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Yenisei river cruise from Norilsk to Krasnoyarsk

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Destinations: Norilsk, Dudinka, Igarka, Yeniseysk
Guide language: German, English, Russian
Price: min $ 1995
Group size: min 8 — max 12
Duration: 10 days
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The great Yenisei, the hero of many legends! Having started the way from the north on a passenger ship, you will follow the route of legendary traveler Fridtjof Nansen to the “Land of the future”. The boundless Yenisei will be opened before your eyes after boundless tundra and changed into boundless taiga in southern latitudes of the trip. The peculiarity of the cruise is a constant change of landscapes, interesting excursions and entertainment life, which will make the trip unforgettable.

Please note!  

The Russian Security Service requires a special permission to enter Norilsk and Dudinka. We kindly ask you to provide us a copy of your passport and Russian visa 60 days before departure to Norilsk (till 25.05.2018). The Russian Security Service has allowed to refuse your right to enter this Polar Circle Region. In a positive case we will send you a permission letter per e-mail or fax 3 days before your boarding a flight to Norilsk, you should provide this letter by boarding the plane and entering Norilsk, what is more you should keep it by yourselves during your stay in Norilsk and Dudinka.

The tour can be organized as well individually - price on request (info@sayanring.com).

If you are not sure of applying for special permission to Polar Circle Region, you can start your individual tour from the town Igarka, please ask our managers


Total duration: 10 days/9 nights

Season: from the middle of June till the end of September

Tour mileage: 1576 km by ship, 550 km by bus

Number of people in a group: min. 8 pax, max. 12 pax or individually

Age: 12+

Level of physical training: no special physical training


Day 1. Norilsk, Arctic Circle

Polar day and white nights in the Arctic Circle.

Arrival at Norilsk airport (NSK) from Moscow or Krasnoyarsk (Arctic Circle Region, north of Russia, - 69°20′ N).

Group transfer to Norilsk, one of the northenmost cities in the world, located on Taymyr peninsula.

After lunch Norilsk city tour about Soviet past and industry today, visit Memorial of Norilsk Golgotha and the first house of Norilsk.

Check-in at the Talnakh hotel. The hotel is located outside the industrial area in the cleanest and greenest Norilsk district.

Dinner at the hotel, free time for walking with a guide

Accommodation at the Talnach hotel 3*

Lunch, dinner

100 km by bus

Breakfast independent


Day 2. Dudinka

Departure to Dudinka town. River and sea port of Dudinka is a transport “window” to the world. The town is situated north of the Arctic Circle, in the territory of the frozen north.

Dudinka city tour and visit to a bridge devoted to prisoners of local concentration camps.

Theatrical excursion in the Regional Ethnographic museum, photographing in national dresses.

Walking tour along the Yenisei river.

Colorful excursion in the Taymyr Mou ethno museum. Here you will get acquainted with the hospitality of Indigenous Peoples of the North, a master class of the bone carving by one of the local masters of this art will take place.

Accommodation at the hotel Severnoye Siyaniye 2*

Breakfast in the hotel, lunch and dinner in a cafe

140 km by bus, till 3 km on foot


Day 3. The Yenisei

Free time in Dudinka to enjoy the Yenisei river, to see the sea port.

11:30 Boarding the ship Alexander Matrossov, accommodation in twin or single cabins of 1st class (in every cabin there 2 sofas, a wardrobe, a washbasin).

Three-decked ship of project № 588, built 1955. Please note, the ship is not touristic, it is a normal, regular, passenger ship. During river cruise you will be accommodated on board in cabins of 1stclass (1 or 2 sofas, a wardrobe, a wash-basin). Showers and toilets are located on decks. There are two restaurants, reading and music room, bar, cinema. Travel information is broadcast, in Russian, on the ship’s radio.

Excursion around the ship and meeting the captain.

Accommodation on ship

Breakfast in a cafe, lunch and dinner on ship

249 km by ship


Day 4. On ship board

Day on board.

