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Tour to the Putorana Plateau

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Destinations: Norilsk, Putorana Plateau
Guide language: German, English, Russian
Price: min $ 2052
Group size: min 6 — max 38
Duration: 10 days
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In the Polar circle in the Krasnoyarsk Territory there is truly a fantastic and beautiful natural creation - Putorana plateau. An amazing place where you will feel unreality environment. Putorana Plateau - the realm of water, rocks and wild nature, a paradise for lovers of adventure tours, fishing and rafting on catamarans. However, tourist expeditions come here not often. Putorana Plateau is one of the most difficult areas in Russia. Here, there are places where people never gone before.


Total duration: 10 days/9 nights

Season: July-September

Number of people in a group: min. 6, max. 38 pax

Age: 12+

Level of physical training: The tour was designed for people with average physical training. Daily hiking trips range from 15 km to 30 km


Day 1. Saturday

Meeting at the airport Alykel.

Transfer Alykel - Norilsk.

Check-in to the hotel Norilsk, rest due to the change of time zones.

Gathering the group in hotel.

Before leaving for the camp Valek, the place of boats departure, we go into the cafe for breakfast and, if it is necessary, to the shops of Norilsk to buy what tourists need. Then – transfer to the pier Valek, a parking place and the departure of boats on Lake Lama. Delivery to Lake Lama is carried out by modernized boats. Boats have spacious cabins with a capacity of 10-12 seats and a deck for passengers wanting to explore the landscape.

Boarding to the boat in Valek.

Travel time is 6-7 hours, depending on the weather. The ride itself is very entertaining and informative. You will see the whole change from the valley, lowland forest tundra, in the floodplain Norilka to northern taiga in the heart of Putorana plateau.

Next, enter the river Talaya. It's a winding, rolling river, fast-flowing, steep shores, one of the favorite places of rest for Norilsk people. We pass three scenic river shoals and go out into the lake Melkoye. This is a lowland lake with sloping banks overgrown with mixed forest-tundra and patches of Northern taiga. From all sides the mountains, the spurs of the Putorana plateau could be seen. You can see mountain valleys, formed by lakes Glubokoye and Lama.

Next, enter the river Lama, which flows out from the same lake. In fact it is not a river, but the spate between the two lakes.

Then we arrive to the camp which is located in the remote and eastern part of Lake Lama. The camp is located in a dense larch forest, near the mouth of the river Vekhikay. Accommodation in a comfortable guest house. Free time.

If weather is good, Siberian bighorn sheep, which are in IUCN Red List, can be seen through binoculars from the base. Eastern tip of Lake Lama from ancient times among Evenks is believed to be shaman's place, a place of power, a place of rites and communion with the spirits of nature and the spirits of ancestors. It is a place of great power, the concentration of which is the legendary Shaitan - the mountain, in front of which the camp is located, which, of course, was not chosen by chance. Somewhere here the last shaman lived out her life in thirties or forties of the 20th century.

In the afternoon tea - the stories of the Putorana Plateau, Nganasan and Dolgan people, shamans.

In free time you can enjoy fishing from the shore or hire a motor boat for trolling (fishing methods with a moving boat). You can walk through the nearby woods.

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast in the hotel, packed lunch, dinner at the camp

15 km by bus, 165 km by speed boat


Day 2. Sunday

Hiking route to the Weeping rocks.

Travel time is from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the preparedness of the group, with the gamekeeper. Departure by motor boat to the Weeping rocks, 2.5 km from the camp.

It is a unique place in Norilsk lakes. There are steep cliffs, the height of which is 12-15 meters, they go vertically into the lake’s depth of 20-25 meters. Several streams flow down the cliffs, the largest of which forms beautiful waterfalls, breaking right into the lake.

In the morning, in a sunny day a bright rainbow comes to light in the flying spray of a waterfall what can be seen very close. A smaller rivulets stream down a rocky cliff, dripping from ledges. It seems that the rock "weeps". This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in all Putorana lakes.

