Rating in France
$ 3030

Climb Mont Blanc

Climbing & Mountaineering
Climbing & Mountaineering
min $ 3030
Per person
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Destinations: Chamonix
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 3030
Duration: 8 days
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The aim of this fantastic one week mountaineering holiday is to climb Mont Blanc; the summit, at 4808m is the highest point in Western Europe.  With three wonderful days in the high mountains to acclimatise, and allowing three full days for the ascent of Mont Blanc with two days for the summit itself, this one week adventure gives everyone an excellent chance of reaching the roof of Europe.  The acclimatisation days are spent traversing from the Albert Premier Hut to the Cabane du Trient, spending time on glacier skills along the way and taking in the famous Fenêtre de Saleina (3267m) and the impressive high landscape of the Col du Tour.  The summit of Mont Blanc is reached via the 'Normal Route', from either the Tete Rousse or the new Gouter Hut.  The summit day is a long one, but the reward .... you are now the highest point around, with the most awesome views of the surrounding mountain ranges, there will be no doubt that it was worth it.
Two opportunities to summit Mont Blanc after three fantastic days of acclimatisation and skills training
Idyllically located mountain huts; The Albert Premier and the Cabane du Trient
Wonderful chalet accommodation near Chamonix; perfect for relaxing and preparation
Classic route to the summit with IMFGA guides and a ratio of 1:2 during the climb of Mont Blanc
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of KE Adventure Travel
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