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Сlassic Yakutia

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Destinations: Yakutsk
Guide language: English, French
Price: min $ 1844
Group size: min 4 — max 8
Duration: 9 days
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Tour Overview

Are you dreaming of exploring one of the mysterious regions of Russia, Yakutia? We propose you our tour "Yakutia classic", during this trip you will visit the most attractive places of Yakutia!

You will start your journey with a visit of Yakutia's capital - Yakutsk: excursion to the Mammoth museum, visit of the Treasury of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). After that you will as well discover the complex ''Kingdom of Permafrost'' where the temperature is -4C even in summer. You will get to see one of the most stunning phenomenons on the Lena River: the Lena Pillars, that was inscribed on the World Heritage list. Also you will visit the Buluus glacier that doesn't melt entirely even if it's +35C! In the ethno complex Chochur Muran you will learn about Cossaks' culture and lifestyle in Yakutia and also you will take a taste of some national dishes. Also you will have a unique opportunity to take part in a national holiday Ysyakh (celebration rejoicing the end of winter and the subsequent “return” of the sun). It’s a celebration of the Yakutia’s culture with all its aspects – costumes, traditions, dances, songs, and, of course, cuisine!



Day Aquaintance with Yakutsk Yakutsk
Day Buluus glacier Yakutsk
Day Kingdom of Permafrost Yakutsk
Day Yakutsk museums Yakutsk
Day Great rocks - Lena Pillars Lena Pillars
Day Free day in Yakutsk Yakutsk
Day National holiday Ysyakh Yakutsk — Aldan
Day Continuation of the ceremony Yakutsk
Day End of the program Yakutsk


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