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Three Religions

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Destinations: Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Ulan-Ude, Olkhon Island
Guide language: English, French
Price: min $ 1523
Group size: min 4 — max 16
Duration: 10 days
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Tour Overview

Lake Baikal is one of the most amazing Russian destinations. For travellers this great lake offers not only hundreds of natural sites. Also the Baikal region is considered as a confluence of different religions. The most spread of them are the Orthodoxy, the Buddhism and the Shamanism. Our itinerary is about them all. You will get acquaintance with the way they remain intact in the spirit of peaceful coexistence and how they are intimately entwined in the life of local people.

Besides the acquaintance with the culture, we have included the nature discovering of Lake Baikal. For realizing the true strength and immensity of the lake, it’s necessary to cross it in its deepest and largest central part. Moreover, we will cross the lake twice: for the second one in the South! The landscape changes: taiga-covered hills, desert steppes, sand dunes, mountain valleys and, of course, the sheet of the purest Baikal water lay going directly to the horizon.

We propose you to go for this tour in the best period of summer season when the water reaches the highest temperature, the sun is bright and the rains are rare. For getting acquaintance with the Baikal culture in all of its aspects, you will stroll about the old streets of the Irkutsk city, listen to the chime of the Orthodox Churches, visit the Buryat region and the Buddhist spiritual centre - Ivolginsky datsan, and participate in the true shamanic rite. You will visit Olkhon Island, this cradle of shamanism in Asia, where every sacral place keeps hundreds of legends and beliefs.

This tour is accessible for everybody:  you can go alone, in pairs or with your whole family independently of the age. All over the itinerary there will comfortable accommodations. In Ust-Barguzin we propose to spend a night in the local family for steeping in the real everyday life of the Baikal village. All services of the tour are private: we don’t use the scheduled bus or boats.

We want you to discover the lake in all its wide diversity – natural and cultural! If you visit Lake Baikal, you would definitely come back!


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Day Discovery of the Irkutsk city Irkutsk
Day Taltsy museum and first meeting with lake Baikal Irkutsk — Listvyanka
Day Baikal crossing in its southern part Listvyanka — Ulan-Ude
Day Centre of Buddhism in Russia and Old believers village Ulan-Ude
Day Journey to the Ust-Barguzin village Ulan-Ude — Ust-Barguzin
Day Barguzin valley Ust-Barguzin
Day Baikal crossing from the east to the west Ust-Barguzin — Olkhon island
Day Sacred site for shamans Olkhon island
Day Day at leisure on the island Olkhon island
Day Meeting with the shaman and return to Irkutsk Olkhon island — Irkutsk
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