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$ 411

Horse tour To the tops of Beresh mount

Horse riding
Horse riding
min $ 411
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Sharypovo
Guide language: German, English, Russian
Price: min $ 411
Group size: min 4 — max 8
Duration: 7 days
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This trip is for the horse riding tourists, who are ready to refuse a "convenience of a civilization" for the sake of adventures. You will see the real mountain taiga, test yourself in a saddle. Prevailing heights of mountains are - 500-1200m. Tourists will go from Lake Bolshoe to the southwest where the real taiga begins, and mountains become all above, where the foot of the human being haven't yet stepped on this ground. Travelers will pass several mountain ranges, meet the mixed wood - birches, mountain ashes, larches, pines, and dark cedar woods where even in the afternoon twilight reigns.


Total duration: 7 days/6 nights

Season: July-October

Tour mileage: 80 km by bus, 100 km ahorse

Number of people in a group: 4-8 pax

Age: 14+

Level of physical training: no special physical training


Day 1.

Meeting in the town Sharypovo in Krasnoyarsk Region (400 km far from Krasnoyarsk). Breakfast. Transfer to the village Sartachul. Meeting with the instructors. Instructions. Swimming in the lake Bolshoe (optionally). Preparations for the route, outfit adjustment. Lunch. Going to the route through Savelkin valley.

Along the wood road we go to Karasevoe lake, turn to the river Nichkuryup. On a mountain ridge we go along Nichkuryup. Wade. Night's lodging.

Accommodation in tents

Breakfast and lunch in the family, dinner on fire

40 km by bus, 10 km ahorse


Day 2.

Preparations, continue our route along the river Nichkuryup, pass the mountain ridge to the river The third Amachkul.

We climb Uchkuryup mountain ridge and go to the top. A beautiful view opens for our eyes. Then we go down to the mountain foot. We go over taiga road. Halt. Lunch is served near the spring. We go up on Tyrinsky ridge. And then descent to the spring. A stop for the night.

Accommodation in tents

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on fire

12 km ahorse


Day 3.

Preparations, we continue our route. Along the taiga road we go down to the river Beresh, and then go aside to the natural boundary Horse base. From the natural boundary we go up to the mountain Medvezhya. We pass through the water-dividing ridge. The road goes along the fir wood. Then we go down to Gryazny spring and stop for the night here.

Accommodation in tents

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on fire

12 km ahorse


Day 4.

Preparations, we continue the route.

We walk out to the Nameless stream. Then we walk to Beresh, go to mountain Top of Beresh. A cedar wood surrounds us, we pass the hunting log huts. The group spends a night in one of them.

Accommodation in tents/a hunting log hut

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on fire

12 km ahorse


Day 5.

Preparations. We go up the narrow valley. We walk out on the top of a ridge, from where one can enjoy a beautiful view. We go down to riverheads of the Nichkuryup river. We move up to natural boundary Babka Sofia. Preparing for the night.

Accommodation in tents

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on fire

15 km ahorse


Day 6.

We go down along the stream. We pass the hunting log hut on Shurfah. Then we turn to the lake Toltakovskoe and spend the night at the lake.

Accommodation in tents

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on fire

15 km ahorse


Day 7.

We continue our route. We ride to the lake Sarbogol. We come back to Sartachul along the shore of Bolshoe lake. Banya, backpacking. Dinner. Transfer to Sharypovo, departure to Krasnoyarsk by public bus.

Breakfast and lunch on fire, dinner in the family

12 km ahorse, 40 km by bus


Tour price per person
360 €

Price includes:

  • transfers Sharypovo - Sartachul - Sharypovo
  • full board
  • personal and group equipment rent
  • Russian speaking guide
  • horseman
  • banya
  • accident insurance

Price does not include:

  • interpreter service
  • air- or train tickets to Krasnoyarsk
  • bus tickets Krasnoyarsk-Sharypovo-Krasnoyarsk
  • accommodation, transfers and excursions in Krasnoyarsk
  • tick-borne enthephalitis insurance

For extra charge:

English speaking interpreter service + 450 € from a group of foreigners

Important Info

The Horse Tour (7 days/6 nights, July-October) runs on the territory of Krasnoyarsk Region (Sharypovo district).

Tour Characteristics

The tour runs in mountainous regions and in the steppe and forest areas, accompanied by experienced tour guides and grooms. Personal luggage, foodand equipmentare transportedin specialbagsbyhorses of every tour participant. On steepslopes,rockplacers,swampy,swampedareas tourists dishorse. A tourist must be physically ready for hiking and equestrian crossings. A tourist going to horse travel should know that the horse in the campaign is means of transportation, and therefore requires particularly careful treatment. Riding at a gallop in the campaign is not allowed. Participants should be over 16 years old.


