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The Winter Tale of Altai

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 1174
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Barnaul, Altai Krai, Katun River
Guide language: German, English, Russian
Price: min $ 1174
Group size: min 4
Duration: 8 days
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The pearl of the Altai Mountains - Teletskoye lake, old forest roads, fairy forest, Patmos island, ancient trade route, Chemal hydro power station, snowmobile trip... Winter Altai opens its doors for you!


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Total duration: 8 days/7 nights

Season: January-March

Tour mileage: 1950 km by bus, 30 km by snowmobiles/ATVs, 8 km on foot

Number of people in a group: from 4 pax

Age: 10+ (accompanied by adults)

Level of physical training: no special physical training


Day 1. National museum of the Altai Republic

Morning arrival in Barnaul. Meeting at the airport.

Excursion around the central and historical parts of Barnaul.

After that we moving to the pearl of the Gornyi Altai - Teletskoye lake.
The lake occupies the fifth place in Russia among the deepest (325 m) lakes of our country. The length of the lake is 78 km, maximum width up to 5 km, and its area is relatively small - 223 km2, but thanks to a great depth in it contains a huge amount (40 km3) excellent fresh water, oxygen-rich, transparent to a depth of 12-15 meters.

On the way make a stop at home of Vasily Shukshin, known Altai writer, actor, director, in the village of Srostki. In Gorno-Altaysk you will visit the National Museum, A. V. Anokhin by name, with one of its main exhibits – the mummy "Altai Princess" found on the Ukok Plateau.

Arrival on the lake Teletskoye, accommodation in a comfortable double rooms on the hotel complex Eden.

Accommodation in the Eden hotel

Breakfast and lunch in a cafe, dinner in the hotel

430 km by bus


Day 2. Zaimka Kono – Silver spring

Today enjoy a trip by snowmobiles / ATV guad bikes to a hunting-house Zaimka Kono! 
Accompanied by an instructor, for 2 persons on a snowmobile / ATV, you move out of the old forest roads to the cozy, covered with heat and light cedar lodge. A family of taiga inhabitants lives nearby, surrounded by a fairy forest. Family members affect their health and good spirits. At the lodge you will be served with hot tea.

After the tour, we will return to the hotel.

At the request of the group in the afternoon walking tour (2 km) to the Silver Spring.
Silver Spring has been known for a long time. In 1839 it was consecrated by the Reverend Makarios Nevsky, the founder of the Orthodox Mission in Altai. The water is enriched with silver ions, and has health properties. Near the spring grows an extremely powerful 500-year-old cedar, that willingly shares his power with anyone who tries to inarm its powerful body, but in order to cover the whole body of the tree you need at least 4 people.

After dinner, to your service, Russian banya (sauna) with a rest room.

Accommodation in the Eden hotel

Breakfast, lunch, dinner at the camp

30 km by snowmobiles and 2 km on foot


Day 3. Ski complex Manzherok

Moving to the valley of Katun River.

On the way of our trip we will stop in the village Manzherok where you visit the lake with the same name and local ski-resort. Walk by cableway on the Sinukha mount. From the top of the hill you can see a beautiful view of the valley Katun and the lake Manzherok. Tourists who want skiing, snowboarding or to use the snow tube on the local tracks may try it for an extra charge*.

Arrival in Ust-Sema village, accommodation on the tourist complex Troya in the comfortable double rooms.

Accommodation at the camp Troya

Breakfast in the Eden hotel, lunch in a cafe, dinner in the camp Troya

240 km by bus

*For extra charge


Day 4. Chemal- Blue lakes

At the first part of the day we organize the excursion Chemal walk.

During the tour we will visit Chemal Hydroelectric power which is located in the southern part of the village. Hydroelectric power is one of the first in the region, built in 1935. Then we go on the “goat trail” along the river Katun and appear on the rocky Patmos island. On the Patmos Island we can visit little church of the female monastery. The island is connected with the shore of the river with the help of suspension bridge. Next to the temple in the rock is carved image of the Virgin and Child.

Return to the tourist complex.

