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Marathon of Afghanistan 2018

Trekking + walking
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Rating in Afghanistan
Tour details
Destinations: Bamyan
Type of adventure: icon-16.png Trekking + walking
Guide language: English
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This package offers travel and entrance to the fourth edition of the only international marathon in Afghanistan.
The marathon will take place in the Bamian province, amidst the mighty mountains of the Hindu Kush in central Afghanistan. The astonishingly beautiful valley, a UNESCO world heritage site, is recognised as one of the safest provinces in the country and remains almost completely untouched by violence.
The fourth edition of the marathon will take place in 2018. It was the first international marathon that was run in Afghanistan.
The trip will be led by Untamed Borders founder James Willcox. We will meet you at Kabul Airport and show you a few places of interest in Kabul before flying to the beautiful and peaceful Bamian valley. We will also have time to visit the remains of the world’s largest standing Buddha statues that overlook the town and the ancient cities of Shah e Zohak and Shah e Golghola.
Afghanistan is a country slowly recovering from years of violence and neglect but it has always been a magnet for the intrepid. The rugged landscape, the ancient history crossed with tough yet incredibly hospitable people is an intoxicating mix. The chance to truly blaze a tourist trail is a rare opportunity.
Difficulty – Well, you have to run a marathon. Comfort – There is some level comfort. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms and sometimes during the day there is hot water, but not for the entire day.
For further details about this trip and the chance to join us please contact us.
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Untamed Borders
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