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$ 1653

Sightseeing tour around the Baikal

min $ 1653
Per person
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Destinations: Irkutsk, Olkhon Island, Listvyanka, Ulan-Ude
Guide language: English, Russian
Price: min $ 1653
Group size: min 4 — max 12
Duration: 12 days
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Baikal lake offers a huge number of places where it is accepted to make a wish: shamanistic and Buddhist shrines, attractive nature creations, unique, as well as the very pearl of Siberia. The ancient legends and traditions are kept here, all visitors are welcome here. Gather your dreams and good mood - and forward, to the blue waters and reserved areas of the sacred lake!

We will show you the Orthodox churches in Irkutsk and Buddhist datsans in Ulan-Ude, the village of Russian Old Believers and the ancestral homeland of Genghis Khan, the tourist Mecca - Listvyanka, and the legendary Olkhon island, where a terrible owner of the Baikal lives.


Excursion tours / Tours in groups


Total duration: 12 days/11 nights

Season: July-August

Tour mileage: 770 km by bus, 440 km by train

Number of people in a group: 4-12 pax

Age: no age limits

Level of physical training: no special physical training


Day 1. Saturday

10:00 – Meeting with the guide at the airport of Irkutsk. Sightseeing trip to Listvyanka
Today is the first day of the tour, and you are welcome to start it with exploring lake Baikal in Listvyanka settlement. This is perhaps one of the oldest Russian settlements on the shore of the great lake. Lately it has turned into a tourist centre with the number of sights, cafes, hotels and tourists exceeding the number of residents. 
We invite you for a sightseeing tour of Listvyanka, during which you will visit an observation platform next to the famous Shaman-Rock, hear a beautiful legend and visit the acting Russian Orthodox church of St.Nicholas-the-Miracle-Worker – the patron of all travelers and sailors. You may also have an excursion to Baikal Ecological museum* with an exposition telling about the flora and fauna of Baikal, including aquariums with the lake’s live inhabitants. Tireless travelers may have a boat ride on Baikal, hiking or ATV tour along the picturesque shore*. Watching the water from the coastal cliffs pay attention to its unmatched transparency and purity! 
Besides, you may visit the spectacular open-air market, where the locals sell souvenirs alongside with home-made specialities of Baikal fish. 
Return to Irkutsk, free time.

Accommodation in a hotel in Irkutsk

Lunch in a cafe

130 km by bus

*For extra charge. Breakfast and dinner independent


Day 2. Sunday

After breakfast you will set off on a trip to Baikal. Bus transfer to Olkhon island. Your way to the lake will head through vast steppes, ancient Buryat villages, over the magnificent Pribaikalskiy range’s spurs covered with the Siberian taiga forest which then change to Mongolian-type landscapes of the Tazheranskaya steppe.

Boarding the ferry to cross the famous Olkhon Gate Straits separating Olkhon from the mainland.  It will take you about 40 min. to get to the island; on the way you will see both the Maloye (Small) and the Bolshoye (Larger) Seas – two parts of Baikal split by Olkhon.

Arrival at Olkhon island – the biggest one out of 26 Baikal’s isles; the lake’s geographic, historical and sacral centre, which resembles it even by shape.

A 40-km transfer on the island – and you reach its capital – Khuzhir settlement. After putting up at the tourist lodge we invite you to start exploring the vast spaces of Olkhon with a walking sightseeing tour of the outskirts: Khuzhir settlement, sacred Burkhan cape (Shaman-Mount) – 1 of the 9 Asian shrines, equally worshipped by Shamanists, Buddhists and Lamaists. Optionally* excursion to the local lore museum with an interesting collection of objects representing the everyday life and culture of the islanders.

After the long impression-filled day, you will have a sound sleep enhanced by the health-giving atmosphere of a wooden house.

Accommodation at a lodge on Olkhon island

Breakfast in the hotel, lunch and dinner at the camp

320 km by bus

*For extra charge


Day 3. Monday

Although Olkhon is just an island, the distances here are quite long making most of the local excursions last practically the whole day. So, we invite you to spend this day exploring the legendary Khoboy cape – the island’s northernmost point, which is located at the widest place of Baikal.

On the way you will see all the diversity of Baikal’s natural landscapes concentrated on the island: steppes, warm bays jutting deep into the shore, sandy dunes, mixed deciduous forests interspersed with relict fir woods and magnificent marble rocks spotted with red lichens.

The cape gives a splendid panoramic view of Baikal’s northern part, and if the weather is fine, one can make out the outlines of the Ushkanyi isles and Svyatoy Nos peninsula.

It is really worth having a walk here, during which the guide will tell you the legends and describe traditions and customs connected with this place. After putting up at the tourist lodge we invite you to start exploring the vast spaces of Olkhon with a walking sightseeing tour of the outskirts: Khuzhir settlement, sacred Burkhan cape (Shaman-Mount) – 1 of the 9 Asian shrines, equally worshipped by Shamanists, Buddhists and Lamaists. Optionally excursion to the local lore museum** with an interesting collection of objects representing the everyday life and culture of the islanders.

