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Destinations: Colombo, Galle, Tangalle
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Duration: 12 days
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Sri Lanka is a geographically and culturally diverse tropical island that offers travellers a unique and relaxed insight into a rich, ancient history and a lush, verdant landscape.

Sri Lanka offers a wonderful amalgam of tropical beaches, cool mountainous terrain, incredible wildlife, tea plantations, fabulous food and diverse cultures. From the thriving metropolis of modern Colombo to the World Heritage listed ancient capitals of the north, the cool tea plantations of the centre and finally the colonial coastal town of Galle, this slow journey explores the cultural and culinary legacy of pre and post colonial times.

Experience the ancient heritage of the north central cultural triangle where the ruins of Sri Lanka’s heritage provide evidence of a sophisticated civilisation. The tea plantations in the misty mountains of the hill country are splendid with architectural reminders of the British Colonial era, fantastic walking trails and the perfect environment to just chill out. The beaches of the Galle coast are not only beautiful but interspersed with fascinating towns reflecting the colonial past.

Sri Lanka also has the best collection of Geoffrey Bawa architectural masterpieces in the world and no visit to Sri Lanka would be complete without a visit or stay in one of these harmonious and stunning creations. Bawa’s work is characterised by sensitivity to site and context. He produced “sustainable architecture” long before the term was coined, and his designs broke down the barriers between inside and outside, between interior design and landscape architecture. We have included a guided tour and lunch at the most striking achievement of his own garden at Lunuganga, which he fashioned from an abandoned rubber estate. This project occupied him for fifty years and represents a civilised wilderness on a quiet backwater in the greater garden of Sri Lanka.

Five Hundred years of colonisation by the Portuguese, the British and the Dutch has had a significant impact on the architecture, customs, language and food of Sri Lanka which is interwoven with rich indigenous culture and traditions. Warm, open and relaxed, with none of India’s frenetic edge, Sri Lanka’s culture is a blend of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim influences and its people are friendly and gentle. Staying in beautifully restored colonial hotels, stunning modern properties and historic tea plantation bungalows, this luxury tour offers an exquisite island escape.

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