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Destinations: Kamchatka Peninsula, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1184 — max $ 1414
Group size: min 6 — max 10
Duration: 11 days
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Kamchatka Kaleidoscope


 Day 1.
Transfer from the airport to Petropavlovsk (25 km). Check in at a hotel (DBL). Time to rest or take a walk to the city. Meeting with your guide and dinner at 8 p.m., discussing details of the itinerary.


Day 2.
Free day. Helicopter tour (optional) to Geyser Valley and to the caldera of Uzon volcano, including flying around the Karymsky (1486 m) and Maly Semyachik (1560m) volcanoes. Walking tour in Geyser Valley and the caldera of Uzon volcano and swimming in natural thermal springs "Zhupanovskie". Dinner in Geyser Valley. In the evening jeep transfer to the mountain plateau between the Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes (45 km). Accommodation at Avachinsky base mountain camp, 4-10 participants per cabin.

Day 3.
Ascent of Avachinsky volcano (2749 m). Climbing up for 6-8 hours, climbing down for 2-3 hours. Time to rest in the camp after the ascent. Russian steam bath available on request.

Day 4.
Walking tour to the Verblyud (“Camel”) mountain and along the spurs of the Koryaksky volcano. Multiple photo sites for taking pictures of mountain landscapes, alpine flowers and a colony of ground squirrels. After lunch jeep transfer to Petropavlovsk. Check in at the hotel, time to rest or walk around the city.

Day 5.
Motor car transfer to the Bystraya river (120 km). Start of rafting down the river (using air rafts). The river runs between majestic mountains of the Kamchatka Middle range, its rapids are quite safe even for beginners. But what’s most important, guests will have a unique chance to encounter local nature untouched by civilization. Dinner by the camp fire with traditional Russian fish soup. Overnight sleep in tents.

Day 6.
Rafting continues with passing two rapids. On the way guests will have a chance to go fishing, pick mushrooms and berries, watch seagulls and wild ducks, and with a bit of luck see a bear or a sea eagle. It all makes rafting down the river an exciting adventure. Overnight sleep in tents.

Day 7.
End of rafting with passing one rapid. Jeep transfer to Petropavlovsk (180 km). Check in at hotel, time to rest.

Day 8.
Motor boat cruise to Avacha Bay (5-6 hours). Tour to Babushkin Kamen (“Granny’s rock”) and Tri Brata (“Three Brothers”) islands with their sea birds nesting places. Cruise into the Pacific up to Starichkov Island. Jeep transfer across the Vilyuchinsky and Gorely volcanoes plateau to Mutnovsky volcano area. Setting up a camp, overnight sleep in tents.

Day 9.

Ascent of Mutnovsky volcano crater (2323 m). Tour round the active fumaroles, mud siphons and the mountain lake. The crater of Mutnovsky volcano is one of the most colorful volcanic phenomena on Kamchatka. The deep and wide crater cavity is surrounded by steep walls, there are glittering glaciers broken by deep cracks and holes of boiling fumaroles inside it (duration of climbing is about 6-10 hours). Overnight sleep in tents.

Day 10. 

Ascent of Gorely Volcano (1829 m), walk along lava streams and slag fields, tour round 3 craters and their lakes (duration is 5-6 hours). In the evening transfer to the tourist camp in Paratunka resort area. Check in at the camp, swimming in thermal water pool.

Day 11.

Breakfast. Visiting fish market and souvenir stores. Transfer to the airport.

Price includes 

Full board throughout the tour
Guide service throughout the tour 
Accommodation at a hotel and at the tourist camp
Rent of basic equipment (tents, dishes, rafts etc)
Transfers (bus, jeep)
Sea cruise
Price does not include 

Flight to Kamchatka 
Optional tours (Geyser Valley and Sea cruise)
Helicopter tour to Geyser Valley and the caldera of the Uzun volcano only takes place under good weather conditions

Clothes and equipment 1. A backpack or a bag. 2.Sleeping bag and a mat. 3.Trekking boots  4. Additional pair of footwear (sneakers). 5.Toiletries, beach towels and a swimming costume  6. GoreTex jacket and pants. 7. Fleece jacket 8. Sun glasses 9. Headgear. 10. Head light  11. Gloves 12.Trekking poles.13. Personal first aid kit 14. Mosquito spray.
Additional information  Helicopter tour to Geyser Valley and the caldera of the Uzun volcano only takes place under good weather conditions, and is paid for additionally. 

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Alpindustria-Tour
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