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Destinations: Kamchatka Peninsula
Guide language: English
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Day 1 – Arrival in PKC. Meeting at the airport, board “KAMCHATINTOUR”. Transfer to a hotel in Paratunka or PKC. Accommodation. Free time. Rest and bathe in hot thermal water swimming pool (in case of the hotel in Paratunka).

Day 2 – Breakfast at hotel. Transfer by car to PKC City sightseeing tour with visit the Local Lore Museum, city centre, view point and fish market. Transfer to the sea port of PKC. A boat trip along the Avachinskaya bay to the Pacific Ocean and the Starichkov island. Lunch on board the vessel.

The Avachinskaya bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Its twisting coastline is cut by numerous small bays. Two spawning rivers flow into the bay. 32 species of fish inhabit its waters. Practically all the year round we can find here several species of sole, greenling, bullhead and halibut. Sea birds are rather numerous in the area. One can see seals in the bays situated at the entrance to the Avachinskaya bay. The seals are not afraid of people and let them approach rather close. Among big mammals one can find killer-whales. The waters of the Avachinskaya bay are rich in natural gifts – sea urchins and crabs.

The Starichkov Island is situated about 10 km (5,5 miles) from the entrance to the Avachinskaya bay. It got its name after small sea birds - Murrelets that nest there (in Russian it sounds like “Starik” ). The Starichkov Island is a nature reserve on water which abounds in puffins, loons, cormorants and other waterfowl. Several nests of Steller’s Sea Eagle and a seal harem are situated on the island.

Transfer to hotel. Rest and bathe in hot thermal water swimming pool (in case of the hotel in Paratunka).

Day 3 – Breakfast at the hotel. Check –out. Transfer to the Mount Vachkazhets. Trekking to the mountain cirque with visit to the lake and waterfall.

The mountain-mass and its environs are one of the most beautiful places on the primordial Kamchatka peninsula. Inancient times, Vachkazhets was a one-cone volcano. But as a  result of a strong eruption, it exploded and divided into three main parts: Mt. Letnyaya Poperechnaya (1420 m), Mt. Vachkazhtsy (1600 m) and Mt. Vachkazhets itself. In the area of Mt. Letnyaya Poperechnaya, there are still two large volcanic cirques that are probably the remains of the crater of the ancient large volcano.

Lunch – picnic. Transfer to “Nachiki” hotel. Accommodation. Rest and bathe in a hot thermal water swimming-pool. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

NOTE! Due to road and weather conditions the total time for trekking can be enlarged. According to group physical preparation and personal abilities the guide has the right to decide to shorten or (and) to change the route on spot.

Day 4 - Breakfast at hotel. Check-out. Transfer to the Bystraya river (about 1.5 hours). River floating with “catch-and-release” fishing (3-3,5 hours). Lunch in a tent camp.

The Bystraya river, the second longest river in Kamchatka, flows along the southern slopes of the Sredinniy Ridge (MiddleRidge). It plays an important role in reproducing Pacific salmon. King salmon, Red salmon, Humpback salmon, Silver salmon and Sima spawn in the waters of the Bystraya river. Pacific Char and East Siberian Char are found here in great quantities as well as Grayling, Rainbow Trout and Atlantic salmon. Experienced guides and inflatable rafts are at your disposal.

After rafting transfer to Malki hot springs, bathe. Transfer to the Avachinskiy volcano foothill. Accommodation at a lodge (8-10 pax cabins, 2-level beds with mattresses and sleeping bags, toilet & wash basin outside). Dinner and overnight at the base camp.

Day 5 – Breakfast at the base camp. Safety instructions before ascending the volcano.

All tours to the Avachinskiy volcano start from the “Kamchatintour” base camp which is situated at 890 m above sea level. The distance between PKC and the base camp is about 50 km. The 2-days programme with ascending the volcano includes the training ascent of the Camel mountain which is necessary for the guide to distinguish between the groups’ physical capabilities, to give you safety instructions and advise you on the choice of the clothes and footwear to mount the volcano.

The Avachinskiy volcano (2751 m) is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka often called “home volcano” among Kamchatka’s people. Its crater is filled with hardened lava above which you can see rising clouds of fumaroles. The ascent is quite difficult but doesn’t require special equipment. Any person can ascend it. The time for ascending and return to the base camp is 9 hours for “average” groups.

Boxed lunch during the ascending, return to the base camp, dinner. Transfer to hotel. Rest and bathe in hot thermal water swimming-pool (in case of the hotel in Paratunka).

Day 6 – Breakfast at hotel. Check-out.

Optional tour 1 – helicopter trip to the Valley of Geysers.

