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Cruise across the deepest canyon of Siberia

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Rating in Russia
Tour details
Destinations: Yakutsk, Lena River
Type of adventure: icon-06.png Cruising
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 2614
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Tour Overview

Welcome on board!

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore one of the most mysterious regions of Siberia: Yakutia.

Aboard the cruise ship you will sail up the third greatest river in Russia: the Lena River.

You will begin your tour with a visit of Yakutia's capital: Yakutsk. Then, as soon as the ship gets going you can admire the beautiful landscapes and distinctive features that the banks have in store, including the Lena Pillars and the impressive Lena Schyoki Canyon.

This cruise will also allow you to meet the Yakuts, whose history and daily life is intimately linked to the Lena River.

The cruise is held on board of the ship "Mikhail Svetlov" (or "Demyan Bedniy" - the sister ship.

Technical description: year built - 1986 (1985), length - 90,3 m, width - 15 m, maximum speed - 21 km/h, cabins - 66, accommodation - 210 berths expedition.

DayStart of the navigation and open-air museumYakutsk — Lena river
DayGreat rocks - Lena PillarsLena river
DayNaviagation near the DapparaiLena river
DayAcquaintance with people of YakutiaLena river
DayGreen site for all dayLena river
DayDiscovery of the Mirnyi cityLena river
DayVitim villageLena river
DayLena Schyoki canyonLena river
DayDiscovery of LenskLena river
DayVisit of exile placeLena river
DayBuotama river and breeding center for bisonLena river
DayReturn to YakutskLena river — Yakutsk
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of BAIKALNATURE
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