After the long impression-filled day, you will have a sound sleep enhanced by the health-giving atmosphere of a wooden house.

Accommodation at a lodge on Olkhon island

Breakfast and dinner at the camp, lunch picnic

80 km by UAZ


Day 4. Tuesday

A day at leisure. You are welcome to choose entertainments to your taste.

If you have enjoyed touring Olkhon by car, we recommend visiting Shara-Nuur lake* (in the Buryat language means “Yellow Lake”). This is the island’s only lake with mineralized healing water. The lake is surrounded by diversified landscape, where one can observe the local wildlife – birds and animals. The water has healing properties and if you have a soak in it, the mineral salts make your skin slightly red. The lake’s mud is known to cure various diseases, e.g. arthritis.

If, on the contrary, you fancy some activities, you may go cycling* over the vast Olkhon spaces.

Those fond of leisurely beach rest will enjoy the sandy beach of Saraisky Bay.

Accommodation at a lodge on Olkhon island

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the camp

For extra charge


Day 5. Wednesday

Today you will have an air trip by small plane – you will cross Baikal at its widest part from the west coast to the east one, namely to Barguzin Bay – the biggest bay of Baikal. Here the fish-filled Barguzin River flows into the Baikal, nearby there are unique nature parks, and the Barguzin Valley is believed to be the motherland of Genghis Khan. You will have three days to explore this storied land staying at a cozy tourist lodge on the coast.

Accommodation at a tourist camp in the Barguzin Bay

Breakfast, lunch, dinner at the camp


Days 6-8. Thursday-Saturday

For the next three days you are welcome to choose entertainments to your taste. For those fond of sightseeing there are numerous excursions*: for example, a water trip around Barguzin Bay or to the Barguzin Nature Reserve, automobile – to the legendary Barguzin Valley, or hiking – on Svyatoy Nos (Holy Nose) Peninsula. It is worth visiting the neighbouring Chivyrkuy Bay and Zmeinaya (Snakes’) Cove famous for the thermal spring. Avid anglers will hardly miss a chance of exploring the local fishing spots (tackles are available for rent at the lodge*), whereas fans of beach rest will appreciate the warm water, windless beach and water attractions (*).

Accommodation at a tourist camp in the Barguzin Bay

Breakfast, lunch, dinner at the camp

*For extra charge


Day 9. Sunday

After some days in a natural environment by the lake, it is time to return back to the civilization, which is here original and interesting. Still not parting with Baikal (you will see it again from the train), you will go by bus to your next destination – Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia called the Eastern Gate of Russia.

Accommodation in a hotel in Ulan-Ude

Breakfast at the camp

240 km by bus

*Lunch and dinner independent


Day 10. Monday

We invite you for a sightseeing tour around this old Siberian city, during which you will see its old part of the city, richly carved mansions that once belonged to local merchants and stone buildings of the 18th-19th centuries. Then your itinerary runs beyond the city: you may enjoy the view of an endless Mongolian steppe till you reach the main local sight – Ivolginskiy datsan – a functioning Buddhist monastery, which is also the capital of Buddhism in Russia.

Today’s lunch will be also sort of an excursion: you are offered to try some delicious specialities of the Buryat cuisine, in a real Buryat yurt exquisitely designed in the national style.

After lunch you will go on studying the ancient times’ life at the Ethnographic Museum of the People of Trans-Baikal region, reconstructing the history of the region’s population and the culture of its indigenous peoples.

Accommodation in a hotel in Ulan-Ude

Breakfast in a hotel, lunch in a cafe

100 km by bus

*Dinner independent


Day 11. Tuesday

Today you will continue surveying the peoples inhabiting Baikal shores, their confessions and traditions. The 17th century in the Russian history was marked by Raskol – the schism within the Russian Orthodoxy over Patriarch Nikon’s reforms in liturgy and forms of worship, which forced plenty of the so-called Old Believers to come to Siberia: some – under the sentence of exile, and some – escaping from prosecution. We offer you a whole-day trip to the village of the Old Believers (or the Semeiskiye), where you will see the differences between Patriarch Nikon’s followers on the one hand, and those who confess the Old Belief, on the other one. During the trip you will get acquainted with their original culture, customs, and folklore, and try the traditional cuisine.

In the evening a night train will take you back to Irkutsk, which you will reach the next morning having skirted Baikal in the south.

Accommodation on train board

Breakfast in the hotel, dinner in the family

440 km by train


Day 12. Wednesday

Today is the final day of the tour, and we offer you to explore Irkutsk – old Siberian city.