We land and start climbing, accompanied by gamekeepers, along the rivulet which flows into the lake near Weeping rocks. Soon we find a view of the first 25-meter waterfall located 800 meters from the lake shore.

We climb above the waterfall to the observation desk next to it. There is a magnificent, panoramic view on Lake Lama. Higher in 300 meters there are two waterfall of about 10 and 30 meters in a beautiful canyon.

Next, climb along the canyon on its Eastern edge above and go to the fork of the stream. Both of the waterways are amazingly beautiful waterfalls, descending from the magnificent circus, rocks which break from the plateau at an altitude of about 800 meters. In small gullies on the side of the circus there are a few glaciers, from which originate the streams.

Along the Eastern waterway we rise before the plateau. However, the ascent is quite difficult and only available for physically prepared people. In other words to whom it is not possible are accompanied by a ranger visiting the waterfalls, admiring the scenery or optionally begin the descent back to the lake.

The edge of the plateau offers an unforgettable view of the Eastern extremity of lake Lama, river valleys Bunisyak and Talaya.

Hiking snack, tea from a thermos, sandwiches and sweets. Hiking along the edge of the plateau 3-4 km.

Return. Firstly through the path to the first waterfall. Then turn to the east, and move diagonally across the terraces directly to the camp. We go out to the lake’s shore, and, moving across it, we reach the camp.

A dinner with national Dolgan and Nganasan meals, rest, banya on request. In the evening the excursion to the unique ethnographic museum. Today we'll discuss the unique collection of clothing, shoes and household items of indigenous Taimyr people.

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, packed lunch

15 km on foot, 5 km by boat


Day 3. Monday

Hiking through the valley of the river Vekhtkay. Travel time is from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the readiness of the group, with the gamekeeper. We go out to the picturesque canyon cut by Vekhikay river 1.5 km from the camp.

Further we climb along the mouth till the first right tributary, we start climbing up along it. Somewhere on the slopes of Vekhikay river the photo of a huge statute was taken. But the man who made the photo then could not remember exactly the place where it was. Apparently the ancient spirits of the mountains did not want to be famous, so they closed the unique place for people.

Coming home.

Dinner with national Dolgan and Nganasan meals, rest, banya on request.

In the evening, the continuation of the story about the unique ethnographic museum. Today we will talk about tools and craft items.

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, packed lunch

15 km on foot


Day 4. Tuesday

Going uphill the Shaitan-mount. Travel time is from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the readiness of the group, with the gamekeeper.

View on mount Shaitan from the balcony of the house. Shaitan has always been considered among the local population a place of great power. Evenk shamans had lived at its toe, performing various rituals. Right under its slopes, according to old-timers, the last Evenk shaman lived out her life in thirties, forties of 20th century. On the mountain plateau above Shaitan the ruins of the ancient megalithic structures with the remnants of carving were found. On the slope of a mountain in good weather “face of Shaitan", the human face in profile of huge size, is visible. Perhaps it is a game of nature, but it was made in a suitable, very powerful place, which was honored by people who lived here. A few years ago, after a landslide on the slopes of the mountain a round tunnel, extending deep into the mountains, was opened. But later, trying to get inside, another internal collapse filled up the pass, although the contours of the holes are clearly visible so far.

Departure by motor boat to the mouth of the brook, which flows into the lake Lama near Shaitan mountain.

The climbing along the nameless stream on its eastern edge, to the slope of Shaitan.

On inaccessible slopes, sometimes open the round tunnels, going deep, very similar to ventilation. From here often appear UFOs, which are well seen in autumn, when the nights become dark. And it is in the mouth of this stream sometimes appear legendary underground inhabitants, which are seen repeatedly. And maybe they come from other, unknown and inaccessible for us so far dimensions.

On the side inflow seeing of the cascade of waterfalls, the largest of which more than 40 meters high. Forty-meter waterfall is on the slope of Mount Shaitan.

