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Chukotka: Where the Sun Rises

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Destinations: Wrangel Island, Kolyuchin Island
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 9132
Duration: 15 days
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Dawn is born in a far northeastern region of Eurasia - Chukotka. Our journey starts from the very heart of Chukotka – it’s administrative centre Anadyr. Moving along the northeastern part of Eurasia, we will explore the unique region of Chukotka, where time seems to have stopped. Then going through the Bering Strait we will cross the Arctic polar circle. As the ship enters the waters of the Arctic Ocean we will reach the famous natural reserve of Wrangel Island. Wrangel Island is a true museum of arctic flora and fauna. There are many times when it is possible for you to see walruses during this trip. Besides, Wrangel Island is a favorite "maternity house" for polar bears. This brings us a chance to see small white bears.Our way goes through the places where whales feed themselves and thousands of birds gather in colonies. Wrangel Island is the place where arctic flora is most diverse. It has the richest multitude of "cold-resistant" plants. Furthermore you will get acquainted with the culture of local people and make your way through the legendary Bering Strait.

The cruise is held on board of the ship "Spirit of Enderby"

Technical description: year built - 1984, length - 71,6 m, width - 12,8 m, maximum speed - 12 knots (2 engines), cabins - 28, accommodation - 50 berths expedition.



Day Departure from Anadyr Anadyr
Day Boundary between two hemispheres of Earth Anadyr — Evgekinot
Day Reindeer herding village Konergino Evgekinot — Konergino
Day Birdwatching in the Preobrazhenya bay Konergino — Preobrazhenya Bay
Day Birdwatching and Whale Bone Alley Preobrazhenya Bay — Yttygran Island
Day Cape Dezhnyov Cape Dezhnyov
Day Navigation Cape Dezhnev
Day Wrangel Island fauna Cape Dezhnev — Wrangel Island
Day Continuation of the excursion Wrangel Island
Day Discovery of the island Wrangel Island
Day Sea navigation Wrangel islands
Day Kolyuchin Island Wrangel islands — Kolyuchin Island
Day Festival Beringuia Chukchi Sea
Day Free day on noard Chukchi Sea — Bering Sea
Day Return to Anadyr Anadyr Bay — Anadayr


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