01:30-02:00 Night stop in Igarka town. The town stands on the permafrost, light polar night.

Crossing the Arctic Circle (Kureyka river).

On this day the ship will sail past several villages, and Igarka and Turukhansk towns. Stops in each of them for 30 minutes.

10:30-11:00 Stop in the village Kureyka
12:00-12:30 Stop in the village Goroshiha
18:30-19:00 Stop in the town Turukhansk

The town is located at the confluence of the Lower Tunguska River and the Yenisei.  It is named Tunguska after the Tungus people who first settled here on its banks.  The Tungus people are the forebears of the modern Evenk people who still populate the area.  The definition of Lower Tunguska sets it apart from the other two Tunguska in the region.  The population is about 5 thousand people.  The main attraction of the town is Trinity Church (end 18th - beginning 19th century).  In Turukhansk there is a fishery, oil and gas expeditions, river station, airport and a museum dedicated to the revolutionists Yakov Sverdlov and Suren Spandarian.

22:30-23:00 Stop in the village Kostino

Free time, rest.
The guide will tell you usefull information about the route and show films about the Yenisei, indigenous peoples and the history of the development of the region.

Accommodation on ship

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on ship

479 km by ship


Day 5. On ship board

Day on board.
On this day the ship will sail past several villages. Stops in each of them for 15-30 minutes.

03:30-03:45 Stop in the village Baklanikha
05:30-06:00 Stop in the village Vereshagino
07:30-08:00 Stop in the village Surgutikha
14:00-15:00 Stop in the village Verhneimbatsk
17:30-18:00 Stop in the village Chulkovo (Old-Believers Settlement)
20:00-20:30 Stop in the village Bahta

Free time, rest.
The guide will tell you usefull information about the route and show films about the Yenisei, indigenous peoples and the history of the development of the region.

Accommodation on ship

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on ship

384 km by ship


Day 6. On ship board

03:30-04:00 Stop in the village Bor

After Bor we pass by the third big Yenisei tributary – Podkamennaya Tunguska.  This river is wild and full of rapids through much of its length (1865 km).  Podkamennaya means Stones because it makes its way to the Yenisei through many hundreds of km through rocky cliffs.  After some 40 km we encounter the Osinovskaya threshold.  This is a legendary narrow canyon, which is overcome only with great difficulty.  Passage through this canyon is narrow and tortuous (700 m).  It is not possible for two vessels to pass, so all movement is controlled.

Passing Osinovskaya threshold system.

30 meters from the ship we can see the island Monastyrsky about which there are many legends and mysteries from the past.  Then come the rock islands Korablik (a small Ship) and Barochka (a small Longboat) which often appear unexpectedly from the haze.  From the threshold the mighty Yenisei passes through the ‘Osinovskaya cheeks’-the most picturesque area in the lower reaches of rivers.  High granite shores form a 50m high corridor.

10:30-11:00 Stop in the village Vorogovo

Vorogovo was founded more than 350 years ago.  Today about 2 thousand people live here.  Local people greet the arrival of the ship at the pier and organize a small market with a variety of merchandise and souvenirs made by local craftsmen.

17:30-18:00 Stop in the village Yartsevo

Yartsevo is located between two tributaries, Kas and Sym. Again there is a small market at the pier.

Accommodation on ship

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on ship

473 km by ship


Day 7. Yeniseysk

11:30 The ship arrives at Yeniseysk  – “the father of Siberian cities”. You will disembark the ship.

Yeniseysk city tour, visiting churches and merchants' houses.
A lot of Decembrists stayed here during their exile. Yeniseysk is included in the list of important cities of Russia due to the many architectural monuments. The city is called “the open-air museum”. You will see the masterpiece of the Siberian temple art  – Uspenskiy Cathedral.

In the private museum Photo-hut you will see a collection of antiques, lovingly collected by Peter Drozdov. A chance to take pictures in the old interior.