In the afternoon departure to the Blue lakes.
Lakes are fickle (disappear during the flood of the river), they are formed as a result of the recession of water level in the river Katun. In winter the lake is not nipped by the frost, the water temperature is ~ +9 C. At the bottom of lakes beat unusually powerful springs. No warm springs, keys are cold! But they give so much water that the lake does not freeze at -40 C. The bravest can go swimming.

Return to the village Ust-Sema.

Accommodation at the camp Troya

Breakfast, lunch, dinner at the camp

120 km by bus, 4 km on foot


Day 5. Chuysky tract

Moving along the ancient trade route - Chuysky tract.

On the way we will overcome two passes: the highest point Seminskii pass(1739 m above the sea level) and the picturesque serpentine type Chiket-Aman pass (1295 m above sea level), we will see the ancient tombs of the Turks, and stone women who protect, have lunch in the cafeteria Chui-Oozy, where we can try traditional Altai cuisine.

On the way visit the Kalbak-Tash, big natural complex with rock paintings – petroglyphs. On a rocky hill, located across the river valley Chuya, applied more than 500 compositions, with more than 5000 drawings. Drawings made with stone or metal tools mainly point technique.

Arrive to the camp Nomad, located on the banks of the river Chuya. Accommodation in a winter house. Facilities are on the territory.

Russian banya (sauna).

Accommodation at the tourist camp Nomad

Breakfast in the camp Troya, lunch in a cafe, dinner in the camp Nomad

240 km by bus


Day 6. Ulagan district-Spring lake-North Chuya ridge

After breakfast, a tour around Ulagansky District of the Republic of Altai.

Along the way we are making a short hiking to the picturesque Geyser lake. The lake is the only one of its kind in the Altai - a rare beauty, clean and non-freezing even in winter, wonderful turquoise color. In the mirror of the lake can be seen divorces of rounds or ovals shape, which is essentially a reflection of the processes taking place in the bottom of the lake. There, in the mysterious depths, from time to time come to life "geysers", throwing on the surface of a mixture of bluish clay and sand that form visible concentric circles at the bottom.

We pass a natural monument Red Gates, a place where the road passes to narrow between two rocks a reddish tint, then reach the lakes Chёybekkol (Dead) and Uzunkёl (Live), filled with plenty of fish.

The last point is Chuysky Tract towards the Mongolian border.

Lunch in Aktash village.

From a vast intermountain basin a magnificent view is opened on the top of the North-Chuisky ridge, on the highest peaks: Actry-Bash (4075 m) and Karatash (3534 m). 
Great place for photo and video shooting sunset over the snow-capped peaks of the mountains!

Return to the camp. Russian banya (sauna).

Accommodation at the tourist camp Nomad

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, lunch in a cafe

300 km by bus, 2 km on foot


Day 7. The spring Arzhan-Suu

Return to Barnaul city.

Next stop is the spring Arzhan-Suu. Water in the spring is full of silver, cooper and other mineral impurities that is why the water is stored for a long time and have a beneficial effect on the improvement of metabolic processes in the body.

A large gift market is located near the source where you can buy maps, books, art articles made of cedar.

Arrival to Barnaul city, accommodation in the Barnaul hotel.

Accommodation in the Barnaul hotel 3*

Breakfast in the camp, lunch in a cafe

610 km by bus

*Dinner independent


Day 8. End of the program

Transfer to the airport of Barnaul.
The tour is over.

Breakfast buffet in the hotel or packed to the airport

25 km by bus


Tour price per person
1030 € Price includes:

  • transfers from and to the airport
  • all tour rides on a comfortable off-road minibus
  • twin accommodation in hotels and tourist complexes
  • meals according to the program
  • excursions
  • a guide-interpreter services (English speaking, other languages on request)
  • museum tickets
  • recreational meetings
  • Rossgosstrakh insurance (medical costs - 150.000 rubles, accident insurance - 40.000 rubles)
  • visiting Russian banya (sauna) according to the program

Price does not include:

  • air or train tickets
  • additional charges in touristic complexes
  • souvenirs
  • alcohol
  • personal expenses
  • dinner in Barnaul city

For extra charge:

  • The price of the tour for the New Year (entry date 03.01.2018-10-01.2018) - 1150 Euro / person
  • Single accommodation during the whole tour +180€ per person

Important Info

Start and end of the program

The program begins and ends in Barnaul. Meeting of tourists:

At 07:00 - at the exit from the arrival hall of Barnaul airport (3 of 4 flights Moscow - Barnaul arrive before 07:00 am Aeroflot SU 1430 06:00, Ural Airlines U6 651 06:15 and Sibir S7 217 at 06:55, a later flight Aeroflot SU 1432 comes at 08:55. Meeting with a board where a tourist's name or tour operator's logo is printed.