Krasnoyarsk region is located in the eastern part of Siberia along the basin of the Yenisei river. It covers 3000 km from the South to the North, where it is washed  by Kara sea and Laptevs’ sea. The population of the region is about 3 million people.

The region is subdivided into three climate zones: arctic, subarctic and mild.

Krasnoyarsk region territory is the domain for 450 species of plants, 340 species of birds and 90 species of animals including snow leopard, Putorana bighorn sheep, snow fox, stoat and musk-ox. In region there are 6 nature reserves under state protection:  Big Arctic, Central-Siberian, Putorana, Stolby (Rock pillars), Sayano-Shushensky and Taimyr reserves.

The main religion here is Orthodox Church, but other confessions are also spread: Catholicism, Islam, Judaism etc.

The capital of the region is Krasnoyarsk – megapolis situated on the both sides of the Yenisei river. It was founded by Russian military man Andrey Dubensky in 1628. The population of Krasnoyarsk is about 1 million people. Time difference with Moscow is +4 hours, distance to Moscow is 3995 km. There are many old buildings and places of interest here. Krasnoyarsk is the motherland of painter Surikov, geographist and scientist Potanin, singer Khvorostovsky, violinist Tretyakov, Olympic champion Yarygin, writer Astafiev.

The symbol of Krasnoyarsk is Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel built in 1805 on Karaulnaya hill. It is printed on the 10-roubles banknote.

Sharipovo district is situated in the western part of the Krasnoyarsk Region (350 km from Krasnoyarsk) at the joint of geographical and natural zones. Practically all famous researchers of Siberia traveled on these lands. This district is often called the region of blue lakes. There are more than two hundred different lakes: fresh, salt, hard salt, forest, steppe, taiga. Population is about 38,5 thousand of people.

Sharypovo is the land of more than 200 lakes: Ingol, Bolshoe (Parnoe), Tsingol, Beloe, Koshkol, Sarbagol, Krugloe. In summer and in winter these "pearls" receive amateurs of ecological tourism in the camps which are located on the lakesides.

Besides natural sights the tourist brand of the Sharypovo district are unique horse tours. Routes of horse tours are organized not only around well-known lakes, but also on taiga tracks, early man sites and mountain ridges.

One more uniqueness of the Sharypovo district is a variety of the ancient history monuments. The district is called for a reason an open sky museum: its uniqueness also in that there is such a rare combination of the different palaeontological periods. About ten of archaeological cultures from a paleolith to the Middle Ages. There are about one and a half thousand ancient barrows. The main categories of monuments are sites of ancient settlement, defensive fortresses, burial grounds, barrows, ground graves, objects of a production activity, rock paintings. Rock paintings on the Karatag ridge have the universal importance.

There is the largest in Russia location of the Jurassic dinosaurs, very rare fishes of the Devonian period. The Sharypovo is natural and historical phenomenon, which unites numerous lakes of amazing beauty and ancient monuments and attracts amateur of archeological and ecological tourism for a long time. This is a perspective area for creating a Sharypovo archeological and culture reserve.

How to get

The tour should start in Krasnoyarsk.

One of the main transport hubs in Siberia is Krasnoyarsk. It is passed through by Trans-Siberian railway, so it provides tourists with possibilities to travel actively. Krasnoyarsk posses the airport both of local and international level, river port and well-developed road vehicle infrastructure.

Information about railways to Krasnoyarsk can be inquired at managers of Sayan Ring Co.

Airport in Krasnoyarsk Yemelianovo accepts planes from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Norilsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Kamchatka and many other cities in Russia, also from international flights from Beijing and Bangkok. You can reach Krasnoyarsk by flights of following  airlines Aeroflot, S7, UTair, NordStar etc.

Bus to Sharypovo

Start and end point of the tour is the town Sharypovo (400 km from Krasnoyarsk). Bus tickets are not included in the tour price. You should go to Sharypovo by public bus from Krasnoyarsk. The journey takes around 6 hours. A bus tickets costs about 600 Rub one way (8-10 euro) + luggage fee. Departure from the bus station or the train station in Krasnoyarsk, at night, the exact time depends of the official bus schedule. If you let us buy tickets for you in advance, we charge extra 4 euro for a ticket.


You will overnight in 2-4 person tents. During the tour the banya will be organised once, in other times you can swim in the many lakes and rivers.

In case of early arrival / late departure to Sharipovo you can stay in guest houses by the lake Bolshoye, as well in yurts or wooden houses in the village Sartachul, 300 meters from the lake.


2 large yurts offer 5 beds each of them. On the floor there are carpets, a stove in the middle, armchairs, wooden beds, bed linen, sleeping bags. Extra charge for an overnight stay + meals (1 time) - 10 euro per person.

Wooden houses

A wooden house offer 5 sleeping places (2-stage and single beds). On the floor there are carpets, a stove in the middle, armchairs, wooden beds, bed linen, sleeping bags. On the territory there is a banya, WC. Extra charge for an overnight stay + meals (1 time) - 10 euro per person.