Above the waterfall there are stony strews. The ascent becomes difficult and sometimes without appropriate experience, dangerous. Dared ascent must be in good exercise condition.

Inspection of the habitats of the Putorana snow sheep. These unique animals, sometimes if you are lucky, you can see from a short distance.

Hiking snack, tea from thermos bottles, sandwiches, sweets.

Walk along the edge of the plateau to turn the Shaytan-mountain in the North-East. It offers a magnificent view of the valleys of the rivers Bunisyak, Talaya and Khoisy.

Returning through the path to the waterfall then directly to the lake. Going out to the lake’s shore, and then in the house by boat.

Dinner with national Dolgan and Nganasan meals, rest, banya on request.

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, packed lunch

17 km on foot, 5 km by boat


Day 5. Wednesday

The excursion in the footsteps of the old Evenk hunters. Travel time is from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the readiness of the group, with gamekeeper.

Departure by motor boat to the mouth of the creek which flows into the lake Lama near mountain Shaitan. Seeing of old Evenk cattle camp. We can observe circles of vegetation left over from the establishment of chums. In the 300 meters we can see remains of Evenk traps to catch foxes. Transfer by boat to the mouth of the river Bunisyak. View on the valley of Bunisyak from the camp.

Then walking along the river. After 2 km, we turn into the forest and come to a unique place "Shaman gates". These are two very old Evenk wooden idols, the place of Evenk shaman ritual.

Then we move through the woods along the river Bunisyak. Soon we go out on hills, turning into a high coastal terrace. We examine the "bear trees" covered with signs of bears in a form of bites, tearing and fur of these animals. Bears regularly visit such signs, constantly updating them.

Going out to a large, completely flat terrace on which, according to the esoteric data, the city of a very ancient civilization, was once situated  mostly underground. The town was destroyed by several powerful explosions, huge craters of them are still visible. In consequence of such attacks parts of vaults collapsed and its holes are still visible. We examine a large crater left over from the explosion which destroyed the city. What civilization was it, which war ruined it, you can only guess. Perhaps it is the city of the legendary Hyperborea – Oreana. After all, it is they who, according to legend, built underground cities on the plateau Putorana. There they hid all their cultural values and artefacts which confirmed their cosmic origin. Maybe their distant descendants are the inhabitants of the mysterious underground? Perhaps these сraters are signs of more ancient conflict. Time completely destroyed the traces of their presence ... This terrace is known as a very rich red bilberry.

Then we move along the river Talaya, the inflow of Bunisyak river, to the canyon. After touring the canyon we climb to a huge waterfall more than 60 meters high. It is the largest waterfall in the area.

Hiking snack, fire, tea, sandwiches, sweets, hot dishes.

Returning through the other side of the river Bunisyak, if the water level allows to cross the river. We go out to the lake shore and we reach the camp by motorboats.

Dinner, rest, banya on request. In the evening, the continuation of the story about the unique ethnographic museum.

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, packed lunch

15 km on foot, 5 km by boat


Day 6. Thursday

The excursion route "Up the river Khoysi". Travel time is 6-8 hours depending on the readiness of the group, with gamekeeper.

Departure by motor boat to the mouth of the river Hoyci. Then we go through the terrace to the big canyon Hoysi. The height of the rock walls is up to 15-20 meters. It extends for several kilometers.

There is an ancient burial place of one of the generals of Alexander the Great, who died from injuring of arrow during the fight with local soldiers. His detachment climbed up the river in order to reach the remnants of the ancient city, which was located somewhere in the top of the river. In the descriptions of Alexander the Great’s campaigns, made by Arab historians, the journey of his army in the land of darkness far in the north is described. As our historian Novgorodov proved, Alexander's army came to the Yenisei River and the lower reaches of the Ob, and his detachments went to Putorana.

Hiking snack, fire, tea, sandwiches, sweets, hot dishes. The way back is the same.

