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The Ring of Fire

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Destinations: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Kuril Islands, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Guide language: English
Group size: min 50 — max 100
Duration: 13 days
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Tour Overview

The name of the cruise speaks for itself. The temperature of this journey tends to be high. It сan be said that the expedition is on fire. You will navigate through the territory where the volcanoes are on every step (129 volcanoes officially counted in Kamchatka where a quarter of them are being active). They form an uninterrupted volcanic chain, which stretches along the eastern coast of the peninsula.Besides, during the trip you will see brown bears and a lot of different birds. And if luck is on the side of the tourists you will observe local marine animals: dolphins, porpoises, minke and different kinds of whales: the sperm whale, killer whale, beaked whale, sea whale, fin whale, humpback whale, the Japanese whale and etc.You will feel like a pioneer discovering this uninvestigated region. It’s unique nature and fauna will not leave indifferent even the most demanding and sophisticated travellers.

The cruise is held on board of the ship "Spirit of Enderby"

Technical description: year built - 1984, length - 71,6 m, width - 12,8 m, maximum speed - 12 knots (2 engines), cabins - 28, accommodation - 50 berths expedition.

DayArrival to Petropavlovsk-KamchatskiyPetropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
DayStart of the navigationBering Sea
DayCommander islandBering Sea — Commander islands
DayEveryday life of the regionCommander island
DayUp to the Zhupanova riverZhupanova river
DayMutnovsky volcanoRusskaya bay
DayAtlasova island and Nemo volcanoRusskaya Bay — Atlasova island
DayBird-watchingEkarma Island
DayThe most hard-to-get islandsYankicha island — Simushit island
DayActive volcanoes of the Kuril islandsKuril Islands
DayThermal hot springsIturup island
DayBlack islandKunashir island
DayReturn to SakhalinKunashir island — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of BAIKALNATURE
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Rating in Russia
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Rating in Russia
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