At 08:00 at the main entrance to the railway / train station (under the clock).

If you arrive later than 08:00, it is necessary to pre-notify the manager. Visitors arriving before the tour starting will be met by the guide at 08:30 in the hotel lobby where you are staying.

After the arrival a breakfast will be served in a coffee shop in the city center, after that a brief Barnaul city tour and departure to the Lake Teletskoye to the place of the first overnight. Unnecessary traveling luggage can be deposited in the office of the company.


For the journey we use a comfortable minibus accompanied by a qualified English speaking guide. Tour route passes both asphalt and partly gravel roads.


The difference with Moscow +4 hours.


1-6 days - breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 7 - Breakfast, lunch
Day 8 - Breakfast
In hotels and tourist centers meals are served in cafes and restaurants. During crossings in roadside cafes. At Kochevnik camp the guide will cook for tourists.

Tour features

The total distance by bus - 1850 km. We travel from 120 to 400 km, from 3 to 7 hours daily. The route is not extreme, but we should cross some passes, make several radial hiking and 1 snowmobile trip to the taiga. The program may change due to weather adverse conditions. The decision to change the route is taken by guides.


Children under 14 are not allowed to take part in the tour, up to 18 years they should be accomponied by their parents. Please tell us before the trip about your chronic diseases or contraindications to participate in the trip with moderate physical activity.

The tour is not recommended to patients with chronic lung diseases, of cardiovascular, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, if the presence of these diseases can prevent the passage of the route and / or worsen the state of health. If you have health problems consult your doctor before the trip!


Eden hotel (2 nights), a room with WC, shower

Tourist complex Troya (2 nights), a room with WC, shower

Yurt camp Kochevnik (2 nights), a wooden winter house, shared WC outside

Barnaul hotel (1 night), a room with WC, shower

Provided equipment

First aid kit
Snowmobiles / ATVs, depending on the amount of snow for trips to the taiga


We provide the insurance, which includes medical expenses and evacuation costs, as well as accident insurance. Our drivers, guides and instructors are well-qualified. We also provide the first aid kit (pain relievers, cough, allergy, repellents, bandages, wound treatment agents, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal medicines).

Necessary personal equipment

Bag for personal items.
Clothing should be suitable for practicing outdoor activities, that is, do not disturb the movement, but protect from adverse environmental factors, meet the special safety requirements of the adventure tourism.
Warm and comfortable travel clothing: woolen hat, jacket or ski suit, thermal underwear, sweater, tracksuit for hotels and camp sites, t-shirts, wool socks, cotton socks 3 - 4 pairs, change of underwear.
Footwear: 2-3 pairs of shoes (insulated winter boots, sneakers for camp sites, slippers for the bath).
Personal items: photo and video equipment, sunglasses, flashlight with spare batteries, sunscreen, personal hygiene
Personal first aid kit
Documents: Passport


The temperature during the day from 0 to -20 degrees Celsius, at night -5-30. The snow is always possible.

Additional information

1. In order to avoid unpleasant moments associated with the route delay, please arrive to the airport or hotel in time. Delay may result the loss of service, uncoordinated and unmotivated leaving the route is not compensated.

2. Safety rules will be conducted  during the transfer to Artybash village on the day 1, tourists sign in by obtaining the information. More detailed instructions and rules will be issued by the instructor before going on every route part. Each participant is obliged to observe safety guide's commands.

3. Any problems and reclamations should be solved on the spot with the tour operator's representatives.

We wish you a good journey!

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Sayan Ring
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