Dinner with first course, rest, banya on request. The stories about shamans, shamanism and shamanic ritual.

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, packed lunch

15-25 km on foot, 5 km by boat


Day 7. Friday

Trip on Lama Lake. It is carried out by the speedboat.

We drive along the picturesque southern shore of the lake to the mouth of the river Neralah, it is 38 km from the camp. In one and a half kilometers from the lake there is a large, very spectacular waterfall. To which you can get very close. Below the river cuts a deep, very spectacular canyon. This place is famous for a large number of mushrooms, to the delight of fans of silent hunting.

We cross the lake and go along the northern shore of the lake to the isthmus between lakes Lama and Kapchug. Lake Kapchug is smaller than Lama, its length is 12 km, width is 1-3 km. The isthmus between lakes  is 400 meters wide. It opens a scenic views on both lakes. Further we go along the north shore of the lake to the mouth of the picturesque nameless stream flowing into the lake near the mouth of Bucharama. We rise to the beautiful, two-stage waterfall. Its lower level is divided into 3 separate jets.

At the end of the route we visit the base of ufologists in the mouth of the river Bucharama. If owners of base are there we talk about energy features of these places.

Returning to the camp. Dinner with first course, rest, banya on request.

In the evening we visit the sacred maze which is located in 500 meters from the camp. It was built by the men, who were the friends of camp’s owners. The maze is built in compliance with ancient traditions dating back to the tradition of Hyperborea - Oriadna. It is interesting, that at the time of construction, such mazes were not found. But a year later, the same maze was found on one of the island of the Solovetsky Islands. Meaningful passage of the maze helps to get rid of the various problems of life, including health.

Further along the coast a traditional Slavic pagan temple and sacred grove are situated. Seeing, talking about the old Slavic traditions, Slavic Magi and shamans.

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, packed lunch

11 km on foot, 95 km by speed boat

Day 8.

Gathering. Departure by speed boat through the lake Lama back to Norilsk. 
Back to civilization.

In the middle of the road snack (hot tea from a thermos, sandwiches, sweets). Upon arrival, accommodation in the hotel Norilsk, dinner in the restaurant Norilsk.

Accommodation in the Norilsk hotel 2*

Breakfast at the camp, packed lunch, dinner in a restaurant

165 km by boat, 15 km by bus


Day 9. Sunday. Reserve day

This day is necessary in case of bad weather, when, according to meteorological conditions, movement on lakes by motor boat is impossible. If on arrival to Norilsk, weather is favorable the excursion time is transferred to the end of the tour. This day is scheduled for a group excursion around Norilsk.

Excursion program around Norilsk:

09:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00 Meeting in the hotel Norilsk
10:00-14:00 Norilsk city tour
14:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00-17:00 Excursion to the State museum of the History and Development Norilsk Industrial Area
After 17:00 Free time
19:00-21:00 Dinner

Accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner in a cafe

till 10 km by bus


Day 10. Monday

Check-out till 12:00.

Transfer to Norilsk airport.

08:50-10:05 Flights to Moscow

16:50-18:05 Flights to Krasnoyarsk

Breakfast at the hotel

50 km by bus


Tour price per person
1800 €

Price includes:

  • booking hotel twin rooms in Norilsk
  • the meeting and seeing off at the airport of Norilsk
  • transfers according to the program
  • accommodation at the camp Bunisyak in rooms for 3-5 persons
  • work of accompanying gamekeepers and instructors (only Russian speaking)
  • meals, except for food in cafes and restaurants in the city of Norilsk
  • all sightseeing tours
  • banya for 2 hours, twice per trip

Price does not include:

  • flight to Norilsk and back
  • interpreter service
  • permission to enter Taymyr peninsula
  • food in the cafes and restaurants of the city of Norilsk and in the airport Alykel
  • alcohol and low alcoholic drinks (for the whole tour)
  • the use of satellite communications for personal use
  • insurance
  • overtime guide work
  • tips to guides and camp staff
  • banya for over 4 hours

For extra charge:

Single accommodation on request.

