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$ 2465

Walks and Whale-Watching in the Azores

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 2465
Per person
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Destinations: Faial Island
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 2465
Duration: 8 days
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The Portuguese Azores Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean about half-way between Lisbon and New York. These nine islands are lush and volcanic, and where rural life is still fairly simple with twice as many cows as inhabitants. Our one-week easy walking and whale watching holiday here takes us onto four of these Azorean Islands. Having arrived into Ponta Delgada on San Miguel we have a short flight to Faial Island. Here we enjoy our first walk, a short 2-3 hours to the lighthouse at Ponta Capelinhos. Moving by boat onto our next island – Sao Jorge we walk along the coast from Faja dos Vimes to Sao Joao with stunning ocean views through lush and gnarly forest on the steep sides of this fabulously volcanic terrain. In the centre of the island we walk through the wild blue hydrangeas up to a viewpoint of the caldera, a cauldron like crater formed by the collapse of an emptied magma chamber. With lakes and sweeping views of the surrounding islands it’s a beautiful, still and impressive place.
Lush volcanic island walking holiday
Superb Whale and dolphin watching trip around Pico Island
4 days walking on Faial and Sao Jorge island
Explore vineyards on well maintained trails, enjoy glorious views and a relaxed atmosphere
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