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New Year's Eve 2018 in the Arctic Circle

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Destinations: Murmansk
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The Kola Peninsula is a real kingdom of the Russian North.  It’s very special Russian region – virgin, picturesque and severe. It’s impossible de describe it in words: how can we translate into words the beauty of the northern lights or the cordiality of the local people? It’ s a thing to see and to feel yourself. We propose to you to celebrate the most expected and fantastic holiday of the year there – on the Kola peninsula.

You will go to the ancient Sami village – Krasnoshchelye, the reindeer herders village. Thanks to the fact that this village is not accessible by car and there are no power poles, the local people have saved the unhurried country lifestyle, the pure nature and the special originality.

You will ride the reindeer sledge through the snow covered tundra, taste the dishes of the Sami cuisine, see the northern lights, get acquaintance with the culture and local traditions and, of course, you will celebrate the New Year in the traditional nomad Sami dwelling – kuvaksa.

The New Year is a time for trying something new. What is more impressive and unusual then the holiday at the edge of the world ?

DayThrough the Sami tundra on the sledgeMurmansk — Krasnoshchelye village
DayHappy New Year !Krasnoshchelye village
DayFar North Russian traditionsKrasnoshchelye village
DayReindeer sledge ridingKrasnoshchelye village
DayReturn to MurmanskKrasnoshchelye village — Murmansk
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