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Destinations: Uttarkashi, Gangotri, Kalanag, Dehradun
Guide language: English
Group size: — max 12
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First recognized by James Baillie in 1815 as a pass which 'is very lofty and wild range to the north of Banderpunch and along which there is a very alarming road leading to remote parts of Rawaeen(upper Tons Valley)', the DhumdharKandi pass managed to keep its secrets till 1987 when a team from West Bengal crossed it successfully. The pass connects Bhagirathi and Tons Valleys. In ancient times it is believed that local villagers, traders and even invaders have used this pass as a shortcut to get into the remote Tons Valley. It is one of the unique treks where the glaciers on either side of the pass feed two different big rivers, the Bhagirathi and the Yamuna.
The trek starts from the confluence of Sian Gad and Bhagirathi rivers near Jhala village on the road to Gangotri. From here, we follow the Sian Gad till the head of the Valley to the pass and cross over to descend into the Kalanag Icefall which later meets the Bandarpunch glacier at Dharali Ki Udari. We end the trek at Sankri beyond Ruinsara Tal in the Tons Valley.
The trek takes you through beautiful mountain villages, by lush green meadows and through vast snow fields along with best views of Banderpunch, Kalanag, Swargrohini and Yellow Tooth and many more stunning mountains of Garhwal.


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Day 01: Overnight train from Delhi to Dehradun
Catch the overnight train from New Delhi to Dehradun where we will arrive early morning. Overnight in Train.
Day 02: Drive Dehradun to Uttarkashi(7 hrs)
We arrive in Dehradun early in the morning and board the vehicles waiting for us at the railway station. We load our stuff and hit the road; it is a fairly long drive in the mountains. We have breakfast in Mussoorie and head to our guest house in Uttarkashi for lunch. After lunch we can visit the Vishwanatha temple and NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering). Uttarkashi is the last town where some shopping can be done. Overnight in Hotel.
Day 03: Drive Uttarkashi to Jhala(2.5 hrs) and trek to Dorangatto (3050m) 4-5 hrs
We start early in the morning from our guest house and drive upto the roadhead Jhala(2100m) which is 60kms from Uttarkashi on the road towards Gangotri which usually takes about 2.5 hours. We start walking by the stream for half an hour upto the confluence of Sian Gad. From there it's a steep hike for about three hours through the lush green valley with views of Mt.Gangotri, Mt.Joanli in the background. We camp for the day just above the river bed. Overnight in Camp.
Day 04: Trek Dorangatto to Kiarkoti (3525m) - 4-5 hours
The day starts with a steep climb for about 45mins after which it becomes gradual. It is a beautiful day as we hike through green forests, meadows and boulder fields towards the end with snowcapped peaks peeping in the horizon. Kiarkoti is a huge meadow and one of the finest campgrounds on the trek. Overnight in Camp.
Day 05: Acclimatization Day
We rest through the day and go on a small acclimatization hike. Overnight in Camp.
Day 06: Trek Kiarkoti to Wodar (4051m) - 3 - 4 hours
The day's hike takes your through boulders and patches of snow gullies. The terrain has a few steep sections in between but mostly a gradual hike. Overnight in Camp.
Day 07: Trek Wodar to Sirkey Thathar (4600m) - 5 hours
We hit the glacier after an hour of walking through boulder fields. It is a long day with considerable but gradual height gain through the glacier. You might start feeling the effects of altitude this day. Overnight in Camp.
Day 08: Cross DhumdharKhandi Pass (5490m) and descend to Dharali ki Udiari (4750m) - 9-10 hours
We start by dawn depending on snow conditions and head towards the pass. The climb is gradual till the last leg to the top. There and couple of humps and a traverse before you reach the last leg below the pass. The approach to the pass is steep and we fix rope. The pass is knife edged with drops on both sides. Once on top you get to see the Banderpunch massif, Kalanag and Swargarohini massif standing tall around. The first section of the descent is steep after which it eases out. We set up camp in a safe area on the glacier. Overnight in Camp.
Day 09: Trek Dharali ki Udiari to Ruinsara Lake (3350m)
We continue our descent this day as we walk through vast snow fields till the end of the glacier. The campsite is by the small but extremely beautiful Ruinsara lake. You can enjoy the greenery and the oxygen rich mountain air. Overnight in Camp.
Day 10: Trek Ruinsara Lake to Dev Thatch (3000m)
We hit the tree line this day and hike through wonderful meadows and forest. The camp too will be set up in the midst of dense forest. Overnight in Camp.
Day 11: Trek Dev Thatch to Bheduka (1815m)
We continue downhill through many mountain villages enroute. We camp by the small village. Overnight in Camp.
Day 12: Trek Bheduka to Taluka & Drive to Sankri
An hour from the camp, we will reach Taluka where the trek ends. We board the vehicles and drive to Sankri which will take another hour. Overnight at hotel.
Day 13: Drive Sankri to Dehradun & board overnight train to Delhi
We drive back to Dehradun via Mussoorie and take the overnight train back to Delhi. Overnight in train.
Day 14: Arrive Delhi. Trip ends!

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