Trip to Monastyrskoye Lake. The lake is in the pine wood and there is a chapel on the bank. A perfect place for swimming and resting.

Departure from Yeniseysk by bus to the confluence of the Angara River with the Yenisei. Accommodation at the camp Fish Lodge on the Yenisei banks (in comfortable rooms).

A lot of valuable fish species in these waters determined the name of the camp site - Fish Lodge (Rybnaya Zaimka). Sturgeon, trout, whitefish, grayling, Yenisei perch – all these dishes can be cooked by skilled chefs of local restaurants.

Accommodation at the camp Zaimka Rybnaya

Breakfast on ship, lunch in a cafe, dinner at camp

150 km by bus


Day 8. The Angara

Boat trip to the place of confluence of the Yenisei and Angara river. Crossing the Strelkovsky rapid. You will hear the legends of both rivers, can swim in the warm waters of the Angara (the temperature can reach +20C), or just sun bathe.

Picnic on the island Karaulny with delicious fish-soup.

Departure to Krasnoyarsk by bus, check-in to the Krasnoyarsk 3*.

Accommodation in the Krasnoyarsk hotel

Breakfast at the camp, lunch picnic, dinner in the hotel

30 km by boat, 270 km by bus


Day 9. Krasnoyarsk

This day there is Krasnoyarsk city tour concentrated on the symbols of Krasnoyarsk - the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel situated on the Karaulnaya mountain and shown in the 10-ruble banknote. The chapel dates back to the 17th century when the Cossacks, who founded the city, built a watch tower on this mountain. One can also enjoy picturesque views of the city, the river Yenisei, of the surrounding mountains and the nature reserve Stolby. You will pass through the historical town part with its 18th and 19th century monuments, the former mansions of Siberian merchants and patrons, the monument to the founder of Krasnoyarsk - Andrey Dubensky, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Theatre Square, and many other historical features.

Trip to Krasnoyarsk hydro power station  – the second largest one in Russia.

You will have a golden opportunity to follow the picturesque forest road to the power station, then visit an observation place ‘Tsar Fish’, where you can observe panoramic views of the city, its river and the mighty ship lift – the largest such device in the world.  Whoever comes to Krasnoyarsk, whether Russian or foreign, everybody is impressed by the powerful Yenisei and the boundless taiga so near to the city. Passing by Divnogorsk which was just the camp of the builders of the Hydro Power station in 1957.  It took its name after the mountains situated around the city.

Accommodation in the Krasnoyarsk hotel

Breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch in a restaurant

100 km by bus


Day 10. Departure

04:00 Group transfer to the airport of Krasnoyarsk.
If you are leaving independent, check-out from the hotel till 12:00.
Departure from Krasnoyarsk.

Breakfast buffet in the hotel or packed to the airport

till 50 km by bus


Tour price per person 
from 1750 €

Children 12-16 years - 10% discount

Price includes:

  • Russian, English or German speaking guide
  • transport (minibus) incl. groups transfers Alykel airport-Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Hotel-airport Yemelyanovo
  • ship tickets (1 class, twin or single accommodation, in every cabin only a washbasin – a shower and WC on the deck)
  • twin accommodation in the hotel Talnakh (1 night), the Severnoye Siyaniye (Dudinka, 1 night), Krasnoyarsk Hotel (Krasnoyarsk, 2 nights), camp Zaimka Rybnaya (Yeniseysk, 1 night)
  • excursions
  • entrance tickets to museums
  • all meals according to the program
  • medical insurance
  • Arctic Circle permission
  • visa support

Price does not include:

  • air tickets to Norilsk
  • air or train tickets from Krasnoyarsk
  • breakfast and lunch on 1 day
  • porter services
  • alcohol drinks
  • repellents

For extra charge:

Single accommodation during the whole tour +130 €/person

Important Info

Yenisei river cruise (10 days/9 nights, period June-September) route goes along territory of Krasnoyarsk region.


