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Destinations: Kochi
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 5250
Duration: 11 days
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Visit 'God's Own Country' - Kerala, blessed with great natural beauty, a harmonious and culturally diverse people and an exotic delicate cuisine.

Often referred to as “God’s Own Country” Kerala is blessed with great natural beauty, a harmonious and culturally diverse people and an exotic delicate cuisine. Our 12 day tour explores this rich cultural and culinary heritage. Accommodation is mostly in delightful homestays and small charming hotels where we enjoy the special hospitality and superb cuisine of our hosts, whose families have lived here for generations.

We are treated to a traditional Kathakali dance performance and a sumptuous houseboat journey through the Kerala backwaters, stopping at local villages on the way. Cooking classes and market visits enhance our experience of this exhilarating destination and a relaxing stay on the beautiful Malabar Coast where we can indulge in one of the best Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala or take a dip in the Arabian Sea.

Our journey’s fitting finale is in the incredible city of Mumbai – a melting pot of over 20 million people – and described as a frantic melange of India’s extremes.

Food & Wine

The cuisine of Kerala is richly spicy with common prevalence of chilli, cardamon, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper.  This coastal region with extensive river networks produces seafood and backwater fish as well as abundant coconut palms providing coconut kernel, grain, cream and milk. A festival banquet sadhya is a vegetarian meal of boiled rice accompanied by a wide selection of side dishes served on a banana leaf.  Such a meal might be complemented by payasam, a sweet dessert native to Kerala.


Recommended extension tour: Himalayan Village Walks, Sikkim, Kumaon or Ladakh.

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Culinary tour in India, finger-licking!

If you are a foodie (cmon, which one of us is not? hehe), making a cuisine tour in India is a must for you! When you think about India, I bet exotic is the first word that pops up in your head. Exotica is the very essence of this country with India being truly unique in every possible aspect: culture, traditions, lifestyle and, of course, cuisine! When it comes to traditional Indian food, it can be worth exciting and intimidating. Spices are a must in almost every dish but mind the quantity of them used in every of them. Sometimes a dish is seasoned with spices so generously, that you feel like capable of drinking the entire Indian Ocean. In this blog, we will cover some of the most popular cuisine tours in India that will not make your stomach turn :)