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$ 2166

Cruise Golden Ring of Baikal lake

min $ 2166
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Irkutsk, Olkhon Island, Listvyanka
Guide language: English, Russian
Price: min $ 2166
Group size: min 8 — max 10
Duration: 9 days
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The Baikal Voyage will fill you up by the unforgettable joy of perception the true spirit of Baikal Lake. The cruise across the Baikal will impress even the most experienced traveller. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the amazing views of Siberian nature from the shipboard. During voyage you will visit the Olkhon Island, the indigenous Buryat people, believe the island to be a spiritual place.

The comfortable ship Sibiriak (built in 2008)


Cruises / Tours in groups


Total duration: 9 days/8 nights

Season: July-August

Tour mileage: 610 km by ship

Number of people in a group: 8-10 pax

Age: no age limits

Level of physical training: no special physical training


Day 1. Listvyanka village

12.00 p.m. Boarding the cruise ship in Listvyanka village (70 km far from Irkutsk).
Listvyanka is a touristic village situated on southwest shore of Baikal near the source of Angara River. The city and the village are connected by an asphalted road that goes through picturesque countryside.

Accommodation in the cabins aboard. Familiarity with the ship’s crew. Safety training and briefing on the rules of conduct on board the ship and at the Lake Baikal.

Transition towards the Circum-Baikal Railway (the journey takes about 2 hours).

Circum-Baikal Railway is the unique historical and cultural complex which includes historical, technical, and engineering art set against nature’s monuments and absolutely amazing landscapes. Taking into consideration the various kinds of work done on every single kilometer of the rail line as well as the difficulty of their performance, the Circum-Baikal railway surpasses all the track lines in the world and is by right considered the most beautiful among the world’s railways.

Walking tour on the abandoned tunnels and galleries of the early 20th century. The route goes along the lake’s shore in extremely beautiful nature. The starting point is Khvoinaia station (in translation "coniferous") - the only station that was totally closed after converting the railway into a dead ending line. There were few facilities: stone water-lifting building with a chimney, foundations of lost buildings. 4 buildings of the station are restored in the style of "Train Nicholas Empire".

Overnight aboard in one of suitable bays of Circum-Baikal Railway. Under adverse weather conditions for the solution of the captain, the ship can go to spend the night in the village of Bolshie Koty, which is located 40 km from the Circum-Baikal Railway.

Bolshie Koty is a village located on the western shore of Lake Baikal, 20 km north of Listvyanka. The name of the village was the word "kotka" or "koty". Wooden shoes were called so in these places in the past, which were produced for the convicts. Bolshie Koty were founded as a village of gold miners, gold mining campain was started here in 1842. For half a century the area brought more than 160 kilograms gold. In recent years the village has become one of the most convenient and popular tourist destinations. This is due to the closeness to Irkutsk and Listvyanka and sufficient isolation, allowing to preserve the picturesque local nature. In Bolshie Koty there is the Baikal Local Lore Museum and the Aquarium of the Biology Institute. Also in the local souvenir shops you can buy unusual souvenirs from the Baikal; make interesting walking tours.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Lunch and dinner on board

1.5 km on foot

*Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka for extra charge or independent


Day 2. Sandy Bay, a pearl of the Baikal

Around 6 a.m. departure from the overnight place and transition to Peschanaya Bay (Sandy Bay).

The bay is famous for "stilted" trees, splendid views of the lake from the surrounding rocks and an excellent sandy beach. 

A two hour stroll to Sennaya Bay – a cordon of Pribaikalskiy National Park- along the picturesque mountain path winding above the lake's shore along the spurs of Primorskiy ridge (at your wish). On the way you will visit one of the most beautiful of the Baikal bays – Babushka Bay ("Grandmother's bay"). 

In the evening you can take a Russian banya* on the shore of Baikal. After a good “getting warm” in the banya you can swim in the cool waters of the Baikal.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board

100 km by ship, 6 hours

*For extra charge


Day 3. Petroglyphs of Sagan-Zaba rock

Around 6 a.m. departure from Sennaya bay and cruise along the west coast to the North – to Olkhon island, the largest island of the Baikal and one of the sacred places of Buryat nationality and shamans.

The stop at the white-marble rock Sagan-Zaba, to view the petroglyphs of 3-4 century, is possible, if weather conditions are fine. The academician Alexey Okladnikov wrote: 'Sagan-Zaba petrogliphs are a real pearl of ancient culture and art of people of Eastern Siberia. Their composition, manner of writing and a variety of subjects are the most complicated of all known rock paintings on the entire space from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean'

A transition through the strait Small Olkhon Gates – a narrow strait between the island and the mainland.