Krasnoyarsk region is located in the eastern part of Siberia along the basin of the Yenisei river. It covers 3000 km from the South to the North, where it is washed  by the Kara sea and Laptev sea. The population of the region is about 2,8 million people.

Krasnoyarsk region territory is the domain for 450 species of plants, 340 species of birds and 90 species of animals including snow leopard, Putorana bighorn sheep, snow fox, stoat and musk-ox. In region there are 6 nature reserves under state protection: Great Arctic, Central-Siberian, Putorana, Stolby (Rock pillars), Sayano-Shushensky and Taimyr reserves.

The main religion here is Orthodox Church, but other confessions are also spread: Catholicism, Islam, Judaism etc.

The capital of the region is Krasnoyarsk – megapolis situated on the both sides of the Yenisei river. It was founded by Russian military man Andrey Dubensky in 1628. The population of Krasnoyarsk is about 1 million people. Time difference with Moscow is +4 hours, distance to Moscow is 3995 km. There are many old buildings and places of interest here. Krasnoyarsk is the motherland of painter Surikov, geographist and scientist Potanin, singer Khvorostovsky, violinist Tretyakov, Olympic champion Yarygin, writer Astafiev .

The symbol of Krasnoyarsk is Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel built in 1805 on Karaulnaya hill. It is printed on the 10-roubles banknote.

The tour starts in the northern city of Krasnoyarsk territory – Norilsk. This is a city of contrasts: in summer the sun never sets, in 2 winter months it doesn’t rise at all. Advanced local airport Alykel looks weird in the middle of northern tundra. Milky light of sleepy sun is diluted by the colors of new Norilsk buildings, which are the creations of young architects of the city.

Together with satellite towns Talnakh and Kayerkan the population of Norilsk city (the biggest city of the Subarctic) is 176 thousands people. The first citizens of Norilsk were geologists and prisoners of Norillag (Norilsk Corrective Labor Camp), whose labor was used in mines, roads and housing construction as well as for ore and coal production, and quarry development.

A vast territory covered with tundra lies right behind the city. The name of the city comes from the name of the river Norilka, which connects Melkoye and Pyasino lakes. From the bridge across the river you can see an amazing landscape: far bald mountains, small lakes, forest with white birches. 

Norilsk is famous today thanks to the huge Nickel mining and smelting company. 

Time difference with Moscow +4 hours, distance  - 3000 km far from Moscow.

Dudinka town and its surroundings include Kheta River basin which is a tributary of the Khatanga River and south forest-tundra on both banks of the Yenisei river, where the biggest Russian sea and river port is located (Port of Dudinka).

Docks there have a depth of 8-12 meters which allows to serve ships with a weight-carrying capacity of 17 thousands tons. Summer navigation period continues from June 15 to October 20, winter navigation is provided by icebreaking ships which convoy transport vessels through the ice. The port has 23 river piers, 9 sea piers and 8 piers of high water with pass-through function of 25 thousand tons per day.

7% of Dudinka citizens are indigenous people from the North – dolgans, nganasans, nenets people, evenk people, enets people etc. Spring fishing for candle fish is a fascinating deal of local people, because soft-salted, sun-dried or smoke cured candle fish is a best present to friends and relatives who live on the Big Land. In summer fishers usually fish out vendace, nelma, luce, dog-fish, sturgeon. In tundra which surrounds Dudinka only edible mushrooms grow (because of the climate), exotic fen-berry and arctic raspberry.

Yeniseysk is one of the most ancient Siberian towns. The town's past is closely connected to the history of Eastern Siberia's and Russia's uniting. Yeniseysk was founded in 1619 by Cossacks as a military fortress on the left bank of the river Yenisei. During 150 years this town was the main gates to the Eastern Siberia and "the father" of all Siberian towns. In 2019 Yeniseysk will celebrate its 400 anniversary. But the town still impresses everyone with its old architectural look. There are more than 110 objects of cultural inheritance on the territory of Yeniseysk. Approximately 30 of them are Russian inheritance.