Important Info

The beginning of the program

The first place of the tour is hotel "Norilsk" in Norilsk

Arriving at the airport Alykel (NSK).

Recommendations about flights: flight arrival should be on Saturday morning, no later than at 8.00 am of  local time (+4 to Moscow). The departure from Moscow is on Friday evening.

Employee of our company meets you at the entrance of the waiting room with a meeting board on which the surname of the tourist or the name of the tour traditionally is written. Please inform in advance the number of the flight and exact time of arrival to the "Alykel."

The end of the program

Time and place of the tour’s end: about 6.00, Norilsk.
Recommendation about the flight: any flight departing from the airport on Tuesday morning
The time difference with Moscow is +4 hours.

Mobile connection

There are MegaFon, MTS and Beeline in Norilsk. There is no connection on the route and in the camp. In case of emergency, tourists can be provided with satellite phone for an extra payment.


2 instructors for a group during the hiking trails. During the transfer from the pier Valek  to the camp tourists are accompanied by the ship's captain. All staff is Russian speaking. Interpreter is provided for extra charge.

Children's participation in the tour

Children of all ages are responsibility of the parents. Children younger than 12 years old are not allowed to participate in hiking trails.


Passport, medical policy, signed contract.

Reserve day

This day is necessary in case of bad weather, when, according to meteorological conditions, movement on lakes by boat is impossible. If on arrival to Norilsk weather is favorable the excursion time is transferred to the end of the tour. This day is scheduled for a group excursion around Norilsk.


Delivery to the camp is carried out by modernized cutters. It has a cozy and spacious cabin for 10-12 seats. If there are less than 5 people in the group, transportation is carried out on four-seated boats. It has a comfortable cabin for 4 passengers. In the camp transportation is carried out by motor boats.


The experienced instructors will help to overcome all routes with comfort and safety. They have a medicine chest with all necessary medicaments. However, we recommend you taking your own medicines. If you have any chronic ailment, please inform the tourist agency.

Recommended personal equipment

  • Rucksack or travel bag

  • Thermal underwear

  • Sleeping bag for the case of unexpected overnight

  • Simple socks (2-3) and also warm socks (1-2)

  • Training suit

  • Weatherproof clothing

  • Warm coat

  • Coat “Polartec”

  • Raincoat

  • High wader (obligatory)

  • Shoes for change (sneakers, slates)

  • T-shirts

  • Baseball cap

  • Sport hat

  • Working gloves

  • Sunglasses

  • Mosquito net

  • Insect repellent

  • Knife

  • Tracking boots

  • Photo and video cameras with charger (on request)

  • Fishing tackle (on request)

  • Personal care items

  • Satellite phone (on request)

  • Several pairs of simple gloves for climbing on rocks


Accommodation in Norilsk hotel “Norilsk”, in twin rooms. In the camp “Bunisyak” accommodation in big three-storey house in 50 meters from Lake Lama. Rooms for 3-5 people. On the ground and the first floors there are huge halls, where you can find the unique ethnographic collection, collection of pictures of world-famous artists and collection of military trophies. In the hall of the first floor there is a shaman chum. In the hall of the second floor there is a big diverse library. Balcony surrounded the perimeter of the first floor. Clients who want to stay in a single room, will pay for the whole room. The biotoilets (2) are outside in 60 meters from the house, wooden traps are paved to them, with lighting in darkness. AC generator function in the camp (the break in its work is from 24.00 till 10.00).


Breakfasts and dinners in the camp are home cuisine, consisting of numerous dishes from venison and local delicacy fish (char, whitefish, burbot and others). Daily there are dishes peculiar for locals. Eating is in the outdoor veranda or in summer kitchen, depending on weather and client’s wish. During excursion there is a hiking snack (warm second dishes, sandwiches, tea, sweets). If you have allergy or you sit on a diet (vegetarianism) please inform your manager. On the board there is a packed lunch. In the city the tourists pay for their meals independent.


