Rating in Russia
$ 980

Baikal Active

min $ 980
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Irkutsk, Khuzhir, Olkhon Island
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 980
Group size: min 4 — max 8
Duration: 9 days
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Tour Overview

If you are looking for an adventure travel, we propose to you the unique trip with full immersion in nature. During the summer there are so few places on Lake Baikal where you can escape tourists’ crowds, cars and buses. We have tried to make for you the tour which includes only two components: you and grand Baikal!

The tour consists of two parts. The first one is kayaking along the most beautiful part of the west Baikal coast accessible only by water. You will see the picturesque Peschanaya bay, Dirovatiy cape and Baklaniy Kamen Island, every overnight will be in a different place. Along this itinerary there are no roads or settlements – you will be out of civilization surrounded by the picturesque taiga-covered hills and sandy beaches!

The second part of the itinerary is the trekking in the heart of the lake – the Olkhon island. Despite the fact that the island is considered as the most visited part of the lake, we propose to you an itinerary along the shore far away from dusty roads. During your 2-days trekking, you will visit the wildest North part of the island. You will see the Shamanka (Burkhan) cape, Urochische Peschanoye, Tri Brata (Three brothers) cape and, of course, Khoboy cape. After this long and intense journey you will have a rest in the cozy wooden homestay with Russian banya (sauna) – really good end for this active tour!

All necessary equipment is included. All you need is to dare !



Day First meeting with the Baikal Irkutsk — Ushkany cape
Day Along the western coast of lake Baikal Ushkany cape — Sredniye Khomouty bay
Day The most beautiful bay of lake Baikal Sredniye Khomouty bay — Sennaya bay
Day Continuation of the navigation Sennaya bay — Beliy cape
Day Olkhon island - heart of lake Baikal Beliy cape — Khuzhir
Day Free day on Olkhon island Olkhon island
Day Trekking on the Olkhon island MRS — Olkhon island
Day Continuation of the trekking Beach Peschanka — Cape Khoboy
Day Return to Irkutsk Olkhon island — Irkutsk


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