During the city sightseeing tour you will see the historical centre, the place, where over 300 years ago Irkutsk was founded, the Angara river’s embankment, the most prominent monuments of architecture and, of course, Znamenskiy (“Holy Sign”) Russian Orthodox convent with one of the most beautiful Siberian cathedrals noted for its iconostasis and graves on the territory (graves of the Decembrists, Gregory Shelikhov and others). After the sightseeing you will have some time for shopping at the central market and a souvenir store. 

By 13:00 the end of all excursions and the tour.



Tour price per person
1450 € Price includes:

  • accommodation at hotels in Irkutsk (1 night), Ulan-Ude (2 nights), lodges in Barguzin Bay (4 nights) and on Olkhon (3 nights) on twin-sharing basis
  • meals as per programme
  • all transfers and excursions as per programme, except for those specified for extra charge
  • Russian speaking guide’s services
  • train ticket Ulan-Ude – Irkutsk (in a 4-berth compartment)

Price does not include:

  • air or train tickets to/from Irkutsk
  • accommodation in Irkutsk after the tour
  • insurance
  • some meals (day 1 breakfast and dinner, day 9 lunch and dinner, day 10 dinner, day 11 lunch, day 12 lunch and dinner)
  • alcoholic beverages
  • optional excursions
  • extra services
  • any program changes
  • fishing gear

For extra charge:

  • Single accommodation +390€ for a person
  • English speaking guide during the tour: +300€ from a group of foreigners

Important Info

Dear Customer, after you have studied the details of the tour program, we ask you to read the following extra information, which should meet your expectations and possibilities.

The tour starts: ________, 2017, 10:00 AM. From: Irkutsk, airport, parking place in front of the terminal building (opposite the exit to the city). Bus and tour guide with a sign are in the parking lot from 09:30 local time.

The tour ends: __________, 2017, 13:00 PM (approximately). Arrival point: Irkutsk city center

Attention! Departure/arrival will be in the time specified above. In case of tourist's delay the bus will leave without him. But the time of program end is approximate and depends on traffic, weather conditions and organization of tourists, so there may be delays; please take this into consideration when planning a departure from Irkutsk.

A part of the route runs through a sparsely populated area devoid of some of the benefits of civilization, including mobile communication and the Internet. In addition, you need to be prepared for possible changes in the weather.


We meet you in Irkutsk (the airport) and deliver to the route. Transfers are made by bus: public or private, depending on the route. Upon arrival back to Irkutsk, tourists are delivered to the city center.

Meals and accommodation

In Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude accommodation is provided in comfortable hotels not lower than 2 ** in twin rooms, breakfast in the restaurant / café of the hotel. Accommodation on the island of Olkhon and the coast of the Barguzin Bay - in tourist lodges in twin rooms, meals are served in the dining camp site.

Check-out time at hotels - 12:00. Early arrival and late departure are paid additionally according to the hotel rates. In case of availability of free rooms early check-in is possible for no extra cost.

Meals along the route include dishes of both classical and traditional local dishes: meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and so on.

If you are a vegetarian or do not eat meat / fish, please notify us in advance - in this case diet replacement is made by us at no additional cost. Other changes to the menu, individual catering for special diets or order meals over a set menu according to your wishes can be agreed with the chefs on the spot, depending on the nature of the changes - for an extra fee, or without it.

You must bring

Comfortable shoes for hiking and light slippers. Sunglasses and cream, sun hat, bathing suit. Warm clothes in case of cool weather, rain or wind: sweater, jacket, raincoat. Personal hygiene items, personal medications (related to health features). It is recommended to bring your camera.

Discipline on the route

For objective reasons (bad weather, emergency recommendations, the emergence of the threat to life and health of tourists and so on) the tour operator has the right to change the direction of the route and schedule of movement. Tourist is obliged to follow safety rules and decisions of representatives of the tour operator.


On the water and on the island of Olkhon the sun is active, so you need to use sunglasses, sunscreen, not to abuse sunbathing, swimming in the lake. On the route there are poisonous plants: hemlock, wrestler, hellebore and raven eyes; poisonous mushrooms: death-cup and fly agaric. You need to beware of ticks (mainly active from May to mid-June).

Tourist's responsibility

In case of violation of public order and generally accepted norms, the representative of the travel agency is entitled to remove the offender from the route. The cost of travel in this case are not refundable. In case of breakage or loss of equipment, received from the representative of travel agencies, tourist repays the full cost of the equipment. In case of claims you should immediately contact a representative of the tour operator, make a written statement and sign it by the tour operator representative. If a toutist leaves the tour, the tour is considered to be fully provided.

Special Information

  • Children accompanied by adults are allowed to participate in the tour without any restrictions.

  • Tourists on the tour have the opportunity to fish. Fishing gear is provided for extra fee, the catch is not guaranteed.

  • We kindly ask you to respect the cultural and historical values, traditions and customs of the indigenous population.

  • We ask you to protect the environment.

  • Persons in need of constant medical supervision are not recommended to travel

We wish you a great weather, good mood and pleasant stay !!!

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Sayan Ring
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