How to get

The tour starts in Norilsk. There is no train or bus connection with other parts of Russia. You can reach Norilsk only by flights.

Meeting and seeing off

Group transfers from/to airport are organized at fixed time. Tourists are met with a board, where tourist’s name or a name of a company is printed. At the day of the beginning of the tour the bus at the airport of Norilsk will wait for arriving tourists after your flight from Moscow or Krasnoyarsk (approximate time of meeting 09-10:00). You will be met by the representative of the company, who will help you with everything you have problems with.

Approximately at 04:00 seeing off tourists are transferred to flights from Krasnoyarsk.

Tourists arriving or leaving at different time could get a transfer by a car for 45 euro in Krasnoyarsk, 70 euro in Norilsk. 


The climate in northern and central parts of Krasnoyarsk territory have big difference.

Norilsk and Dudinka:

Average temperature in July and August – +5-8 С. The maximum +17 С. This time Norilsk has Polar Day.

Yeniseysk and Krasnoyarsk:

  • In June everything is in blossom as well, and every week you can various colors of nature. Stable weather is characteristic of this period of time.

  • July is the hottest month, but sometimes there might rain for a week. The weather is stable and it's warm in the day time and at night. At the end of the month the steppe starts getting dry.

  • The first half of August is warm, but later it starts getting colder. Nights get colder. At the end of the month there is a change of colors in nature surroundings: leaves get red and yellow. At this time of the year there is a great many of mushrooms and berries.

  • September is rich with a diversity of nature colors, red, yellow, and green colors prevail. Usually, the first half of the month is warm but nights are cold. During the second half of September it can be rainy, the temperature can drop to +5C.

Useful tips

Travelling clothes must be comfortable. Please, take clothes you put on for walking and outdoor activities with you. Make sure you have taken warm sweater, warm socks, and waterproof shoes and jackets with you to feel comfortable during cool evenings; 2 pairs of footwear: a pair of light sports trainers and waterproof footwear. Sunglasses, sun cream will be helpful to defend yourself from high sunburn activity. Also one should posses a hat or cap to avoid sunstroke, mosquito headnet, repellent sprays. Warm gloves are recommended.

It’s necessary to take with you an agreement, confirming the purchase of the tour, insurance policy, medicine for individual needs.



Talnakh hotel 3* (1 night)

Talnakh Hotel is a modern hotel combining conditions for business and good relax. Room interior combines modern functionality and practicality for a comfortable stay. All rooms are equipped with electronic locks system and advanced fire protection. Room Service 24 hours. Overnight in twin rooms with 2 single beds (90x130) or with 1 double room with a big bed (150x180) - for extra supplement. Every room has TV-set, phone, safe, mini bar or fridge, modern bathroom, shower, hair dryer. Totally there are 48 rooms. Extra facilities: restaurant with Arctic cuisine, lobby bar, billiard, sauna, fitness hall, free WiFi.

Address: Pervoprohodtsev str, 15, Talnakh district, Norilsk city.


Severnoye Siyaniye hotel 2* (1 night)

It is a simple hotel which is situated 5 minutes walking from the embankment, from where you can see a magnificent view of the Yenisei. All rooms are equipped with everything necessary. The staff guarantees comfort and attentive attitude towards the guests. Extra facilities: a café, a restaurant, a sauna, billiards. Overnight in twin rooms with 2 single beds. Every room has a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, bedside tables, a TV, a fridge, a kettle, a lavatory. Overnight in single rooms for extra charge. 

Address: 14, Matrosova str., Dudinka

On ship board (4 nights)

Boarding a three-decked ship Alexander Matrossov (project № 588, built 1955). Please note, ships are not touristic, they are normal regular passenger ships. During river cruise you will be accommodated on board in cabins of 1 class (1 or 2 sofas, wardrobe, wash-basin). Shower and toilet cabins are located on decks. There are two restaurants, reading and music room, bar. Throughout the voyage on the ship’s radio there is travel information.