Overnight at one of the bays of the southern tip of Olkhon island.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board

120 km by ship, 8 hours


Day 4. Small Sea Islands

Water-stroll along the Small Sea.

Around 2 or 3 p.m. new participants join the group.

Transition along the Small Sea from the southern tip of Olkhon Island to the northern one. On the way visiting Ogoi Island is possible if weather conditions are fine. On the top of Ogoi island overlooks a stupa (6.5 meters high) erected by Buddhists in 2005. In Buddhism any stupa incarnate Sumera mountain that join Earth, Space and Heaven.

Overnight at one of the bays of the Small Sea.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board

70 km by ship, 5 hours


Day 5. The reserved Baikal

Around 5 or 6 a.m. departure from the Small Sea Strait. Long transition along the western shore to the Cape Decedent.

On the way visiting on the enigmatic cape Ritiy is possible if weather conditions are fine. The Cape is located in the central part of Lake Baikal on the west shore, opposite the widest place of the Baikal. There are no settlements here, no roads, not even trails along the coast. Locals diligently avoid visits to the Cape, calling it a cursed place. At the cape Rytiy there is still something inexplicable, but the nature of this events is not clear to people. 

In the afternoon arrival to the Cape Decedent. The Cape is located on the western shore of the lake: Flat area of 2 × 8 km, on the one hand rests on the mountain Baikal ridge, and on the other hand - immersed in the clear icy waters. It's a corner of wilderness, untouched by civilization. Archaeologists find traces of ancient human settlements here - Russian, Evenks, Tungus, Buryats lived here. The Cape has always been a favoured place to live: sunny days per year similar to the Black Sea, a convenient bay, closed from storms and gale-force winds; on a nearby capes the nature is raging element, and nearby, on the Cape Decedent it's quiet and calm. As for the sinister name, so it's a legend, about which our guide will tell you. It's only 12 km far from the river Lena, just over the Baikal range. The area is a part of the Baikal-Lena Nature Reserve.
A fascinating tour to interesting places will be organized on the coast.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board

80-90 km by ship, 5-6 hours


Day 6. Wild nature of Chivyrkuysky Bay

For all who want, a morning walking tour. Rest on the shore of the Baikal, photoshoot of magnificent views.

Departure from the cape Decedent through the open Baikal from the West to the East Coast to the Chivyrkuysky Bay.
In the evening arrival to Chivyrkuisky Bay - one of the most unique places of the Baikal. The bay is shallow, warm and has vast biological resources.

Overnight  staying in Zmeinaya Bay which is famous for its healing radon bath with water temperature from +41 to +45 degrees.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board

50-60 km by ship, 5-6 hours


Day 7. Warmly welcoming Chivyrkuysky Bay

Rest in Chivyrkuysky Bay. Walking through the bays, fishing will be organized at your wish. Who is not interested in fishing, can spend a relaxing day, swimming or just go boating. Spinning fishing for pike, perch or carp is possible. Our cook will gladly prepare for you your caught dinner.

Water passage to the island Bolshoy Baklany (Big Gannet Island).

There are totally 7 islands in Chivyrkuysky Bay. The largest of these is the Island Big Gannet, is listed as state nature monument. It is located in the middle of the bay, close to its eastern shore. The larch forest goes down from the crest to the water's edge, sometimes interrupted by meadows. In the south-western part of the island stands a beautiful sheer cliff composed of Proterozoic granites. Previously, the island was settled by gannets. Currently grouse are found here that with the onset of the spring suit passionate grouse games. Sometimes you can meet elk here.

A walk around the island, we can organize spinning fishing for grayling or pike. For beach and sun lovers - a great beach and warm water.

Overnight in Chivyrkuysky bay.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board

20-30 km by ship, 1-2 hours


Day 8. Mysteries of Ushkani Islands

Around 6 a.m. departure from Chivyrkuysky Bay, transition to the western coast of the Baikal, to the Small Sea.

On the way visiting to the Ushkani Islands.

Stony shores of the islands are the rookery of Baikal seal. According to scientists, the number of animals at the rookery ranges from 2,000 heads and is not changed since 1934. The seal is careful, and if you talk loudly and make noise on the way, the animals dive off the rocks into the water. During waves or immediately after a storm there are no seals on the rookery.
Ushkani Islands are a nature monument. On the Big Ushkani Island there is a permanent weather station and a cordon of the National Park. The total area of the islands - 10 km2. The archipelago consists of four islands: Big, Thin, Round and Long.

In the evening return to the Small Sea. Stop at Sarayskiy beach, visit the Cape Burkhan (Shaman rock). Shaman rock, one of the nine holy places of Asia, formerly known as stone-temple. The most revered holy place in Baikal was a cave in the rock of Cape Shaman, whose sacrifices and vows since the onset of the shamans.
Tour around the village Khuzhir (the main village on the Olkhon island).

