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Destinations: South Luangwa National Park
Guide language: English
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Duration: 8 days
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HighlightsSmall intimate lodges Home of the walking safari Day & night game drives Luxury lodges & rustic camps Exceptional game viewing OverviewOffering a well-balanced selection of luxury lodges and rustic camps, this 8-day safari encompasses the best that Zambia's South Luangwa National Park has to offer. Arrive at Lusaka International Airport where a light aircraft flight whisks you to the award-winning Mfuwe Lodge, set in South Luangwa National Park overlooking the Luangwa River. After a night at Mfuwe, you venture deeper into the park to Chindeni Camp, perfectly positioned on the edge of a lagoon teeming with wildlife. Your penultimate location is Bilimungwe Lodge overlooking three waterholes famously frequented by rich variety of wildlife. Finish up at Zungulila Bush Camp, which has only four tents in a pristine wilderness setting. The focus of this safari is firmly on the game viewing experience. Expect thrilling wildlife encounters in the company of expert guides on game drives and nature walks in the pristine South Luangwa National Park, a primal landscape where the walking safari was first pioneered. Veteran safari goers love the uniqueness of this setting and the sheer diversity of flora and fauna. First-time travellers soak up this balanced introduction to Africa's pristine wilderness and thrilling game encounters. This tour accommodates an add-on visit to the spectacular Victoria Falls easily. Create your own itinerary. Save and share your ideas Let’s Go SummaryTour Duration: 8 DaysDestinations Visited South Luangwa National Park Zambia Accommodations Visited South Luangwa National Park, Zambia Mfuwe Lodge 1 Night South Luangwa National Park, Zambia Chindeni 2 Nights South Luangwa National Park, Zambia Bilimungwe 2 Nights South Luangwa National Park, Zambia Zungulila Bush Camp 2 Nights


Day to dayItineraryarrowBack to MapDay 1: Welcome to ZambiaSouth Luangwa National Park, ZambiaDetailed breakdownDay 1: Welcome to Zambia | 1 NightUp arrowSouth Luangwa National Park, ZambiaArrive at Lusaka International Airport and transfer to a light aircraft for a flight to award-winning Mfuwe Lodge. Set inside the South Luangwa National Park and overlooking a lagoon, this charming lodge is the ideal place to acclimatise to Zambia. Spread out under large shady trees, the camp has several viewing decks, a lounge and pool area where you can relax and soak up the views of the Luangwa River. Zambia's flagship park is home to a rich variety of wildlife ranging from herds of elephant and buffalo to the near-endemic Thornicroft’s giraffe and Crawshay’s zebra. Hippo huff in the deep pools and crocodile bask on the riverbanks, lion and leopard stalk the woodlands, and the birdlife is abundant - this is destination tailor-made for keen photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. As you relax on the terrace overlooking the murmuring waters, the cares and concerns of your daily life simply drift away, overtaken by scents and sounds of the wilderness, and a growing excitement for the adventure ahead of you. After a refreshing high tea you set out on an afternoon game drive, your first expedition. Returning at dusk to a roaring campfire, your first night in Africa is spent in the warm hospitality of Mfuwe's superb staff. Days 2-4: A Luangwa lagoon | 2 NightsUp arrowSouth Luangwa National Park, ZambiaFreshly brewed coffee is delivered to your suite in the early light of day as the wilderness around you comes to life. After a light breakfast, you set out on a game drive to explore the park. The sense of vitality is palpable in the crisp morning air. Dew sparkles on the grass and grazing antelope are active, ears twitching as they scan for danger. Elephants gather at the water’s edge to drink, giving you a glimpse into their intricate family dynamics. Teenagers jostle and shove each other until their rudeness is quelled by a sharp trumpet blast from an elder female. Toddlers - tiny calves not yet in full control of their trunks - do comical impersonations of their mothers drinking, splashing and generally being in everyone else's way. Before you have seen your fill of these gentle giants some silent signal turns them from the water to melt quietly back into the forest. When the temperature begins to rise, you return to Mfuwe for brunch - a feast to fortify you for the game drive to Chindeni Camp, which is raised on stilts to give you views through a grove of ebony trees to a hippo-filled lagoon. Rated as one of Luangwa's most beautiful tented camps, Chindeni's four opulent suites are positioned to make the most of game coming down to drink year-round. With vistas over the water and distant purple hills, you may find it hard to resist the comfort of the hammock on your private terrace but there is much to discover in this new slice of paradise. Join your guide and an armed scout for a nature walk in the cool morning air, revelling in the sense of being a part of nature rather than an aloof observer as you follow antelope trails and elephant paths, engaging all your senses. Breathe in new scents, discern the voices in the symphony of wild sounds, and feel the breeze on your skin. Your guide points out scuff marks on the ground, paw prints and bent leaves - signs that tell a story to the trained eye. Share your day's adventure over a refreshing cocktail back at Chindeni, before sitting down to a sumptuous dinner beneath a canopy of stars. Conversation and laughter carry on into the night, until you slip away to slide between cool cotton sheets and be serenaded by the distant call of lions as you drift off to sleep. Days 4-6: A Luangwa Adventure | 2 NightsUp arrowSouth Luangwa National Park, ZambiaThe magic of this journey continues as you travel to Bilimungwe Lodge or ‘Bili’ as it is affectionately known. Its lounge nestles in the cool shade of an enormous mahogany tree overlooking the three permanent waterholes nearby. Your elevated suite has a front-row seat to all the action at the waterholes, providing comfortable game viewing from your private verandah - elephant, kudu, impala and giraffe are regular visitors quenching their thirst. Your guide looks out for unusual species you may not have encountered yet, as well as big cats and wild dogs. The paths leading to Bili provide your guide with a wealth of information: every animal that passes to and from the water leaves a sign of its passage: here the crescent hoof-marks of a solitary buffalo bull, there the tracks of a leopard and her cub. Gradually you work your way away from camp, each twist of the road throwing up a new surprise, until the sun dips low on the horizon and its time for sundowners and snacks. You return to camp with your guide deftly wielding a spotlight, searching for Africa's rare nocturnal creatures. Days 6-8: The Beauty of Zungulila | 2 NightsUp arrowSouth Luangwa National Park, ZambiaYour final destination on this safari is the delightfully intimate Zungulila Bush Camp on the Kapamba River. Once again, game drives and guided nature walks take full advantage of the area's varied habitats and consistently deliver superb wildlife sightings. Your guide uses their honed instincts and years of experience to read tracks and listen for warning calls that tell them the movement and proximity of predators and their prey. Zambia is big cat country and no cat is more illusive or eagerly sought after than the leopard. South Luangwa is one of the best places in Africa to see this beautiful creature. Spot lit night drives add to the drama, and with two nights here, Zungulila is sure to deliver an unbeatable game viewing experience. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast before bidding Zungulila a fond farewell and settling in for the drive back to Lusaka and your onward flight. Journeying through this pristine landscape, the memories of the last few days come flooding back: the raw beauty of the South Luangwa, encountering elephant and buffalo in their unspoiled natural habitat' your first thrilling sighting of a leopard. If you close your eyes, you catch the scent of wild sage released in the heat of the late afternoon and feel the sun kiss your skin as you stand beneath Africa's endless, aching blue sky.
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