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Fly-In Uganda Gorilla Trek


4 days

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Rating in Uganda
Tour details
Destinations: Uganda
Type of adventure: safari.png Safari
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 3335
Duration: 4 days
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OverviewThe Bwindi Impenetrable Forest forms part of the Bwindi National Park in Uganda and is one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in Africa. The forest has dense jungle vegetation and is home to the half the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population as well as 11 other mammal species, including giant hogs and forest elephants. The Bwindi Forest is the best place in Uganda to go gorilla trekking and although it may take hours, or even the whole day, the daily success rate for sightings is around 90 percent. Once you locate a habituated family group, you will spend roughly an hour observing quietly from a respectful distance. Trekking back to the lodge, the procession is usually quiet, as you and your fellow travellers reflect on your encounters with our closest mammalian cousins, recalling soulful gestures, expressions and interactions. The eco-friendly Bwindi Lodge is separated from the forest by a clear mountain stream, and here you can enjoy a well-deserved dinner and a good night’s rest. Rise early for a second day of gorilla trekking (subject to availability), guided rainforest walks, or cultural activities such as tea tasting, community visits, and learning the traditional practices of the Batwa people. This short gorilla-trekking adventure combines well with an East African big-game safari. SummaryTour Duration: 4 DaysDestinations Visited Bwindi National Park Uganda Accommodations Visited Bwindi National Park, Uganda Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge 3 Nights HighlightsTrack mountain gorillasGuided nature walksCultural tours of the Batwa villageOn this fly-in Uganda Gorilla Safari you’ll enjoy trekking the mountain gorillas in one of the best areas of the Bwindi Forest whilst staying at comfortable accommodation that overlooks the forested mountains of the Bwindi Forest. I loved staying at Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge with their beautiful views, friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere.Maija de Rijk-UysManaging Director Help me plan
Day to dayItineraryMap DataMap data ©2017 GoogleMap DataMap data ©2017 GoogleMap data ©2017 GoogleTerms of Use50 km arrowBack to MapDay 1: Welcome to UgandaBwindi National Park, UgandaDetailed breakdownDay 1: Welcome to Uganda | 1 NightUp arrowBwindi National Park, UgandaAfter landing at Entebbe International Airport, check into your domestic flight to Kihihi. On arrival, you will be welcomed by your expert guide who will remain with you throughout your journey, sharing a wealth of wildlife knowledge and providing insight into the country’s unique culture and conservation history. The road transfer to your eco-friendly lodge on the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest takes roughly two hours, and is a chance to witness a considerable stretch of Uganda’s dense jungle vegetation and remote rural communities. Once you arrive, take some time to rest before dinner, explore the grounds and nearby mountain stream, or take a stroll to the local village. Day 2: Gorilla Trekking | 1 NightUp arrowBwindi National Park, UgandaRise early and depart for a day of trekking in the Bwindi Forest in search of the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Finding these great apes can be a lengthy process, often taking the whole day, depending on conditions and how far the gorillas have moved during the night. A certain level of stamina is required to combat the humidity and sometimes tricky mountain pathways. Wet weather and mud can also slow the process down but you will always be under the careful guidance of your ranger and a team of professional trackers will help you wherever possible over steep slopes and through dense vegetation. Upon finding a family group, you will spend roughly an hour quietly observing as they groom, play and communicate with each other. Day 3: Learn about local life | 1 NightUp arrowBwindi National Park, UgandaGorilla trekking for a second day requires additional permits that are subject to availability. Alternatively, you can explore the rainforest on a guided walk, learning the importance of the rainforest habitat from your guide while you observe endemic bird species, butterflies and colourful plant life. Tour the local village, the surrounding tea plantations, and learn about the community’s impressive hospital that started as a small clinic under a tree. You are also able to discover the traditional hunter-gatherer practices of the Batwa – the indigenous people of the Bwindi Forest. Day 4: Time to reflectUp arrowBwindi National Park, UgandaAs you return to the Kihihi airstrip on the 2-hour return transfer, you have time to reflect on a newfound awareness of Uganda’s precious wildlife inhabitants and welcoming local people. While the country may have a fractured history, it has taken great strides in conservation, with ecotourism lodges playing an important role in bolstering efforts among communities to preserve and protect the rainforest.
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