The Valley of Geysers is by right called the Pearl of Kamchatka. There is no other place which can be compared to the Kamchatka Valley of Geysers according to the majesty of the sight and the number of gushing geysers situated on a rather small territory. The unique nature of the Valley attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Uzon Caldera is a gigantic caldera 12 km in diameter which is a unique place of the modern volcanism. Its uniqueness is in a large diversity of hydrothermal activity: mineral lakes, powerful steams of vapour coming from hot springs, mud volcanoes in miniature.

Transfer to the helicopter pad. Check-in, boarding. Departure for the Valley of Geysers with flight over the active volcanoes Karymsky and Maly Semyachik (flight time 1h 15 min). Landing in the Valley of Geysers. 10 minute rest. 1.5 hour excursion in the Valley. Flight to the Uzon caldera (flight time 5-7 min). 1 hour excursion in the caldera. Flight to the Nalychevo Valley (flight time 5 min), hot meal, bathing in hot thermal springs. Return to the helicopter pad (flight time 35 min).


Optional tour 2 – helicopter trip to the Kurilskoye lake.

Kurilskoye is a unique beautiful lake located on the territory of the Yuzhno-Kamchatsky Preserve in the south of the peninsula. The lake has a volcanic nature. Two impressive volcano cones (Kambalniy and Ilinskiy) that frame the lake create a captivating view.

The Kurilskoe Lake is famous for being one of the largest salmon spawning areas in Kamchatka and Eurasia. Earlier amount of the fish coming into the lake for spawning reached 6 million species. Spawning lasts from August till November. At this time one can see a lot of small & big animals appearing along the lakeshore. Fish also attracts Kamchatka huge brown bears. Nearby the lake a special safe viewing tower is built for tourists to observe the astonishing scenes of bears fishing in their natural habitat.

On your way back the helicopter will land at the Khodutka hot springs where you can have lunch, rest and bathe.

Transfer to the helicopter pad. Check-in, boarding. Departure for the Kurilskoye lake with landing in the Ksudach volcano crater (flight time 1h 10 min). Landing at the Kurilskoye lake. 10 minute rest. 1.5 hour excursion to observe brown bear. Lunch. Flight to the Khodutka hot springs, bathe. Return to the helicopter pad.


Optional tour 3 – excursion to an ethnic centre.

A village in an ethnic style introduces you to the culture of the native Kamchatka people (Koryaks, Itelmens and others). It is situated in an open area with a picturesque view of the volcanoes. Here the guests will have an excursion around the dog kennel and learn the history of the dog sledding sport in Kamchatka, listen to the stories about Kamchatka natives, watch traditional dances and learn some of the dancing moves. You can also take pictures in traditional costumes, learn about the Kamchatka natives’ lifestyle, taste hot fish soup (oukha) in the open air.

Transfer to the ethnic village. Excursion at the centre (meeting the Kamchatka natives, dance concert, lunch). After the excursions transfer to “Snow Valley” Lodge (4-pax rooms, 2-level beds, toilet & shower in the room). Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 7 – Breakfast at the lodge. Transfer by all-terrain vehicle to the Mutnovskaya geothermal power station (about 3 hours). Trekking to the Dachniye hot thermal springs.

The Dachniye springs are sometimes called a Valley of Geysers in miniature. They are situated at the foothill of the Mutnovskiy volcano, at the edge of a huge intermountain area – the modern central part of the Mutnovskiy geothermal deposit. The springs are situated in the ravine with steep walls. On its left slope there are several warm spots, rising steam, bubbling caldrons. At the bottom, on the ledge of the right slope a big bubbling caldron emits powerful steams of vapour. A bit higher there is a powerful vapour-water fountain. In the riverbed of a hot stream a large basin where one can take a warm bath is naturally formed.

Boxed lunch during the trekking. Transfer to the Spokoiniy (Quiet) creek (about 30 minutes). Visit of the waterfall (the height is about 40 m). Transfer to the “Snow Valley” Lodge, overnight at the hotel (4-pax rooms, 2-level beds, toilet & shower in the room).

Day 8 – Breakfast at the lodge. Check-out. Transfer to Goreliy volcano foothill. Ascending the volcano. Boxed lunch en route.

The Gorely volcano presents a volcanic ridge that consists of several merged cones. The summit of the range reaches the absolute height of 1829m and has a series of craters. Besides the top craters, there are six side craters on the slopes. The latest eruption of the Goreliy took place in 2010 and volcanologists estimate that it erupts every 19 years. In one of the volcano’s craters there is an acid lake that presents a magnificent view. It lies at the depth of 200 meters and emits vapors rising to the crater’s edge. The ascending is not difficult. It takes about 3 hours and does not demand any special physical condition or equipment. If the weather is good, nice views open from the top of the Gorely volcano: mountain peaks, shores of the Pacific Ocean and numerous canyons surrounding the area.

Return to the car. Transfer to the hotel in PKC or Paratunka.

Day 9 – Breakfast. Free time or optional tours.

Day 10 – Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the airport. Departure.

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Kamchatintour
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