Twice per trip for 2 hours. You can also wash with warm water.

Services for extra charge

  • Rent of an oared duralumin boat. Life jackets. For 3-4 persons. 150 rubles for hour.

  • Boat, motor, if necessary, gamekeeper. 1-2 people. The first hour is 400 rubles. The next hour is 300 rubles. Work of gamekeeper paid separately 300 rubles per hour.

  • Drive on a speed boat 1200 rubles per  hour, up to 4-5 people.

  • Transportation (delivery) on a motor boat up to 4 people about 3-4 km in one side - 300 rubles.

  • Fishing with your own tackles. Tackles must be appropriatee to catch a fish less than 15 kg. Tackle for a rent is 50 rubles per hour.

  • Additional time in the sauna 1000 rubles per hour. Towel and sheets for 50 rubles

  • Organization of walking of any length. Waterfalls, canyons, plateaus, the river Bunisyak. Payment for guide is from 200 rubles per hour, depending on the length of the route.

  • Tent for a rent (from 200 rubles per day).

  • Luggage of no more than 20 kg for a person.  More than 20 kg  - 40 rubles per 1kg.

The description of activities on the route

It was designed for people with average physical training. Daily hiking trips range from 15 km to 30 km. Pauses during the trip (a smoke break, check on equipment, drinking of tea, taking photos) are organized on client’s request. During the day there is a break for 30-60 min for a snack. If someone is tired and wants to stop the trip he or she returns to the camp with one of instructors. Program and routes can be changed because of weather conditions, level of physical training of tourists and other factors which do not depend on tourist agency. Such changes are discussed among instructors and told to the tourists.

Weather conditions

During summer period, from 1 July to 30 August, the weather in the area of the camp is not always stable. Typically, the temperature is about +15 to +25 degrees, but sometimes, even +10. The rains are not predictable, but are rarely prolonged. It is the period of polar day, twilight (white nights) start only after mid-August. In September there are dark nights. It becomes cooler about +10, + 15, but from the middle of the month night frosts are not rare. Auroras start being seen.

Instruction on safety

Instructions are held before every trip by instructors.

Tourist is obliged to follow the basic statements of the safety instructions :

  • It is strictly forbidden to travel by boat, boating and participate in the routes with alcohol intoxication;

  • Tourist is obliged to obey to the orders of the instructor - the team leader on the route;

  • The instructor has the right to withdraw the tourist from a route at any time in case of breaking the rules of safety. Compensation in this case is not provided;

  • Tourist is obliged to inform the travel agency before the trip about the possible diseases which interfere with physical activity;

  • Tourist bears the financial responsibility in case of intentional infliction of harm to the firm or in the case of violation of safety regulations;

  • Tourist is obliged to behave respectfully towards the local people and to protect nature.

Additional information

    1. In order to avoid unpleasant moments like being late, please arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before departure. It may result in loss of service during the tour.

    2. Upon arrival to the starting point of the route, the instructor introduces the safety instractions on the route and the rules of behavior in field conditions. Each participant is obliged to follow safety rules and execute instructions and guidance of the instructor.

    3. The instructor has the right to withdraw the tourist from a route at any time in case of breaking the rules of safety, not following the guidance of instructor or being drunk. Compensation in this case is not provided;

    4. If you have any problems with quality of service, such  issues are resolved on the spot with a representative of the host side. If they can not be resolved, it should be written in form of "Act of violating the terms of service." This "Act" can be taken into consideration if it is signed by the host or documented confirmed (in accordance with the terms of the Agreement).

We do not recommend participating in the tour to:

  • people who have diseases of the central nervous system;

  • people in need of constant medical supervision.

    If you are not sure whether you can participate in a tour according to the state of health, consult a manager of the company.

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Sayan Ring
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