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Aug 07 - Aug 21, 2018 (15 days)View Pricing Chart


Day 1 — Arrive in Reykjavik, Iceland

Arrive in the Icelandic capital in the morning and make your way to your included hotel. You will have the day to explore the city on your own. In the evening, join us at your hotel for a welcome briefing.

Day 2 — Embarkation Day in Akureyri

You’ll fly from Reykjavik to Akureyri to board your vessel and begin your expedition. Get ready for a great adventure ahead!

Days 3 & 4 — East Greenland

Experience a true arctic ghost town when we visit the abandoned settlement of Skjoldungen, where inhabitants were forced to move to larger, more accessible towns in 1961. The narrow part of Skjoldungen Fjord is an ideal place to explore by Zodiac. Those who opt for our kayaking program may have an opportunity to get out on the water to glide past icebergs and capture some great photographs.

Possible Landings

This fjord provides a welcome shelter from the open sea, offering contrasting colors of bright green water and piercing white ice. Waterfalls pour down the tall cliffs, with the Thryms Glacier in the distance. The fjord was once home to the settlement, which was abandoned—evacuated by the government—in 1961. This stop allows for an interesting day of exploring an arctic ghost town.

Days 5 to 7 — South Greenland

Climbers and mountaineers around the world know Tasermiut Fjord, one of the world’s most prolific big-wall playgrounds. This part of Greenland is particularly dramatic, being nicknamed the Arctic Patagonia. A bit of a history lesson will be provided here as you learn about the settlements of the area, founded by Erik the Red. As we round Cape Farewell, the southernmost point of Greenland, we will call in at the natural hot springs found in the Uunartoq area, soak in the geothermal waters and watch the icebergs pass by.

Possible Landings

Nearing the southernmost tip of Greenland, Herjolfsnes is a historic stop, with a Viking church setting the scene for a mysterious and interesting tale. In the early 1900s, sea levels began to rise, exposing clothing and the remains of an ancient settlement here, once the site of a church graveyard.

The southernmost point of Greenland, Cape Farewell is located on Eggers Island. In the Uunartoq area, the geothermal waters of natural hot springs are an ideal spot to watch the icebergs as they pass by.

Erik the Red was the founder of the settlements in South Greenland, often referred to as Arctic Patagonia. Kayaking and Zodiac excursions into the fjord allow for closer connection to Greenland’s most dramatic landscape.

Days 8 to 13 — Greenland’s West Coast

Heading north, you’ll stop at some of the quaint villages that dot the islands and fjords of Greenland’s western side. You’ll find friendly faces, local artisans and colorful houses on the wildflower-covered tundra. You’ll visit Nuuk, the capital of Greenland and home to fewer than 16,000 people. You’ll have time to wander the streets and see the Hans Egede Church and Hans Egede statue near the waterfront, both named after the missionary who founded the settlement. You’ll also visit the museum to see the famous Greenlandic mummies.

The nearby town of Sisimiut is an interesting place to visit, as there are more dogsleds here than humans. Evighedsfjorden, which means “Fjord of Eternity,” is a favored place for us to put the Zodiacs in the water for some more in-depth exploration. This long, deep fjord has very few settlements, so you’ll come to appreciate nature in its rawest form. There will be an opportunity for hiking among the towering mountains, and you’ll have plenty of chances to photograph the colorful tundra and dramatic landscapes.

The west coast of Greenland also provides many dramatic, mountainous landscapes where fjords open into the sea. You will explore the Ilulissat Icefjord, home to one of the world’s fastest-moving glaciers. Moving approximately 62 feet (19 meters) per day, the glacier provides you with a great opportunity to photograph ice crashing into the sea. Continuing along, the Amerloq Fjord offers a chance for you to stretch your legs by exploring abandoned villages and ancient Thule sites.

Possible Landings

Meaning “Fjord of Eternity,” Evighedsfjorden (or Kangerlussuatsiaq in Inuit) is an especially dramatic fjord, with towering cliffs and a deep canyon. Home to seals, whales and arctic fox, the fjord itself empties into the Davis Strait, an important area for feeding walrus and narwhals. Excellent for Zodiac cruising and photography, this true piece of Greenlandic wilderness is a mostly uninhabited area, where the icebergs outnumber the people.

North of the Arctic Circle, this ice fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recognized as one of the fastest-moving glaciers in the world, Sermeq Kujalleq glacier located here moves 62 feet (19 meters) per day. More glacial ice is calved into the ocean here than anywhere else, except for Antarctica.

Kangerlussuaq and the Kangerlussuaq Fjord in West Greenland present colorful buildings and the potential for glimpses of arctic wildlife such as muskoxen and caribou. Lush mountainous landscapes provide a great backdrop to this port, and whales may be spotted at sea.

Home to 15,000 people, Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and is the largest settlement on the island. The Hans Egede Church and the statue of Hans Egede near the waterfront are named after the missionary who founded the settlement. The Katuaq Culture Center and Nuuk Art Museum are also worth exploring.

A village town—the second largest in Greenland—Sisimiut is a place to stretch your legs. Inhabited for more than 4,000 years, Sisimiut has a history that is a mix of Saqqaq, Dorset and Thule cultures. The colorful wooden houses here are typical of Greenlandic communities today. Nasaasaaq, an impressive mountain, provides a scenic backdrop for this settlement, and the nearby Amerloq Fjord is another worthwhile landing site.

Day 14 — Disembarkation in Kangerlussuaq

Today, you’ll board your direct charter flight back to Reykjavik, Iceland. Upon arrival in Reykjavik, we will transfer you to your hotel.

Day 15 — Depart Reykjavik

After breakfast, you can make your way home at your leisure or spend some more time in Reykjavik.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy—and excitement—of expedition travel. When traveling in extremely remote regions, your expedition staff must allow the sea, the ice and the weather to guide route and itinerary details. This itinerary is a tentative outline of what you’ll experience on this voyage; please be aware that no specific itinerary can be guaranteed.

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