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Sao Tome… a little known island in the middle of the world! Breath taking scenery, waterfalls, black and white sand beaches, rainforests with extensive cocoa plantations.

Discover Sao Tome

Sao Tome… a little known island in the middle of the world! Breath taking scenery, waterfalls, black and white sand beaches, rainforests with extensive cocoa plantations.

  • Sao Tome Island, Gabon
  • 8 days/7 nights

Highlights of Sao Tome

  • Africa’s garden of Eden, Sao Tome and Principe is a great birding destination with 143 species found on the islands.
  • The island was discovered by the Portuguese in 1470, lies in the middle of the world just off the coast of West Africa and falls under mainland Gabon.
  • Before colonisation the islands were made up of rainforests, dense with vegetation and wildlife. Sugar plantations, coffee and cocoa plantations replaced much of the forests but plenty of endemic flora and fauna species remain. This is a great hiking and beach destination.

Best time to go to Sao Tome

  • March to May –  blue skies and sunshine are the norm although this is a land of micro-climates
  • June to September – he weather is generally cooler which is suitable for trekkers. There could be rain or cloudy skies at any time of year.
  • December to March – best for diving
  • May to mid October – fishing season for Atlantic Blue Marlin, yellow fin tuna and dorado
  • Mid July to mid September – best for whale watching. The humpback whales can be spotted in the waters around Bom-Bom Islands Resort as they migrate from their waters where they feed to more tropical waters for mating
  • September to March – the turtles are nesting. The islands of Sao Tome and Principe are home to some of the most diverse range of sea turtles. During these months four turtle species, including the leatherback come to the islands to lay their eggs on the beaches
  • September to December – good fishing for sailfish and wahoo
  • Birdwatching is good all year round.

Why not join marine biologists in their sea turtle research and see Leather, Loggerhead and Green turtles as they nest on the islands beaches.

(Bom Bom, Sao Tome dinner courtesy Paulo Andrade)


Day 1 - Principe - Sao TomeArrive on Principe for your onward flight to Sao Tome. Check in to your hotel.
Day 2 - 7 Sao TomeChill out and enjoy the beauty of this unspoilt island with miles of beaches, unique endemic wildlife and breath taking scenery... an easy way of life - the great escape!
Day 8 - Bid farewell to Sao TomePick up your flight back to Principe for your onward travel connections. Your Zambezi consultant can help you with your onward travel arrangements.
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Zambezi
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