During the tour tourists build the overnight camp and cook over a fire. Sample menu: Breakfast - cutlet with buckwheat, cheese, butter, biscuit, lemon tea; Dinner - meat with potatoes, cabbage soup, sausage,  salad, lemon tea or fruit drinks.

Sample menu for lunch: cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, pasta, cereals, canned foods, apples, tea, coffee, condensed milk, cookies, candy, cheese, sausage, bread, sour cream, mayonnaise, vegetable oil (tourists prepare on themselves).


Personal items:

  • documents (passport, medical insurance, voucher.);

  • kitchen set (cup, bowl, spoon, knife);

  • toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc..), sunscreen;

  • headlamp;

  • clothes: sweater, windbreaker or light jacket, shirt, T-shirt, sweat pants, pants for riding (quite tight, loose, inside the seam should not be rough (in jeans riding is uncomfortable!)), normal and wool socks a few pairs, raincoat (should not be bright and rustling,  not to frighten the horse);

  • shoes: sneakers or running shoes for rest stops, shoes for riding (rubber boots for long hikes, high boots, horse riding gaiters);

  • towel, bathing suit, insect repellent.

You will be provided by:

  • sleeping pad;

  • sleeping bag (dual-layer sleeping bag, without the headrest, comfortable temperature +5 +20, min. -5);

  • tents (3-bedded, with a vestibule);

  • tent from the rain, a set of utensils for cooking campfire meals;

  • cavalry saddle.

Professional tips:

  • pack your things in separate plastic bags so that they do not get wet; pack your things, so that afterwards you can easy shift them to special traveling bags;

  • grab a pack of garbage bags, bags with clothes torn quickly, very comfortable to keep clothes in garbage bags, as they are strong and big;

  • Your shoes should be with a small heel and smooth bottom;

  • take a change of clothes in case of rain;

  • you must also have gloves (simple), so you can easy rub blisters on your hands;

  • a rope is very useful to hang things to dry

  • it is more convenient to carry things in a backpack, since it is usually a lot of things. Before leaving you pack your things in special bags, your backpacks and clean clothes will be left in the village.


The horses are local, underbred, 5-20 years old. Tourists ride only on gelded horses mares with foals from the herd are not involved in tour horse riding. All horses are accustomed to forest, calm, enduring. Everyday they walk 50 km in the forest, of middle height, their colour is chestnut, dapple-grey, grey, cream, black.


We have highly qualified guides working in our company, due to this fact the tours of the company Sayan Ring have become so interesting and fascinating. The tour price includes only Russian speaking assistance. Extra supplement for interpreter service during the whole tour is 450 euro per the whole group of foreigners (English speaking, other languages of guide on request).


In different periods the tick activity is higher, then lower, but the chance of being bitten is even in September. You can bring Jodantipyrin to take upon detection of a tick. You should remember that the route goes through the forest, so you should order an insurance or better get vaccinated! During every stop please be checked (clothes, feet, neck, ears, etc). The guide takes GPS-navigator, first aid kit. The water in these areas do not require special handling and can be used inside.

Mobile connection

The cellular network coverage is available only in Krasnoyarsk, Sharypovo and village Sartachul. Forget about your phones for 15 days! On route the guide has a satellite phone and a GPS navigator.

Tourist's responsibility

Removal from the camp without permission of the instructor is strictly prohibited.

In case of breakage or loss of equipment, received from the representative of travel agencies, tourist repays the full cost of the equipment. In the event of maintenance claims should immediately contact a representative of the tour operator, in the case of failure to remedy the shortcomings, make a written statement and sign it by the tour operator representative. If the tourist leaves the route, the tour is considered to be fully provided and the money will not be refund.

In the presence of specific diseases, please inform the tour operator before enter the route in a special questionnaire completed before the tour. Filling out the questionnaire is very important. If the traveler has not informed in advance about the need for specific illnesses or the existing risk of acute illnesses that require special medical care, the tour operator has the right to withdraw a person from the tourist route.

Extra information

The program may be slightly changed due to objective reasons (bad weather, emergency service recommendations, the emergence of the threat to life and health of tourists and so on).

Each participant is obliged to follow the safety rules and guide's instructions.

The route passes through sparsely populated and unpopulated areas, with no benefits of civilization, so the tourist should be ready to travel and not be afraid of field conditions and weather adversities.


Sayan Ring is the incoming tour operator in Krasnoyarsk regional, Khakassia and Tuva. The company is in the Federal Register of Tour Operators, according to it our Certificate Number is # МВТ 015694, given by Federal Tourist Agency. We are the member of Association of Russian Tourism Companies.

Financial insurance guarantee #164731893 for 500 000 rubles is valid from the 20.12.2016 to 19.12.2017.

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Sayan Ring
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