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Walking the Volcanoes of Ecuador

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 2605
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Destinations: Quito, Imbabura, Cotopaxi, Illiniza, Banos, Quito
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 2605
Duration: 14 days
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This volcano walking adventure showcases the greats of Andean Ecuador, its breath-taking nature and colourful culture, as we explore the ‘Avenue of the Volcanoes’ on foot. During the course of our two week holiday we will aim to summit three volcanoes, the viewpoint peak of Fuya Fuya (4263m), Imbabura (4575m) and the central summit of Ruminahui (4650m). We’ll also visit the high refuges on three of Ecuador’s volcanic giants, Cotopaxi, Illiniza and Chimborazo. Cotopaxi (5897m), recognisable due to its iconic conical shape, is the highest active volcano in the world and the summit of Chimborazo (6268m), due to the equatorial bulge, has the distinction of being the furthest point from the centre of the earth! We’ll also discover the region’s beautiful lakes and lagoons,  explore the Andean paramo with its unique fauna, wild horses and grazing vicunas. We end with a ride on the world famous 'Devil's Nose' train, a free day in the spa town of Banos and sightseeing in colonial Quito. Expect charming accommodation throughout including incredibly located lodges with outrageous volcanic views, traditional family run ‘hostals’ and a community funded guesthouse crammed with colourful local arts and crafts. This is a classic volcano walking holiday and a superb introduction to one of the most awe-inspiring environments on earth.
Trek to the summits of Fuya Fuya (4263m), Imbabura (4575m) and Ruminahui (4650m)
Visit the high refuges on Cotopaxi, Illiniza and the mighty Chimborazo
Ride the Devil’s Nose Train & stand astride the equator at ‘Mitad del Mundo’
Sightseeing in Banos, Quito, and the colourful towns of Otavalo and Guamote
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Rating in Ecuador
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