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Golden Baikal

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Destinations: Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Olkhon Island
Guide language: English, French
Price: min $ 1151
Group size: min 4 — max 16
Duration: 8 days
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Tour Overview

Whether you are a photographer, amateur of splendid autumnal landscapes or eager to discover the famous Baikal Lake far from summer tourist influx: this tour is for you! During its Indian summer the Siberian taiga is bedecked with warm colour contrasting with the snowy mounts and the azure blue of the water leading you in a unique and natural serenity. This excursion was especially composed to give you a chance to discover the nicest spots at the best instant when light comes to play with Baikal coasts colours.

From Irkutsk we will directly go to Baikal board, in its southernmost point – Kultuk village where you will admire the panoramic view on the lake. Then we will advance along the Baikal east coast to Baikalsk town. There will be an excursion to the Warm lakes in the bottom of the majestic Khamar-Daban Mountains. There is a specific microclimate and picturesque landscapes, especially in autumn.

One of the most significant parts of this tour is the Baikal crossing in its south part. The crossing will allow to you to appreciate the real greatness of Lake Baikal that is also called Sea of Siberia.  

From medium Baïkal " Sredny Baïkal " to Olkhon island through the Small sea " Moloié Moré ", the spiritual and geographical heart of this internal ocean with golden steppes, yellow larches and yellow ochres rocks will be the part of journey which will subjugate you by its landscapes. After a walk up to the cape of Khoboj, sacred place of the shamans, you will have opportunity to realise shooting in 360 ° with the Baikal in background. A free day will be granted to you to rest you or to follow the exploration of the island among proposed activities.Back in civilisation we will visit the historical centre of Irkoutsk, one of the most ancient Siberian cities founded by the Cossacks, pioneers of the Siberia.


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Day The southernmost point of lake Baikal Irkutsk — Baikalsk
Day Warm Lakes in the Khamar-Daban mountains Baikalsk
Day Baikal crossing from east to west coast Baikalsk — Listvyanka
Day The biggest island of Baikal lake Listvyanka — Olkhon island
Day Sacred site for shamans Olkhon island
Day Day in the Baikal village Olkhon island
Day Return to Irkutsk Olkhon island — Irkutsk
Day Departure Irkutsk
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