Rybnaya Zaimka camp (1 night)

The unique beauty of these places is a real decoration of outdoor recreation. The powerful and cold Yenisei, the gentle and warm Angara, blending together their waters, stately continue their journey to the north. The abundance of valuable fish species in these waters clarifies the name of the tourist complex – in translation "Hut of Fishers". Sturgeon, Siberian saimon, cisco, grayling, Yenisei perch – dishes of that fishes are cooked by skilled chefs of local restaurants. A cozy cottage on the Yenisei bank of the River is glad to welcome guests who want to have rest in a peace and quiet taiga place in every season of the year. Each room has a double bed, couch, TV, coffee table, sink, toilet, shower.


Krasnoyarsk Hotel 3* (2 nights)

Krasnoyarsk hotel – comfortable location – in the very city centre, on the Yenisei river - it takes several minutes to get to the office and business parts of the city, shops and leisure centers. 249 comfortable rooms are ready for you, among them are deluxe, superior rooms, studios and apartments. There is a shower, telephone and TV in every room. If you are on a business trip it is possible to accommodate you with a PC and other technique in the room you have chosen. There is a sauna with a small swimming pool and billiard you can use. You can create your own world of rest and bliss here. Delicious food will be delivered from the café at your request, massage will help you to take your fatigue away, contrasting water of the swimming pool will recover your cheerfulness and fill you with fresh energy.

Address: Krasnoyarsk, 94 Uritskogo str.


During all the tour you will be offered three meals a day. Weather it is a hotel, pension, board restaurant or picnic in the open air, you will be served with hot food, mineral water, coffee and tea  – they are included in tour price. Alcohol beverages are not included in the price. We can also take into consideration the tourists' preferences in dietary or vegitarian food as far as possible. In order to have it during the tour, you should fill in the questionnarie about pecularities in food and send it to us in advance. In case you don’t complete it, you will be provided with standard European food with elements of national cuisine. Changing of menu during the tour is possible only for extra pay.


All vehicles along the route are equipped with first-aid kit and all our guides have been specially trained to do primary medical assistance. Also all our tourists are insured. Insurance company is Nadezhda, phone of 24-hour customer service center +7 (812) 325 72 92, +7 800 333 72 92

Mobile phones on the route

In cities like Norilsk, Dudinka, Yeniseysk and Krasnoyarsk the cellular network coverage is available. Mobile phones operated by local operators (MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2) are working alright. On the most part of the route (on the river, from Dudinka to Yeniseysk, from the day 3 till the day 7) there is no mobile connection.

Transportation terms

Comfortable buses and minivans (for small groups) with air conditioner service in all the programs of the company. In every bus there is an audio system. During the tour there are several stops, rest, and walks. It is forbidden to smoke in buses, restaurants, hotels.

Guide services

We have highly qualified guides working in our company, due to this fact the tours of the company Sayan Ring have become so interesting and fascinating. They say, without a guide any journey, even a short one is nothing more than going some distance, but with a guide it is already travelling.

Ticks and mosquitoes

In the north of Krasnoyarsk territory and Yenissei along there are many mosquitoes, so please take repellents, mosquito headnets and closed clothes.

Ticks were not caught yet. But ticks are active in Krasnoyarsk until mid-July, you should be attentive and regularly checked.

Other information

Information with number of telephone of meeting guide and a detailed program of the tour can be provided 7 days before the beginning of the tour. Your insurance policy and booked railway and air tickets you can get from your guide on the first tour day.


Sayan Ring is the incoming tour operator  in Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia and Tuva. The company is in the Federal Register of Tour Operators, according to it our Certificate Number is # РТО 015694, given by Federal Tourist Agency. We are the member of Association of Russian Tourism Companies.

Financial insurance guarantee #174733447 for 1000 000 rubles is valid from the 20.12.2017 to 19.12.2018.

Enjoy your trip!

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Sayan Ring
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