iso-Syote Winter Hideaway


7 days

Rating in Norway
$ 1549
Nordic Capitals & Fjords


12 days

Rating in Finland
$ 1131
Finland hiking holiday


Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
Rating in Finland
$ 2170
Arctic Wilderness Week Finland


8 days

Dog sledging
Dog sledging

Plan Your Ideal Finland Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Finland

Finland Adventure Holidays

Finland is loved by tourists for its wild nature and pine forest, arctic frost and crystal lakes. When icy winter is replaced by hot summer, Finland reveals astounding new views of warm blue lakes and dense forests stretching as far as the eye can see. Here are the ‘must-do’ adventures to experience when visiting Finland:

Snowshoeing adventure in Finland

What is a better way to discover located in the very heart of the country Oulanka National Park than grabbing a backpack and going on a snowshoeing adventure? The thrilling adventure does not come laden with any risks. The shoeing is done over undulating terrain and the risk of avalanche is close to zero. If you visit Finland from September to late April you are most likely to be witness the gasp-inducting Northern Lights appearing on most clear nights close to the Arctic Circle.

Diving, kayaking, canoeing — 3 in one holiday onto Saimaa’s lakes

If you want to see sights in a more relaxed way, there are plenty of cruising tours available from Savonlinna and Mikkeli. However, if you want to get more active, canoes, kayaks and diving equipment is awaiting you! Waters are crystal and nature surrounding lakes is irresistible. The waters boast their rich water life, so if you feel like hunting for pike, trout, perch, salmon, you will have a chance to do so! And any kind of trip onto the water includes the Finnish sauna!

Hiking tour in Finland

Whether you want to wander the marked routes, follow the trails winding, make your way through the boreal forests, head for the old sea shorelines located high up in the hills or simply go off the beaten track and follow your nose, all of it is possible on a hiking tour in Finland! Alongside the routes you will find lean-to shelters, also known as “laavus” with each having its own stock of firewood and outdoor toilet.

Geiranger helicopter trip

Undoubtedly, seeing the fjord from the bird’s-eye view is the most spectacular way to discover Finland with its glaciers and snow-capped mountains. A helicopter trip might seem to be a relaxing activity, however, you are guaranteed to get thrilled with your adrenaline jumping to a new level. You will explore the entire territory of the world-famous fjord as well as enjoy the fantastic alpine scenery, rushing waterfalls, steep cliffs and motionless snow-capped giants.