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Hermitage in the Forests of Siberia

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Destinations: Irkutsk
Guide language: Russian
Price: min $ 993
Duration: 9 days
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Tour Overview

For all adventurers BaikalNature propose the unique project: Hermitage in the Forests of Siberia.

We propose you to plunge into the wild world of the untouched Siberian taiga 150 far away from Irkutsk city, to the place that is accessible only by aerodynamic boat. Only you and wild nature! We propose you to spend a week far away from all goods of civilization – without Internet, communication and electricity. You will be accommodated in the cabin on the bank of a Siberian river in the Sayan Mountains. The house is heated, the firewood and water is to be brought by you. We provide you the food products and you will cook by yourself. Not far from the cabin there is a house of the park ranger who will help you if you need. You will find yourself in the place estranged from the civilization, where everything obeys the natural laws and there are more chances to meet a wild animal then a man. Cut off all civilization, you will really understand the significance of the hour. Of what you are doing right here and right now. No matter what the Siberian taiga seems – unfriendly and strange, you will discover another nature: the nature that helps everybody who has ventured on such asperities and could listen to her low whisper. There is a good reason for organizing this tour in September when the taiga is rich in natural gifts: mushrooms, berries, fish and nuts. You will learn to fish and to distinguish edible mushrooms, berries and plants. You will taste all the gifts of nature.

We can guarantee to you that you will never be the same after this adventure and you will take a fresh look on the civilized big city life. Who knows maybe it’s you who will become a new Sylvain Tesson with your own book “The Consolations of the Forest”?

ATTENTION Before the tour, you need to put in perspective your physical and mental health. The premature evacuation as "non-covered service" should be paid by the participant. The satphone can be used only in the emergency case and not for the private conversations.

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DayArrival to Irkutsk and preparation for the tourIrkutsk
DayTo the starting point by speed boatIrkutsk — Fedushkina river
DayFirst day of the hermitageFedushkina river
DayFishing on the Kitoy riverFedushkina river
DayThe gifts of natureFedushkina river
DayAlone in teh Siberian taigaFedushkina river
DayThe last day in the taigaFedushkina river
DayReturn to IrkutskFedushkina river — Irkutsk
DayEnd of the programmeIrkutsk
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