Overnight staying at one of the bays of the Small Sea.

Accommodation on the ship Sibiryak

Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board

120 km by ship, 8-10 hours


Day 9. Bays of the Olkhon island

Farewell, the cruise ends at 12 pm - 1 pm. The finish point is the village Sahyurta (also known as MRS, 250 km from Irkutsk). On your wish you can get off on the island Olkhon.

Individual transfer to Irkutsk / staying on Olkhon is possible*.

Breakfast on board

20 km by ship, 2-3 hours

*Transfer back to Irkutsk or accommodation on the Olkhon island for extra charge or independent


Tour price per person
from 1900 €

Price includes:

  • accommodation aboard in a cabin of choosen category
  • full board
  • guide service (Russian or English speaking)
  • excursion program
  • fishing kits
  • sauna aboard
  • insurance

Price does not include:

  • air or train tickets to Irkutsk and back
  • excursions, transfers, hotels in Irkutsk and Listvyanka
  • hotels on Olkhon island or the Small Sea
  • transfers to Listvyanka and from Sakhyurta village
  • wildlife photography
  • alcohol drinks
  • tick-borne encephalitis insurance
  • laundry service
  • souvenirs
  • satellite phone
  • extra service

For extra charge:

  • Individual transfer Sakhyurta village to Irkutsk costs 140 € for a car (1-3 pax, 4 hrs).
  • A public bus ticket costs about 15 €.

Important Info

When purchasing the tour you need to get acquainted with the tour program and general information, which should meet your expectations and opportunities, including the physical and technical ones.

Please inform your agency about time of your arrival to Irkutsk (flight number, arrival time, train number). If your transport (train, bus, car) delays, be sure to notify your tour operator.

Every tourist should always carry an identity card, tour voucher, insurance (provided by the tour operator for the period of travel).

Personal equipment recommendations

1. Suitable clothes:

  • fleece jacket and sweater, which will be useful for you in cool weather

  • windproof and waterproof jacket and trousers (during transitions it's windy on the deck)

  • a couple of t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts, thermal underwear

  • shoes - light, comfortable, sport (running shoes, light trekking boots) (without heels!)

  • headdress - a choice of: hat with a brim, a cap with a long visor to protect against blinding low sun; light fleece or wool hat

  • socks - 2-3 pairs of cotton or linen, 1 pair of wool socks

  • bathing suit

  • hygiene and toilet items, including lipstick and sunscreen with a high protection factor

  • sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays

  • bathrobe and slippers

2. waterproof liner (bag) to protect valuable personal belongings (money, documents, camera and so on) from the water

3. small flashlight powered by AA batteries, binoculars (if you have)

4. drugs that may be needed for you personally (from allergies, headaches and gastrointestinal disorders), or that you need for the regular intake

5. repellents to protect against mosquito bites and midges (during walks on the mainland)

6. camera (with spare batteries or charger)

7. safety pin, needle and thread.

Ship Sibiryak

Motor vessel was built and put into operation in June 1, 2008. In the navigation 2008-2014 years the ship was used for cruises on the Lake Baikal. During navigation the ship showed excellent seaworthiness, trouble-free operation of all mechanisms, comfortable habitability of cabins, teamwork.

Technical characteristics:

  • Length 24,5 meters

  • Width 4 meters

  • Speed – 18–20 km/h

  • Passenger capacity – 12 people


Cabin 1

3-4 sleeping beds

(space – 9,8 м2)

The entrance from the corridor going from the wardroom. A double sofa, the besk-rest is transforming into 2 extra sleeping places. The cabin also has a wardrobe, under the sofa lockers for personal belongings; TV and DVD-player. The cabin is equipped with a heating and ventilation system. In the bathroom - shower, electric toilet bowl, sink, heated floors.

Cabin 2

2-3 sleeping beds

(space – 3,5 м2)

The entrance from the corridor going from the wardroom. A three quarter sofa, the besk-rest is transforming into 1 extra sleeping place. The cabin also has a wardrobe, under the sofa lockers for personal belongings; TV and DVD-player. The cabin is equipped with a heating and ventilation system. A shared bathroom (for 2 cabins).

Cabin 3

2-3 sleeping beds

(space - 4,7 м2)

The entrance from the corridor going from the wardroom. A three quarter sofa, the besk-rest is transforming into 1 extra sleeping place. The cabin also has a wardrobe, under the sofa lockers for personal belongings; TV and DVD-player. The cabin is equipped with a heating and ventilation system. A shared bathroom (for 2 cabins).

Cabin 5

2-3 sleeping beds

(space – 5,1 м2)

The entrance from the corridor going from the deck. A three quarter sofa, the besk-rest is transforming into 1 extra sleeping place. The cabin also has a wardrobe, under the sofa lockers for personal belongings; TV and DVD-player. The cabin is equipped with a heating and ventilation system. A shared bathroom (for 2 cabins).

The saloon of the motor ship is located in a superstructure, in a saloon there is a soft sofa and a dining table, plasma TV, a DVD player. On the deck there is a table and benches for dinners in the open air. In fodder part of the motor ship there is a sauna with a separate entrance from the deck. Therefore we recommend to you to take in travel a bathrobe and slippers. In a sauna there are steam room and a shower. Hot water is not limited.

At the stern equipped areas for diving and fishing, it is almost at the waterline.

Guide service

The group is accompanied by an experienced guide, who has worked on the route. The guide is a person who will tell you about the lake, make arrangements on-site, helps the cook to set the table and solve some travel problems. Do not confuse this person with the huntsman or fisherman who tells you the exact location where to throw the bait and catch guaranteed a 25-kg pike!

For all matters arising during the tour (departure time, route, change the program due to the weather conditions, the number of persons, places of embarkation and disembarkation of tourists), please contact the guide!

The crew consists of the ship captain, engineer, cook and guide. All team members are highly qualified, рфму extensive experience of navigation on Lake Baikal. The captain has the right to change the course due to the weather conditions or other circumstances, as well as the serious illness or injury of the cruise participants.

It is not recommended to offer alcohol drinks to the crew to prevent unusual situations!

Always worth considering the weather conditions! You can swing on the waves and therefore be prepared for the route change, unplanned stops. In bad weather the experienced captain acts according to circumstances. Therefore, be aware that the program is not final and may be changed due to the weather conditions. But in most cases it is only the small changes that do not greatly affect the cruise itinerary. Captains are always trying to catch up with "early transitions".

With deteriorating weather conditions (strengthening wind, rough seas, fog and so on) the captain has the right to decide to change the program, increasing the time of a stop in a closed weatherproof location or choose another place of overnight.


Standard food aboard - this is the usual home cooking, such as borscht, solyanka soup, meatballs, vegetable stew, fried meat, fish dishes. For breakfast - pancakes, yogurt, cakes, scrambled eggs. Fresh fruit, vegetables, juice. BBQ, delicatessen, fish menu is negotiated separately and are usually for extra charge. Cook prepares in a cookhouse, which is located in the ship's deck, and is isolated from the tourists, well-equipped kitchen with everything you need: refrigerator, microwave, kitchen machine, gas stove with oven, etc. Tourists eat in the spacious wardroom at a common table. Tourists get meals from a dispensing window from the cookhouse. In good weather meals may be served on the ship's stern, closed the tent from the rain with a table and benches there.

Vegetarians and people with food allergies please immediately notify the cook and the guide about your eating habits, and it is desirable to indicate your manager even when booking the tour, in order to avoid further unpleasant situations on board.

Attention: alcohol drinks and snacks are not provided. Tourists purchase it independent.


You purchased the tour voluntarily and you know that the lake, river, forest are places of increased danger for life and health for city residents dived in the wild nature conditions. There are rains, high winds, prolonged bad weather, low and high temperature, a sharp change of weather, fires, floods. The temperature drops, increased ultraviolet solar activity and other factors affect a person.

Cruise does not require special physical training and all physically healthy tourists are welcome.

You decide to purchase a place in the team cruise. You already know that, for sure, you'll have to be on board with strangers, which is likely, after the cruise will be your friends. The average number of participants is 8-10 people.

Before leaving on a cruise the guide helds the safety training. Tourist is obliged to follow the rules of personal safety and the rules set out in the instructions, follow the instructions of your guide and the ship's captain.

Persons in need of treatment and constant medical supervision, are not recommended to participate in the cruise.

Anybody knows about your state of health better than you, so if you have individual variations in health status is required to warn the guide, in case of signs of sickness or illness please immediately inform your guide. Privacy is guaranteed.

In case of unforeseen minor injuries the guide has a first aid kit.


The insurance is included in the tour price. Insurance company Energogarant: health insurance coverage amount $ 10 000, accident insurance $ 2 000.


Boarding and landing time may vary; specifications when booking a cruise are appreciated.

Personal Responsibility of every tourist: in case of damage, breakage and loss of companies property through carelessness or due to violation of safety rules you should repay the cost of full replacement or repair.

For any claims you need to immediately contact a representative of the host organization (the guide or per phone +7 (3952) 550-464). We will do our best to solve the problem, if not, please make a writing act of disagreement and sign it by the guide.

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Sayan Ring
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